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Author Topic: The Dark Asylum *Extreme*  (Read 253 times)

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The Dark Asylum *Extreme*
« on: June 08, 2013, 10:42:30 PM »
The descendants of powerful beings inhabit an insane Asylum, for the protection of themselves and others. You see, they have inherited both enormous magical power and madness from their parents. They have found themselves making progress with their treatments and they can finally live in a mentally stable condition if they make limited or no use of their powers. However, although life in the Asylum is comfortable and sometimes even very pleasant, you have all yearned for freedom for far too long. One day, you have found yourselves free, in a way.

There is no escape from the Aslyum. You have all discovered the Asylum grounds are empty, devoid of all life except for the inmates. No staff, no one is there. Is this all a dream? Have you all finally lost your mind? The Asylum is like a small city all in itself, and there are many places to go. However, no one's powers have proven sufficient enough to escape the Asylum. . . the massive gates are warded with potent sorcery.

If you are insane, you have no way of convincing yourself that what is going on and what you can see is a falsehood.

Character Sheet:
Sexual Orientation:
Link To Your Ons and Offs:
Psychological Weakness:
SanityLevel: From levels 2-5.
Sanity level 0: You face the risk of losing your mind temporarily if your SAN score reaches this low, regardless of your physical condition. The effects of your madness would be temporary, but it would last longer than usual. It may even last for an hour or more.
Sanity level 1: At this level, exhaustion and or/great discomfort can jeopardize your mind enough for you to temporarily lose it.
Sanity level 2: At this level,  great pain/discomfort and exhaustion can cause you to lose your mind, like the previous two levels of SAN. However, at this level you can endure fear more easily than an average person before the effects of it causes you to lose mental stability.
Sanity level 3: At this level you can endure fear much more easily than an average person before the effects of it causes you to lose mental stability, and you can strain yourself once a day in the use of your magical powers without risking your mental stability.
Sanity level 4: You can endure not just fear, but terror before the effects of fear begin to wear on your mind. At this level you can even strain your powers significantly beyond their normal level without risking your mental stability.
Sanity level 5: You can endure fear effects at the sheer gibbering levels before your mental status lowers, you can strain your body and strength to higher levels than an average person with mundane physical activities before wearing on your mind, and you can even use Magic much stronger than you normally could before any mental strain. At this point you were a viable candidate for being released into whatever society exists outside the Asylum. However, you are stuck with the rest of the inmates for now. :(

Lower Sanity levels present advantages to all characters that High Sanity scores do. For now, however, it just isn't safe for base SAN scores below 2 for player characters. These Low San score benefits are unwritten for now.

This Is Not A Pure Horror Role Play, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll say for now it kind of fits the genre.