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October 22, 2018, 12:34:05 AM

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Author Topic: A few (hopefully) Interesting Ideas {F for M (or F playing M roles)}  (Read 450 times)

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Offline StormDemonTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my thread.
I am new, as of today, and I would like to start my thread. A few things before I post my plot idea well Idea... I only have one right now.
1) I will try to update regularly.
2) Please don't ditch an RP without telling me
3) Post at least once a week.
4) At least a paragraph response.
5) No text talk.


+Rough sex
+Pulling Hair
+Toys(If plot calls for it)


Fractum was founded thousand of years ago in the year 2300AC, It was a beautiful forest filled planet covered with lush natural resources. We, humans and other Alien Nations destroyed the planet and its native species and those who did survive are in Zoos on other planets. Fractum was used as a prison and dump for awhile, after we had taken what we wanted, until a group who wanted to fix what their ancestors did set to work cleaning it up. It hasn't worked well and it is a poverty stricken planet with few residents and even fewer natural resources. Its only source of income being the three month long race that brings people from every planet.

Its 3300AC, and the few native people of Fractum are getting ready for the big race. The winner gets $400,000 and a free ride to any planet outside of their home. Though it gets more complicated because most race in groups or at least have a sponsor or a garage they are racing for so the money gets split and both get a free ride. A ride to a better future if you were born on the dreaded planet who's name literally means broken.

It starts with a Broken down garage, a dirty garage owner without a rider, a gypsy girl who is both a mechanic and a rider. Both with a matching dream. A matching hope. One of a better future.


So I want to do a modern retailing of some of the more famous Greek myths. But I don't have plots to go with them because I will be honest and say I need help. So if you like the idea of playing some of these pairing out I will be oh so grateful.



Blue Eyed Demon

Walking home from her small after school job at a failing restaurant Marie is attacked by a group of drunk men, being the stubborn and feisty 18 girl she was she fought against them instead of screaming for help or even running. Holding them off she starts to realize that she was much to weak to win this battle and doges around the guys, running toward the bus station as fast as she could. Her bare feet making a light tapping sound on the ground as she ran. About half way there she is tackled to the ground by one of the men who pins her. Screaming for help she struggles under the drunk man and is rewarded with a harsh back hand, ripping her shirt Marie starts to scream again and doesn't let the following slaps shut her up. Hearing the nearby roar of a street bike engine she screams louder, feeling her face tingle from the slaps and the blood from her busted lip. Her throat was burning and tears covered her cheeks as the man molested her violently. As everything started to go black she heard the screech of tires and feel the man atop of he get thrown off. Seeing a pair of beautiful blue eyes above her and strong kind arms around he body she gave into the peace of safety.

Waking up in the hospital she surrounded by chipper doctors and nurses all giving her special treatment and when she finally asks one why Marie is just smiled at. Frustrated she goes to stand just to be pushed down. She then saw a rather tall and gruff looking man with brilliant blue eyes looking down at her. "Stay still or I'll tell them I was wrong that you are an imposter." Looking confused he looks at her hand, following his gaze she see a brand new ring on her ring find and gasps. "Everything comes with a price." the man says with a smirk.

The basic idea for this is that Marie (thinking about changing her name) is almost raped and saved by a guy with blue eyes and while unconscious he tells the nursing staff that she was his fiancée, he is really important (CEO, Model, Actor, etc. I don't care as long as I know before hand) and he ends up black mailing her to stay with him, for no other reason then he wants her.

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Re: A few (hopefully) Interesting Ideas {F for M (or F playing M roles)}
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Added a new plot and one pairing under Mythology