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Author Topic: the shady city shufflers  (Read 669 times)

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the shady city shufflers
« on: June 09, 2013, 12:51:02 AM »
ok I just thought of this story and I have putting a lot of thought into it   .. I will say now some of the things in the idea are browed from movies I have seen and liked and thought what if I took this this and this and made it ... this  so please no judgment of that kind and the first two posts including this one are set up post so you know a little about the characters before the story starts and know the premise of the story.

the story : for years if you had asked anyone about the  steelbrook brothers in there small town of little field Nevada or there neighborhood they would tell you the quintuplets were angles and good boys who always looked out for the town that had once been a mining town before the mine closed down but if you had asked the people who knew the boys well eneoghe to know what they were like in the shadows they would tell you the boys were the lords of the town and were to be respected. the steelbrook brothers peter dean luke  Jessie and eddie run there town and there neighborhood with kindess and a iron fist if you played by the rules and stayed on there good side and flowed the rules they were your best fraind but if you crossed them they were your worst nightmare. the boys apperd as saints helping around the town and at the local church and keeping the shops safe from the mob in las vegas who were always looking to get a foot hold in the small town that is said to still have gold in its hills but have been unable to do to the brothers and there men each brother having his own crew that flowed a set of rules made up by the brother and that is known to the underworld of the small town . but when luke tired of lveing in his brothers shadows wants to branch out for himself and decids to bring drugs to the town  the relationships of the brothers and those around them as the brothers battle to keep controle of the town from the mob

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2013, 02:54:57 AM »
the steelbrookbrothers

name: Jessie steelbrook
age 23
bio: the first born of the boys Jessie is looked up to and thought of as the leader of the steelbrook boys by both his brothers and the men who worked for the brothers after the boys older sister was found dead at the hands of mob do to  there sisters mobster husband Jessie decided to make sure no one was hurt by the mob or the drugs they pushed again a loving husband and father of two children Jessie would do anything for his town and his family and can be very violent if ether of the two are threatened

name: luke steelbrook
age 23
bio: the second born of the boys luke feels that though he is the second born he is treated like the runt of the littler starved for attention . taking his sister death hard luke turned to drugs against his brothers wishes which makes him hot headed and quick tempered even though he means well he is sometimes misunderstood his actions as good as his intentions may be are always seen as hot headed ness by everyone including his girlfriend lilly

name: peter steelbrook
age: 23
bio: the second to last born of the boys peter after his sisters death became inspired to do good in the world and took the police exam and became a detective in  the little field police department which keeps the boys out of jail and out of trouble. a famly man like his brother Jessie peter has a wife and two daughters who mean everything to him peter coches his daughter school teams and helps out at the curch having a big heart and wanting to help his  town even if the ways he dos it make him have to hid his badge at times

name:eddie steelbrook

bio: the middle child of the boys eddie wanted to try and at lest seem like he was not a thug and opeand a book store in town to provide for his wife and sons as well as his famly eddie loves his brothers and would do anything for them but if there was a voice of reason to the group it was eddie  .  eddie is not a violent man by nature like his other brother but if his family or his town are threatened he wll fight to keep them safe

 name: dean steelbrook
bio: the last born of the boys dean looks up to his brother Jessie and wants to be just like him in most ways dean is thought of as jessies right hand man at times seeing as ware ever Jessie was dean was not to far away a famly man like his other brothers other then luke dean trys to be a good husband and father and to keep the things he dos in backallys and in the shadows a secret

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2013, 01:18:28 PM »
chapter one

the sun beat down as eddie steel brook sat in his backyard having a soda while cooking hamburgers for the brothers annual Sunday bbq they had it every Sunday as a way to keep close with one another but it also served as a way to keep eachother in the know of all that went on in the town. the five brothers may seem like innocent family men all but luke that is but known to only a few the boys had a side that they did not show the town for years the boys had run the town and keep it safe from the mob and from drugs the only way they knew how  ..gang violence . eddie flipped the burgers as Jessie the first born of the boys pulled up to the house with his famly heading in bringing food the  had brought to add to the bbq holding his wife around her waist with one arm giving her a kiss on the cheek saying you going to talk to Emily for a bit babe I need to talk to my brother as jessies wife alice smiled at him giving him a kiss on the lips saying yes dear go see your brother im sure dean luke and peter will be hear soon

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2013, 04:11:54 PM »
Jessie smiled at his wife saying what would I do without you as alice smiled saying crash and burn as she gave her husband one more deep kiss before saying now go see your brother as she took  the two kids her and Jessie had and went to seem Emily eddies wife as Jessie went to see his brother Emily was getting things ready for the bbq when alice walked in saying hey you giving her a hug as she sat down the bowl of salad  she had brought smileing at Emily saying so how you feel as Emily smiled saying im doing ok today as she took a few grapes from a bowl of fruit on the table rubing her belly Emily was five months pregnate with another of eddies children she loved her husband and was happy to be having another baby with him as she smiled at alice saying so how are you and Jessie doing as alice said were doing ok not doing as much baby making as you and eddie as Emily smiled saying watch it I can still belly bump you  Emily and eddie had two sons and now they were going to have there first girl as Emily looked at alice saying im still trying to think of a good name . mean while Jessie walked out seeing his brother he smiled saying  BROTHER BROTHER as eddie smiled saying hey about time you made it as he walked over giving him a hug saying you want a beer as he went to his ice chest to get his brother a cold drink

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2013, 04:34:42 PM »
Jessie smiled saying not just yet just give me a soda as Eddie said see your like me you save your beer till everyone Is hear as he handed him a can of soda saying you bring Alice and the kids as Jessie smiled saying yea there in talking to Emily as there brother dean walked in with Luke saying hey losers as Eddie smiled saying hey your late brothers your assholes as he walked over giving his brothers a hug saying good to see you guys you bring the family's  as dean said yea Roxy's in talking with Emily and Alice as Luke said yea and lillys on her way she just had to pick something up at the store as he smiled at eddie saying good to see you man as eddie handed him a soda saying you still on the shit  as luke said been trying to cut back as Jessie looked at him saying you shoot up once a day man that aint cutting back

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #5 on: June 09, 2013, 05:10:33 PM »
luke looked at Jessie saying how about cutting me some fucking slack man im doing my best as dean got between the two of them saying kill it guys were all brothers hear as Jessie smiled saying your right pulling luke into a hug saying im just looking out for you man that's all don't want to see you hurt as luke gave him a hug saying I know man I know mean while the boys wifes were inside talking and getting food ready as there kids all played togather as lilly showed up bring in what she got as the ladys smiled at her hey lily as they offerd her a class of whine they were having as they talked until one of the kids said unlke peter hear as peter walked in with his wife saying that's right your all underarest

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #6 on: June 09, 2013, 05:59:05 PM »
peters wife Kelly slaped him saying  be nice as she walked over giving Emily a sisterly kiss on the cheek as she gave her some muffins she had made for the bbq saying hows things ladys as peter went out to join his brothers saying gentlemen gentlemen  hope im not late as Jessie smiled saying no your just in time actuly

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Re: the shady city shufflers
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2013, 06:30:10 PM »
now that all five of them were togather eddie passed out the beers saying cheers boys as Jessie said yea lets not drink to much we still have that thing tonight mr leleoment wants his bar protected during the show tonight so you guys be ready for anything ok these rock fans get nuts when they drink to much so if you have to rearrange some ones face to get your point across do it as luke looked at his brothers saying still don't see who a all  girl rock band wants to play for a bunch of drunks as he took a long drink of his beer