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Author Topic: Dust to Dust [NC-H]  (Read 1003 times)

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Dust to Dust [NC-H]
« on: June 27, 2008, 02:57:14 AM »
This is one of those RP ideas that I've tossed around a good bit. I think here it might actually have a chance of going somewhere. The Formatting for it is cut and pasted off the last site I tried to start this RP on, so some things that applied there might not matter here. Also, this Rp isn't inherently sexual by nature, its classified as an NC-H because, its a cold dark world, and I want to create the feeling that its a cold dark world where bad things happen to people and danger lurks around every corner. Thats not to say there won't be anything sexual, the idea is to replicate reality to an extent, meaning any number of things could happen. The RP is a realistic RP with sci-fi and fantasy elements. It takes place in the future but with technology that is behind ours. there is no magic but many unexplained phenomenon are called magic, now that thats out of the way, I'll go on to the very long wordy explanation of the story and the world ect. For the ease of reading, the notes I stuck in are in red, their simply comments I have on certain things, mostly because this is a cookie cutter generic RP post, one I've tried on several forums, so I stuck in the comments to explain things.

Synopsis of the RP

Our world has been transformed into a global desert. In 2045 a meteor crashed off the coast of Brazil. It was that day that the seas began draining. In only 15 years the oceans and lakes and rivers of our world had completely vanished, to where, no one knows, the world is a desert wasteland, billions are dead, civilization as we know it has collapsed and the planet is in turmoil.

Two hundred years have gone by since then, and in that time, the waters of our planet have never returned. The only source of water left on the planet are in small lakes and streams, that mostly evaporate during the day then condense and fill at night.
To this day no one can understand what is happening to the planet, on clear nights brilliant flashes of light have been seen coming from far away in the deep desert, where few go and fewer return. The strange phenomenon was reported to have been seen near a village before it was found destroyed, with every person killed as if they were fried by an intense electric current. Rumors also exist of strange moving dunes that cross the follow people as they travel the roads, evidence of creatures no one has survived to tell about. In the low desert, the areas formerly filled with seas and oceans, strange blue monoliths of crystal, towering hundreds of feet high have been rumored to have been seen far off in the distance. It is rumored that the crystals contains all the water of the planet, but no one has ever gotten close to one and returned to tell about it. their bodies are found months later in an empty patch of desert, utterly devoid of water. And except for some blue glints in shimmering distance, the monoliths are nothing but myth.
In the night, strange orbs of energy drift through the air, releasing incredible electrical surges on anything that gets too close, few survive an encounter with a ghost light, and they are seen as a malign force, believed to actively chase down and attack dune boats and small towns; although there is nothing to indicate the lights are actually intelligent.

But the lack of water isn't the only thing thats changed, the people have changed too, the extent of the changes aren't known and are different in certain gene lines but humans are evolving, into what, no one knows, and most people are afraid to fine out.  The most obvious changes have already begun to affect 90% of the population, they've grown tails and their ears have become large and catlike, some have heightened senses and can move faster and with more agility then normal people, and a few even have claws. But in the end, they're still people.
Many live on the road, traveling down the old highways and crossing deserts in dune boats, lightweight vehicles with sails attached to the top, allowing them to sail down the highways and roads. There are also sky traders, using home made airships and blimps, they travel the skies, riding the wind currents, drifting above the hot sands below.
The other survivors cluster around the few remaining lakes and ponds left on the planet, living in heavily guarded cities and villages with walls made from old cars and trucks.
Out of this have arisen a series of semi-nations, there are a coalition of far east cities called the Rainmakers, who are determined to make the earth green again at any means necessary. Then there are the Shiners, a group of European and American tribes that live in the open desert and travel on huge dune boats some as much as 100 feet across. Not much is known about them other then their distrust of outsiders. Finally there are the Red Storm. They hold New York city and the area around it, using strange weapons recovered from the past world, they are violent and dangerous, but as long as you haven't upset them they're probably safer to be with then the other groups. The technology of the desert world varies depending on where you are but it isn't too high tech and most knowledge of the time before has been lost. Most of the things from the time before all called Old Tech, and are sometimes worth a lot as parts or trinkets. Many words have also changed over the time, Fuck has become Frak  ((BSG anyone?? Lulz its too cool a word not to use)), posreal is a merge of positively really (thats posreal weird) shit has become shizz, clear plastic is now Glastic, and the various religons have merged together with their gods becoming associated together in a paganistic fashion.
Then there are the others. No one knows who or what they are, but they look like a strange feral cross between a dog and a human. they travel in packs and can cross miles of open land in a few hours, they attack with claws and teeth and rip their prey apart, they are believed to be intelligent, but communications with them could be called strained at best and nonexistent at worst. The strangest thing about them is their eyes. they glow a brilliant blue that can be seen miles away. While they occasionally help humans, they will more often attack them, treating people like any other desert pray. Much like old indian tribes, they let nothing go to waste, using every part of a body, and are believed to be cannibalistic, though there is no direct evidence of it.


>No "Godmodding" - don't control other people's characters without permission.

>Stay in context. Be sure to read the story so you don't accidentally bring back any dead characters or anything

>Grammar is essential, though I don't think that will be a big problem.

>this is more like a group story then a roleplay, you can introduce as many characters as you want, don't feel the need to stick with one character and keep them alive even though their put into a situation they couldn't survive.

>no ** action posts. instead, write out what they do, example:
Jane walked into the room and waved to Billy. "Hey Bill" she said.
a opposed to:
*Jane walks in*
Jane: Hey Bill

((^ I honestly doubt I will have to worry about that here, but its one of my pet peeves so I kept it in))

>all out of context posts should be indicated either in [color="blue"]blue[/color] or with the ((double brackets)) I've used both, and personally I prefer the blue, but whatever floats your boat.

>This is a loose RP ((Freeform)) , winning battles won't mean rolling the dice, it will have to do more with your ability to outwit another character.

Playable Races

This has to do with your level of mutation and how it may effect your character, all changes are compounded, so level 1 changes effect a level 2, level 2 changes and level 1 changes effect a level 3 and so on.

Physical mutations a basic human, slightly stronger then other races, with a longer endurance, however they get sick easier and have a better chance of having impaired hearing or vision and decreased night sight.
mental changes none

Level 1 mutation
Physical mutationsslight elongation of the canines, slight elongation and triangulation of the ear, may have a light coat of hair on the back of the ear, they have increased night vision and overall vision as well as slight increases in hearing and smell, slightly less prone to illness, less endurance then a normal human and slightly weaker in terms of strength.
mental changes slight preference to nighttime over day has developed but nothing noticeable

Level 2 mutation
Physical mutationsgreater elongation of the canines, ears have developed to be very catlike in shape and are larger with the development of fur, development of a catlike tail, body hair has turned into a sort of light fur, night vision is greatly increased overall sight and vision increases, as well as hearing and sense of smell increase. Hands have grown larger and have developed retractile claws in some cases. They have a slightly smaller frame then the average human and tend to be physically weaker with a lessened endurance as well.
mental changes tend to be loners, have a tendency to have mood swings varying from drastic to major.

Level 3 mutation
Physical mutations a light layer of fur appears to have developed in some individuals, as well as retractable claws in almost all level 3's they are smaller and weaker then humans as well, eyes have grown catlike, further increase in vision and hearing, development of whiskers, and a drastic decrease in necessary water consumption and appetite.
mental changes definite loners, tend to stay alone or with other 3's and 2's. quick to anger, inability to focus on many tasks, many develop unusual phobias, and are prone to drastic mood swings.

Application Form

Name: (including any nicknames or aliases)



Race: (level of evolution)

Affiliation: (if there is one)


Physical Appearance

Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Any distinguishing marks:

(follow with a general description including what they normally wear, skin colour and anything else you feel important)

Personality: (what are they like in times of danger, are they talkative, friendly, quick to anger? What makes them smile, what makes them sad? What are their little quirks, their hobbies and interests? This is the best place to give us a real feel for your character)

Strengths: (kinda obvious..)

Weaknesses: (try to give them both physical and psychological weaknesses)

History: (don't be afraid to go into detail here, that's what we want! Pick out the major events in your character's life that's led them to this day. If it helps then start chronologically from their birth to present day)

Any other points:

here is mine as an example:

Name: Wren Artuga

Age: 19

Gender: female

Race: level 3

Affiliation: She has ties with the Shiners and the Rainmakers but she is not "with" them.

A small blue crystal that glows with an inner energy, worn on a thin copper chain around her neck. A pair of Kodachis stolen from a Rainmaker agent in Kom Ombo, a large city of theirs, an old tech digital watch that doesn't work, an amount of money, a large folding knife which she uses for assassinations, a long long traveling cape, an old tech device she calls an Eye-Pod which she is convinced is extremely valuable and she is constantly trying to sell, a gas gun, and a list of parts she needs for her dune boat

Physical Appearance
she is sort of short with a darkish tan and short black hair kept in a serviceable mop.

Eye colour:
 the left is normal green, the other is a shockingly bright blue
Hair colour: Black
Height: shortish, maybe five three with shoes
Any distinguishing marks: her face has pair of permanent black burns on her cheeks, they are even on both sides making some people think they're tattoos, but they are the result of a close encounter with a ghost light.
she wears neutral browns and greens and other Earth tones her clothes are leather and thin allowing for good speed and flexibility.

Personality: She is a fast talker and is quick to make a friend but its a long time before she really trusts the people she's with. She enjoys killing people and is kind of sadistic. she is prone to laughing fits and will break down over seemingly random things. she isn't quite right in the head and tends to talk with inanimate objects when no one else is around,  can be sarcastic, cold, and overly blunt, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends.

Strengths: She knows martial arts from the people she was with in Batmunkh Gompa and is quick and light on her feet, and she is slightly crazy.

Weaknesses: she isn't physically strong and she is slightly crazy.

History: She was born and raised in the Shiner Boat called the Queen's Rush, but when she was 9 the ship was hit by a ghost light killing most of the people, the energy gave her the burn marks she sports and discolored her eye, she also found the small piece of crystal she wears around her neck while she was wandering around the wreck looking for other survivors. She was picked up by an air trader but she ended up killing the crew with a folding knife when they tried to rape her. She couldn't fly the airship and drifted the sky for days before she was picked up by a Rainmaker airship and taken to the city of Batmunkh Gompa, which is built into the wall of a former undersea trench, she lived there for nearly five years but eventually left, selling the airship she'd arrived in for a dune boat and taking to the plains. She traveled for a year when her dune boat was caught in a storm and sent hurtling into the bottom of a no-return trench. deep in the dark pit she was haunted by strange flashes looming out of cracks in the rock and chased by the others, their eyes blazing and teeth snarling. They almost caught her but then one of them stopped the others and they let her go, then it led her to a ramp out. from then on she was convinced that the others are people too and wants to try and meet the one who saved her, but she is still to afraid of them to actually admit it. From then on she's been traveling the deserts, etching out a living but not really having anything to live for.

Any other points: She lives on her Dune Boat, the Predator's Key

Overview of Factions

The Rainmakers
The Rainmakers are a coalition of Asian cities based out of Southeast Asia and southern India. They hold significant influence over their neighboring areas with a fleet of airships. The Rainmakers have five major cities.
Batmunkh Gompa is the capital and the largest, built into the walls of the Ryukyu Trench, it is over a mile high, it has been called the sideways city for this reason. at the bottom of the Trench is one of the few forests on the planet. The second City is Kom Ombo, located on the southeast edge of the Sri Lanka plateau, it is the staging area for most of the Rainmakers military forces, as well as a large trading hub.
The third City is Batmunkh Tsaka, on the mountain of Manilla in the southeastern badlands, it is a jumping off point for most airships crossing the Pacifik plains.
The Fourth City is Batmunkh Onia, it is the birthplace of the rainmaker movement and is at the south end of The Pit, which is a fast route trench airships take to heading north, but the pit is insanely deep and nothing has every returned after descending below the 'light deck' into the trench.
The last city is Rinii, which is on the North end of the Pit, and serves as a crossing point into the Northern Wastes.
The Rainmakers are a capitalist nation with a central counsel chosen by the previous members. the counsel runs the military as well as controlling the rebirth efforts. They have agents working around the planet, bringing in plants and animals, they are the least evolved group, holding onto the old ways, and fighting the changes. They are the only faction that remembers when the Earth was actually green, and long to see it return.

Red Storm
The Red Storm are a smaller group, holding onto New York, Long Island, and the neighboring areas, New York is actually one of the most preserved cities, with its dirty cracking buildings rising from the sand covered streets. They are a militaristic group, and have a lot of old tech weapons, they possess vehicles with motors and can outmaneuver most sailed vehicles, as well as a group of winged aircraft and airships. Red Storm is Capitalistic, but they have no currency like the Rainmakers and instead trade goods and services in a barter system. The  Red Storm are highly religious in nature, believing the phenomenon of the desert to be acts of god, their god is a god of the desert, and they hold a deep mysticism about it. one of their rights of passage is for a person to spend one month alone in the desert on their 15th birthday. Most Red Storm's tend to be level 1 or 2 mutants.
Red Storm is lead by a Charismatic man known only as Xand. He is believed to be a prophet although some think he is actually God in human form. he claims to know the history of the entire human race although how know one knows, he shares what he wants and nothing more, he has been leading the Storm for 50 years, he hasn't aged a day.

The Shiners
The shiners are a group of nomadic tribes that cross the desert in mobile huge dune ships, towns in their own right. They cross vast stretches of land, going fast and efficiently. They have no real plans to their movements or organization as a total collective, and are more like a collection of tribes or city states then anything else, and although they often work together and share a level of understanding, each town tends to do things its own way, and you never know what you'll find. most Shiners tend to be level 2 or 3 mutants.


The technology of the desert world varies heavily. The most advanced things possessed are Old Tech, which is salvaged from cities long gone. I'm just going to list things that are in and from that you should be able to get a rough idea of where the world is tech wise.
Bombs both dropped and timed
Crude rockets non-guided, bulky
guns this varies heavily, most weapons are gas guns which are basically powerful airsoft guns, they are easy to make and the shells can be created easily and by most people given proper tools, however there are also guns as advanced as modern military firearms that have been saved and kept in working order
Cannons  most with simple impact damage weapons although there are also explosive ones and even a few old tech cannons lying about.
Dune Boats, large wheeled vehicles that travel the desert on sails, can be small or huge.
Radios, simple CB, very poor quality.
Red storm is rumored to have "lightning guns"
melee weapons of every type imaginable
certain plastics
certain metals
cars and trucks heavily modified and kept in some semblance of working order.


The world has changed much. this brief primer will give you a rough overview of the new world.

North American High Desert:Comprising of the the Current North American Continent. The east and southeast of the high desert are nothing but dunes, sand and mud flats, in the rockies the land is barren windswept rock and dead petrified forests. Everything north of the top of The Ontario basin is nothing but petrified forests.

North American Low Desert: Comprising of the area to the North of the continent as well as the gulf. In the North the land is frozen and dry, the cold dry air makes the living conditions so horrible that long term exposure will freeze dry your body. The Gulf and the Caribbean are now the Gulf Basin, a huge dry plain with nothing for miles and miles, and the Urucci Maze, which is a complex warren of trenches and mountains.

The South American High Desert Comprising of South America proper Most of south America is petrified forests in the interior with dune seas boarding them. In the West, the diamondback mountains are one of the least explored and most dangerous places on Earth

South American Low Desert mostly dune seas except for the west side where the Cataract runs, one of the longest No-Return trenches in the world, things that go in, tend not to come out.

The Atlantik The Atlantik is a massive plain, littered with debris and rough land, in its center is the rift, a fairly well navigated trench but parts of it as still unexplored and it has a rather complex series of offshoot canyons.

The European High Desert Comprising Europe current. Largely the same as North America in structure, fairly explored, but it hasn't given up all of its secrets yet.

The European Low Desert comprising of: The Med, The North Sea, and the English Channel. The Med is now a huge empty basin, the only landmarks are the pitfall gorges, shallow trenches that are almost impossible to see from a distance. The North sea and the channel are largely empty and not well explored, those areas are off the major trade routes and in the Deep Desert.

The Africa Desert Flat, dry, and dead. dunes stretch from end to end of this continent, there is nothing here, it is frequently crossed but there are no people living there, that place is nothing but dunes, and widely scattered mountains.

The Indian Basin The most empty of all the basins, there is nothing in it for miles and miles, its so empty that the Rainmakers had to ship water into stations along its trade routes so that it could be crossed easier by Shiner trading ships.

The Badlands The area from Northern Japan to New Zealand is a hive of rent up land, tunnels, caverns, tranches, and mountains, despite the Rainmakers having their bases in this area it is barely understood and most of it is a mystery, it is difficult to travel unless you take the Rainmaker toll routes or divert hundreds of miles north around it.

The Asian Wastelands. Except for the southern areas Asia is an empty wasteland. China and India have many small tribes but once your north of the Himalayas there is absolutely no one, nothing. That is not explored at all and is considered Deep Desert

The Pacifik 
Big, empty, and flat. thats all the Pacifik is. for thousands of miles. Save for a few scattered mountains and pond towns, and rifts. there is practically nothing forever and then some The land isn't perfectly flat, its rolling plains, with scattered plateaus and trenches, but its so large that from any given location it will appear to be flat for as far as the eye can see.

Antarctica and the Arctic: These areas are frozen, dried out wastelands that can't support any life bigger then lichen. They aren't deep deserts, their bottomless.  nothing comes out of them that goes in.

so thats that, anyone interested?
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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2008, 03:13:07 AM »
I read the initial summary, and am voicing my strong interest.  I just wanted to reserve my spot ("F1RST P0ST!1!" anyone?) now, and will finish reading the rest right away.

Great concept, I love the intrigue and fear generated by these strange crystals and supernatural occurences.  And, of course, I love catgirls.  Catguys are pretty sweet too.

Offline Jeramiahh

Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2008, 03:14:03 AM »
Yeah, same here; I might have to get into this. A lot of reading to do, but the concept is fantastic.

EDIT: Wasn't planning to write it all tonight, but I got off on a roll.

Application Form

Name: (including any nicknames or aliases) Ceranlia (Ceran) Winterbite, The Icy Fang

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Race: (level of evolution) Level 2

Affiliation: (if there is one) N/A

Inventory: Basic camping supplies (Tent, blanket/bedroll, shovel, firestarting kit, cook set)
Hiking staff, decorated with various trophies.
Shotgun, crude but serviceable, rudimentary cleaning kit, 17 shells remaining
Collection of 'mystic' items, such as an incomplete Tarot deck, a cracked crystal ball, and a set of silks, to allow her to dress like a gypsy.

Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Blue-green
Hair colour: Brunette
Height: 5'4''
Any distinguishing marks: Limp in left leg, which was badly torn up and never healed properly.

Ceranlia is fairly pale, but, due to her cat-like appearance, and lack of an accent, her origin or nationality is difficult to place. She wears her hair back in a long ponytail, and walks with a steady limp, assisted by her staff, which is decorated with numerous trophies from various victories and kills, throughout her life. If asked about it, she might alternately claim they are trophies, good luck charms, or devices to allow her to foretell the future.

Personality: (what are they like in times of danger, are they talkative, friendly, quick to anger? What makes them smile, what makes them sad? What are their little quirks, their hobbies and interests? This is the best place to give us a real feel for your character)

Loud, brash, and uncaring what people think about her, Ceran is friendly... until you cross her. Due to her limp, and thus, her inability to easily flee, she prefers to keep a distance from people, and has the loud, boisterous voice to allow communication from further away than normal; if communication sours, she has plenty of room to bring her shotgun to bear. She also tends to be very stubborn, and will refuse to back down from a confrontation, preferring to fight, rather than flee.

Despite all of that, she enjoys being around people, and actively seeks to be part of a group whenever possible. Never letting her opinion go unheard, she's a fierce, opinionated woman. In her spare time, or in times of desperation, she will take on the guise of a gypsy, mystic, or fortune-teller, making a little extra money or calming a worried populace with the right predictions.

Strengths: (kinda obvious..) Strong, despite the weakened body of her mutation, and quick with her fingers, though she did have to modify some parts on her gun to fit her hands. Tends to be good with people, until they annoy her. Loyal and honest, almost to a fault.

Weaknesses: (try to give them both physical and psychological weaknesses) Heavy limp, making it difficult to move quickly. Tends to be good with people, until they annoy her. Loyal and honest, almost to a fault. Easily angered by seeing the weak and downtrodden hurt, will go out of her way to protect them.

Tending to be quiet about her own life, few know the whole story; most that would are dead. She's a survivor, escaping from one disaster to another, though not without the scars to show for it... and only a few of them physical. One of the few ways to make her quiet is to ask about her past.

Orphaned by the age of seven, she traveled with nomad groups most of her young life, slipping from group to group, watching out for herself, and putting in good, hard work where needed. Kidnapped by a raiding party at the age of sixteen, she was their slave for three years, traded between pirates, until she was freed by a group of Rainmakers. Crawling her way to a level of survivability off the streets, she left the city they'd dropped her in and joined with several other anti-piracy gangs, set to free slaves and keep trading routes clear. While she was injured not long into that role, she persisted. Her last group recently dissolved after too many losses, and she finds herself wandering the streets once more, between jobs.
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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2008, 04:17:34 AM »
Name: Rivo Minke

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Normy

Affiliation: Shiners

- Basic compass
- Maps made along his travels
- A water purifier that is in surprisingly good condition: uses it on urine when water is nowhere to be seen.
- A Puddle: a very basic tool comprising of a large, slightly curved bowl with hooks to hold a sheet of glastic.  One airs out the bowl, places the plastic over it, and leaves it in the sun.  Whatever water is in the trapped air condenses and collects in the bottom.  The process is repeated until you have a sizable amount of water.
- Six thin metal poles ~3 feet long
- Five knives, good for throwing, stabbing, and shaving.
- A collection of bluish crystals
- Flint and tinder

Physical Appearance:
Tone - Caucasian
Eye Colour - Blue
Hair Colour - Black (intentionally dyed white to reduce heat absorption)
Height - 5'10"
Build - Muscular
Distinguishing Marks - He has three long, jagged scars running diagonally across his torso, from his left shoulder to his right thigh.

Personality: If you don't mind, I like to let the personality of my characters develop naturally during the roleplay.

Strength - He's strong.
Intelligence - He's also smart, and has a great memory.
Tolerance - Like most others, Rivo can endure thirst, but he has better pain -- physical and emotional -- tolerance than most.
Teamwork - He will work in a team if the situation calls for it.
Resourcefullness - His existence as a Shiner gives him a natural ability to improvise on the spot, as is necessary for a nomad's survival.
Experience - Again, being a Shiner works to his benefit.  As wanderers, he has seen, heard, and experienced more than any Red Storm or Rainmaker.
Battle Strategy - As a Shiner, Rivo has had to defend a mobile convoy from armed attack on numerous occasions.  The diverse assortment of situations naturally bestows an all around grasp of military based tactics.

Loner - Although he will work in a team, he does prefer going solo.  Part of this stems from the fact that he was the only Normy aboard his ship after his parents' deaths.  Although no one really cares that he's a normy (at least on his own ship), he is constantly and painfully aware of it.
Speed - He ain't too fast...
Personal Relationships - He's kind of anti-social, and doesn't have many friends, but when he does fall for a girl, he falls really hard.  A discontinuation of a romantic relationship can send him into a depression for months.  The few friends he has gives him a fierce loyalty to those he has, which often works against him in a variety of ways.
Adventurer - He always has to see what's on the other side of the next dune, even if no one else does.

History: Rivo was born to a widowed woman onboard a Shiner ship.  She died in delivery, and Rivo was named after his father after being taken in as a ship child (a Shiner orphan who is cared for by everyone on his/her ship).  From a young age, he showed a fascination in the so-called "Sandless Times" before the world dried up.  This was only spurred when his ship (named the Iabara Rifter) passed through the remains of Tokyo on its way to a Rainmaker water outpost.  Whenever they approached a Sandless era city, Rivo would always collect some artifact or piece of information.  By the time he was twenty years old, he was considered a master of the times before the cataclysm.  Normally, those of a scholarly profession were ignored and ridiculed (usually because they spent more time on "useless" studies rather than remaining a useful laborer on their ship), but Rivo continued to be a productive member of the Iabara Rifter.  He earned great respect and was even offered the a leadership position aboard the Rifter, which he declined.

The scratches come from an encounter when Rivo was twenty five.  A stranded Shiner ship attacked the Iabara Rifter outside of Crete.  In the resulting boarding action, Rivo sustained a brutal wound from a tri pronged sword that vaguely resembled a trident.  He ultimately recovered.

Extra Notes:
- Because he was constantly surrounded by "nekos" (slang for lvl 1-3 mutants) for his entire life, he has adopted many of their customs and preferences, such as specialized melee combat and various slang words used because of their enlarged canines.
- Because of his Normy genetics, Rivo was considerably stronger than most of his shipmates, and his musculature was only enhanced by the fact that he was assigned jobs that required sheer brute force.
- Supports the myth of a New Eden: a mythical area of abundant water, food, and prosperity.
- Is atheist, but supports pagan ideals.
- His upbringing makes him feel awkward around other Normys, and Rivo has a distinct preference for Neko partners in personal relationships.

I like the BSG reference by the way.  I feel I will use that to great effect.  Hmm, maybe I should try and set up a BSG RP...  *stroaks invisible goatee*  Anyways, off topic.

Do you have any kind of story or plot planned out?  We have a great backdrop, but I really don't see any kind of plot.  If you don't, I'm sure we could brainstorm something up.  One other thing: how distinctly cat like are the mutants?  Are they classically neko (not only appearance, but actions like cat-like movements, purring, etc.), or is it just appearance?
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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2008, 10:32:16 AM »

Do you have any kind of story or plot planned out?  We have a great backdrop, but I really don't see any kind of plot.  If you don't, I'm sure we could brainstorm something up.  One other thing: how distinctly cat like are the mutants?  Are they classically neko (not only appearance, but actions like cat-like movements, purring, etc.), or is it just appearance?

I'm not sure if I have a plot per say, I have a lot of loose ideas, and a general idea of where my character is going, at least at first. I have the first couple posts for her planned out but beyond that? not really.
well the people are catlike in a few ways, but not really too many, I don't think they actually like meow or things, but they have a couple catlike habits, namely the nocturnal nature, and a sort of catlike mobility. They aren't actually hybrids from cats, they are an evolution of people, and any resemblance to cats is based on appearance, at the end of the day, their definitely still people.

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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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OK, we'll have to work on the plot a bit.  Maybe you can tell us where you see your character at the beginning of the roleplay; since you're leader of this rp, it seems logical that we base the beginning around that.  It'll be a start, at least.

And thanks for clearing that up.

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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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Well I like to keep the RP 'open' IE: the players decide where to go with their characters, and let the plot develop over time. If you want I can make the first post and you can see where you want to go from there.

oh and one other thing, I noticed that this site tends to have its stories broken up into 2-5 different threads. That really irritates me, and its hard to establish any interaction and linearity to the story, so if at all possible I'd like to compress it to this thread and the IC thread. since this thread is public, if there is anything we can't talk about here then we can just make OOC comments in the IC thread.

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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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Well I like to keep the RP 'open' IE: the players decide where to go with their characters, and let the plot develop over time. If you want I can make the first post and you can see where you want to go from there.

oh and one other thing, I noticed that this site tends to have its stories broken up into 2-5 different threads. That really irritates me, and its hard to establish any interaction and linearity to the story, so if at all possible I'd like to compress it to this thread and the IC thread. since this thread is public, if there is anything we can't talk about here then we can just make OOC comments in the IC thread.

Amen to that.

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Re: Interest Check: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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cool, I'm going to make the first post, and we can go from there. If other people want to drop into the story then I just ask them to read everything up to where they are and drop an app in this topic.

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Re: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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I'm faintly surprised at the lack of further interest in this.

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Re: Dust to Dust [NC-H]
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Name: Lyrii, or just Lyr. She doesn't have a last name.

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Race: Level 3

Affiliation: Shiners

Inventory: a small switchblade that her father found for her, first aid kit, different colored rocks that appealed to her on her travels, and rope.

Physical Appearance: Tends to be a bit darker skinned, at least what can be seen under the light covering of fur. She has a knotted scar running down the left side of her ribs, from when her tribe was exploring an abandoned dune ship, and she fell, gouging her side on an exposed board. she has bleached brown hair that is roughly chopped off about the level of her ears. She is rather short, being only about 5'3 without shoes, and around 135 pounds. She favors light-colored, breezy clothes in layers, rather than the skin-tight clothes that her fellows prefer.

Eye colour: Greenish-yellow eyes
Hair colour: bleached-brown
Height: 5'3
Any distinguishing marks: long knotted scar running down the left side of her ribs.

Personality: She is a very happy person. She is a bit...naive, and takes everyone and anyone at face value, which has gotten her into trouble in the past. She tends to be a bit over-enthusiastic for everything and anything that deviates from the normal routine, no matter how inconsequential. She makes friends quite easily, and is loyal, though a bit airheaded at times.

Strengths: exploring new places(has a photographic memory), speed, remarkably good at climbing, easily charms people

Weaknesses: she isn't very strong when it comes down to it, her enthusiasm tends to get her and the friends who dare go along into trouble, and tends to be forgetful if the task at hand isn't something she likes. Tends to be too trusting.

History: For her entire life, she has lived on board a dune ship named, unimaginatively, World Drifter. She lost her mother when she was six years old in one of the common dust storms that tend to kick up suddenly and without warning. Since then, her father has done his best to raise her, and for the most part has done a good job. The only thing he failed at was giving her a sense of caution. She tends to jump into situations feet first, without looking down. A great example, is when her tribe found the abandoned dune ship. The first thing she did was try to go inside the ship, and fell through the floor, earning the scar across her ribs. Despite this, she still flings herself into everything, though some call it foolhardy, she prefers to think of it as fearless and brave.