New vampire non-con plot

Started by helloitsyellow, June 27, 2008, 03:36:01 AM

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Ons and Offs

I feel as though I need some fresh new plot ideas, and also put new twists on my old ones.

So for the time being, this will be somewhat empty, but it'll grow.

Plot Ideas:

The Hunger of Memory
[slayer x vampire] + [NC]
Once, long ago, they were lovers. She was a slayer, he was only a human, and although mortals don't usually show interest in the lives of the immortal, he did--but he was drawn to the vampires. He hid this interest from her, not wanting to hurt her. His interest grew slowly until he met a charismatic vampiress that offered to change him. His desires, his dreams, his lusts, told him to agree to her offer. His heart leapt forward to claim his dream while his head dwelled on the fact that his love was still a slayer. When he came forward and told her that he had become the exact monsters that she had to hunt, she shunned him and estranged herself from him, refusing to speak or have any contact with him.
Decades later, still hurt by the slayer's actions, the memories of their nights spent together still fresh in his head, the smell of her scent perfectly clear and completely trackable, he easily finds her in the streets of the city, disarms her, and strips her dignity away.

More to come...


Just for your info on the tags, it seems that most of your stories actually have your character forced into the scene, which would make the scene Non-Consensual (even though she might enjoy it afterwards). Not that there's anything wrong with Non-Consensual, but you might want to eye the tags and the boards you'll be placing the threads on. :)

Greetings, Xillen.

Question Mark

I haven't ventured into S&M before, or even bondage for that matter.  But I think it'd be interesting to try.  If you don't mind, I wouldn't want to dive right into the heavy stuff, like the [EX] entries.  I am up to the schoolgirl teacher match up though.  I've always liked lighter sex, you know, the [VAN] stuff, and I think tossing a bit of bondage in there would be like adding ketchup to french fries: a whole new taste, better than before.

I was wondering, though, if you could go a bit more into detail on what you're considering for the teacher-student matchup.  How "hard" do you see it being.  Or, on the other hand, how "soft" do you want it.  The synopsi are nice, but I'd like a little more detail.

Of course, everything is open discussion.  I read your O&O's, and I wouldn't mind trying some of the match-ups you had (the bartender/customer one raised my eyebrows).


Updated accordingly to Xillen's post.
(thank you for pointing that out, by the way!)


I apologize to everyone who has tried to reach me, and hopefully this will never happen again.

My horrible internet providers decided to deny me internet, and there I was, internetless, for months. Pure agony, believe me.

But I'm back! And hopefully I'll whip up some new plots soon!



Update: ONE new plot... but thinking of new ones.

The Dark Raven

If the hunger of memory is open, I would like to try it.  I can play either...

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