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Author Topic: Interest Check for St. Arcadia Academy (Hentai, based on Discipline series)  (Read 16794 times)

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Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

I did look at her, but she is not my taste of character. I do not like playing characters like that, to be completely honest. Her proportions are also something I am not comfortable with playing.

In all truth I was looking to play someone who has been so focused on her studies and music, that she has not really had time to learn much about her sexual self. Though I would be doing Heterosexual, mostly because I am just not really comfortable with Bi-sexual in group games. She would also be primarily Demisexual and Sapiosexual, unless coerced or forced into the sex. (which is fine with me so long as it is plotted out accordingly).

Then I do not think this is the game you should be looking for, then. Bizarre, slightly unrealistic female proportions is about half of what hentai is. The two largest chests in school belong to the headmistress and one of the teachers, though we've differentiated between the two as Reina's being all-natural, while Matsuno's are implants, though larger. The goal behind the school is to train mostly women to be escorts, hence the focus on women.

There is learning, yes, but the focus has been the sexual aspect. There would be no point in having a non-sexual character in a game like this.

Online SweetSerenade

Then I do not think this is the game you should be looking for, then. Bizarre, slightly unrealistic female proportions is about half of what hentai is. The two largest chests in school belong to the headmistress and one of the teachers, though we've differentiated between the two as Reina's being all-natural, while Matsuno's are implants, though larger. The goal behind the school is to train mostly women to be escorts, hence the focus on women.

There is learning, yes, but the focus has been the sexual aspect. There would be no point in having a non-sexual character in a game like this.

Alright. Thank you, I wish you the best of luck with your game.

Offline Haibane

Thanks for your interest SweetSerenade, we always appreciate people taking the time to enquire about the game. In St Arcadia though every female character is bisexual to some degree simply because the wicked women in charge all are and they will force non-con girl/girl sex onto them.

Offline Moon Hound Hati

I'll have to go rework my CS from the ground up. Not today though, since there's a bit of a migraine coming up.

Offline Haibane

Moon, as your profile stands right now, I'm not sure if it's the best of fits for the game. While dominant males can work, the impression I get from your character is that he would be a major annoyance to the Social Club girls, as well as the Morimotos. He would also not be aware of the fact that he is a hostage at any point; to him, this would be a transfer in schools. Something he may not be overly fond of, but he would never feel imprisoned or treated like a hostage. The yakuza and mob aspect is also completely irrelevant to the game, and something we've had to address to prospective players before. We are not bringing in any further organized crime. I'm not sure about the kendo club, either. It seems too serious and out of place at St. Arcadia. I would recommend going with some of Haibane's suggestions, and keep things simple.
Nile, I had a brief exchange of PMs with Moon Hound and I think he'll be okay to lose the yakuza background and go for something more vanilla.

Nile is right, Moon, sadly I didn't catch the gist of what you'd put under 'Personality'. Given that he won't know his family is blackmailed and to him this is just a simple (though sudden and unexpected) school change he's ignorant of what the Morimotos are doing. If you delete all but the first two sentences under the 'Personality' section then add something else that would be okay.

Try not to make him the cold, hard, calculating silent type. We could actually use unhappy males who want to join a kind of resistance group and to have one who is socially relaxed, outgoing, gregarious and gets on with other boys would be an asset to the game. I'm afraid this isn't anything like the character you've created but that personality would fit perfectly into the game. As side stories he'll have to submit to the social club leaders and he could find himself falling romantically for a girl student but the sub-plot of the resistance group is one we are cultivating slowly at this point in the game.

Do any of those ideas appeal to you?

Offline Moon Hound Hati

More pictures: 1 - 2

Name: Tsurugi Takahiro "Hiro"
Age: 18
Position: Student
Sexual Preferences: Dominant, heterosexual
Appearance: With hair a shade of ash, with matching eyes to boot, Takahiro stands tall at about six feet and one inch, his body slender but toned well through years of exercise and training. While in top physical condition, he suffers from less then perfect eye sight, so he often wears either contact lenses or stylish glasses.

Personality: A very cool and calculating young man by nature, Takahiro is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve casually. He is calm and calculating, always observing, watching and thinking. Though he's often told that it's hard to tell what he's thinking or feeling due to how little of it shows on his face most of the time, he is actually quite sociable and gregarious, easily making friends with others by keeping a friendly and somewhat laid back attitude.

Purpose at Arcadia: Takahiro was faced by sudden change when his father, who worked as a high ranking accountant for the Morimotos, told him he was going to transfer to a private school. It was a strange for something like that to happen right in the middle of a school year, but he could do little to refuse his father on the matter, who was being unusually and unreasonably     in Takahiro's eyes, that is     forceful about it. Packing up his bags, he had to move into one of St. Arcadia Academy's dorms. Due to the abrupt nature of his transfer, Takahiro knew next to nothing about the school and was very disappointed to find, shortly after arriving, that it did not have a kendo club. At his old school he had been captain and president of the kendo club, having won several tournaments and medals, both on an individual level and with the club as a whole. Not wanting to get lazy and have his level of skill drop, potentially ruining any kind of future as a professional kendo practitioner, he spends a lot of his free time doing solo training, practicing swings in his dorm room, running around the school campus to keep stamina and endurance up, and doing various exercises to keep his body fit and strong.

The revised version.

Offline Haibane

That's good. The fact you kept the details of the blackmail hidden is actually a bonus and we get the simple fact of it without having to get into irrelevant details.

Offline Moon Hound Hati

I just thought less might be more, since there was so much to change. :p

Offline DinaFlower

May I ask if this is still open?

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May I ask if this is still open?
This game is pretty much always open.  Feel free to make a character or take over one of the characters that people have made, but abandoned to be NPCs.   The GMs will come by and offer help and advice when they can   :-)

Offline DinaFlower

Thankies! I am about to go clean up for the "Day" even though it is almost 1am lol. I am a night person. =) But I have no plans for today. So I will make one up!! Unless there is one that really needs to be taken over. I just tend to like to make them because I get really attached that way. =)

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Moon, your character looks better, so I think you should be good to go. I'll just copy my instructions from earlier.

Go ahead and post him in the Student Directory. This is where we log all characters, and I really need to go through and do some trimming and housekeeping, because it desperately needs it. But you can go through there and get a sense of who's active. I'd also recommend reading the Student Handbook, as that has some game information. And lastly, drop a line in the OOC to talk with other players, and we can see how to go about getting you into the current scene, which is a school costume party. All threads are found in the Big Group Games section.

Dina, feel free to submit a profile whenever, and I'll have a look.

Offline Leandra


This sounds interesting and i'm thinking of making a charakter! However i have a few questions first.
A) How often do you expect posts?
B) Imdon't have any knowledge of the series (expect for that what has been posted here), is that ok?
C) Would you accept a transfer student from Switzerland? I have zero knowledge abput Japanese culture and i woiuld be more comfortable playing a character with a familiar background. I was thinking that my girls father is a high ranking manager at a Swiss bank. He has a gambling problem and has been adefalcating money to pay for his gambling depts. Unfortunately that money belonged to the Mormitos. They weren't happy when they got wind of it. They forced him to help them wash money and store it safely in Switzerland as payback. It would be very unpleasant (and very expensive) for the Morimotos if he talks to the authorities. To make sure he doesn't twlk but also as a payback for the moeny he owns them, they ask for his daughter.
If not, i'd be open for duggestions. :-)
D) the students don't know about the purpose of the school when they arrive?
E) i would play a young straight girl (16) with strong submissive tendencies, still a virgin when she arrives, but craving for love and affection, willing to do anything to get that.

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Hi Leandra, and thank you for the interest.

In regards to your questions:

A) We like a reasonable posting rate, but this isn't always possible, given everyone's different schedules. We also put a cap on how often people can post to prevent scenes from running away, though we don't really seem to have that problem too often. If your posting rate is well-communicated, there shouldn't be much of a problem, but bear in mind: if you know you are going to be absent for extended lengths of time, we'd prefer that you not engage into long-term scenes that could hold up the game. We reserve the option to remove your character if extended absences are frequent and not communicated.

B) Knowledge of the Discipline series is always nice, but not required. You can get most of the information from the posts and info thread, and it isn't hard to find some info online about it. You can even find the episodes online. With that in mind, we are still trying to remain in the series setting, so Haibane and I guide the game along those themes, since we are more familiar with the franchise.

C) I'm not sure about the transfer student. We have several already, but none of them see much action as NPCs, so I think it would be fine. Being that the school is set in Japan based on Japan's culture and customs, you'd have to learn some things, as we all did over time. We just can't insert a European character into a Japanese setting and simply ignore the culture clash. You would also have to adjust your character premise. The Morimotos should have more leverage over the father than he does over them (ie, he should not have any information on them that could be used against them).

D) No, they do not. All they know is that they are attending a new school. Publicly, St. Arcadia is one of the best schools in the country, if not the entire world (though we really haven't mentioned that) and has only recently begun to accept male students. To some, a transfer to this school would sound like an amazing opportunity, whereas some might consider it only another inconvenient transfer. When they do arrive, they may be taken aback by the sexual rampancy, or embrace it, depending on their character type. Typically, we like for students to embrace it, as this allows them to get more into hentai-based fun, which is a bulk of the game.

E) The overall character type sounds like it would work. Except for maybe the virgin part. That would quickly become irrelevant upon enrolling in the school, unless we could work something into it (example, constantly kept in chastity).

Haibane is kind of touch and go through the weekend I believe, but she may have some input too.

Offline Leandra

Hii Nile

Thanks for your answers.

A) That's reasonable. I certainly can get a post out every few days, Hopefully more...

B) Sounds good.

C) Of course there is going to be some culture clash. I just feel that i can't play a charakter well who is supposed from a culture i know almost nothing about. Well, then i'll just leave the part where he is helping them washing money out. After they found out, they've privately approached him to work out how he'll pay them back. Part of that is that his daughter will be going to their school.

D) I'll keep that in mind when making my charakter.

E) Okay, i can either change that part or we can try to work something out with keeping her a virgin. I guess they could auction her off after some time to the highest bidder.

Okay, i'll wait and see what Haibane has to say. :)

Offline Ron Don Volante

Are you still accepting new characters? And if so would a dominant female be good because that's what I'm more inclined to play usually but there are exceptions.

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Leandra,  go ahead and submit your character when you are ready. Haibane can take a look after she's back after the weekend.

Wisdom, yes, dominant females are usually needed for this game. Please feel free to post one, and I can critique it as necessary.

Offline Zeth

I want to play Ryu Maeda instead of Rinji Akitaro. Rinji has too much history and wrapped up into the plot for my liking.

Offline Ron Don Volante

Other pictures - 1 - 2 -
Name: Perusepone Osamu
Age: 17
Position: Student
Sexual Preferences: Dominant. Technically she is bisexual but she has been told her spouse must be a man. She’s very sadistic but she generally enjoys dominating over others more so than inflicting pain in and of itself.
Appearance: Perusepone is a brunette like her father. She dresses stylishly in public like her mother and generally looks like a young fashion model. In private she dresses to please her father and so she dresses much like a dominatrix or a burlesque dancer. She also has a collection of whips she’s received as birthday presents from her parents.
Personality: Persuepone was born the eldest of three sisters (the younger ones being Andromeda and Erisiru) to Katsu and Tamiko Osamu. Katsu is an extremely powerful landowner and financial investor whose sexual deviancy, along with his wife’s, knows few bounds. Wealthy, arrogant, and cruel beyond belief he raised his daughters to be sociopathic and hypersexual prima donnas with Persuepone receiving special attention due to her being Katsu’s heir.
Persupeone is supremely controlling, sadistic, manipulative, and brilliant, but she lacks empathy for almost everyone outside of her family. She does respect strength and decisiveness and if she sees that a person is a “wolf” she’ll go out of her way to respect and honor him or her. Other people she sees as “sheep” only worthy to be tools to use, toys to play with, or insects to avoid or to crush if they dare to bother her.
Persupeone doesn’t smile too often unless she’s expressing domination, usually through humiliation and pain.
Purpose at Arcadia: Ironically, her parents’ sexual deviance wasn't what the Morimoto family has over the Osamu family but rather dull financial impropriety over stock market contracts. While Katsu approves of the school and its purpose, and would have sent Persupeone and her sisters there, the blackmail has enraged him.
As for Persupeone she generally has been restricted to dominating sheep at her previous private schools and sending the Osamu mansion servants cowering in terror. She's excited to try her hand in an unfamiliar area to hone the skills her father is trying to instill in her. She has no idea about the blackmail or any of the real reasons she's at St. Arcadia.
« Last Edit: June 09, 2014, 03:15:55 PM by wisdomcube »

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Wisdom, I really like the thought and effort put into Perusepone. I see that she is entirely sadistic, and comes off as somewhat aggressive too. How do you see her interacting with the other dominant girls, like Leona Morimoto? She is head of the Social Club, extremely dominant, and lords over the school with her older sister. Would she be the type to get along with other dominant girls? I do see that she does respect others like her, but depending on her personality, that may not necessarily be reciprocated.

Offline Ron Don Volante

Perusepone is devious and patient, having been well taught by her father, so she'd be okay starting small then expanding and getting nice with Leona. This would go on until Leona is willing to take Persuepone second in command where she'll stay until the instant she sees an opening or a sign of weakness. Then anything goes. (Think The Starscream Trope). Of course, we could see where things go with her when she gets too frustrated but I tend to think of her as on top or on her way there.

Offline NileGoddessTopic starter

Given the scope of the game, I doubt she'd be able to be 'on top' with someone like Leona around, and given what the true purpose of the school is. Haibane will likely have more to say, especially since Leona is her character. Otherwise, I could see her fitting in well in the Social Club, bullying other boys and girls of the school around.

Offline Ron Don Volante

In the end shed rather have sadistic fun than struggle for ultimate power I think so her in the social club would be perfect!

Offline Zeth

Yes, because if those two truely became allies on the same page St. Arcadia would be in trouble.... ;)

Offline Leandra

Name: Amber de Cruz
Position: Student
Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual with strong submissive tendencies. While having some experience with boys, she is still a virgin.
Appearance: Amber has shoulder length straight dark blond hair which goes very well with her violet eyes. She is 5.4" tall and only weights 52kg and has B cups. She has well developed muscles as she is rather sportive. Amber dresses rather casually, she prefers to wear either dresses or a skirt with a top/t-shirt but sometimes she can also be seen in jeans and a hoodie.

Personality: Amber is an intelligent girl, she certainly would have been at the top of her class if not for her laziness. Instead of learning she prefers to hang out, daydream in her room and listen to music. Some of her hobbies are reading, writing, listening to music. Amber hopes to become a professional writer when she is grown up.  She is a friendly, helpful and good-hearted person, but a bit shy and introvert. If she know someone better she opens up fast. She loves to laugh and have fun with her friends. 

Purpose at Arcadia: Her dad is working in a high position for a well known Swiss bank. While all looks well from the outside, her dad actually is addicted to gaming and has accumulated quite some gambling debs. He has been defalcating money from one account under his supervision to pay for his gambling debts. Unfortunately that money belonged to the Mormitos. They weren't happy when they got wind of it. Instead of simply handing over to the authorities and having to fight for reimbursement from his employer they reached a different agreement with him. Her Dad would continue to work for the bank and pay them back their money over time. If he doesn't keep the agreement they will expose him, destroying not only his career, but also his reputation and social status. As further incentive and as part of paying for his debts, they asked for his only daughter - Amber.