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Started by imjessme, June 06, 2013, 09:53:57 AM

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Hi everybody!  This is my first request post and I'm really excited about it.  Hopefully it'll get somebody's attention.  If you're interested please PM me!

Just two ideas for now, hopefully more will follow.

First, just to get this out of the way: I'm male but the main purpose of me coming to this forum was to play as my alter-ego, Jessica.  One of these RP ideas is based around that, sort of. 

Her Secret (I'm not great at titles)

Prefer female partner for this one.

Scott and Amy have been married for just over a year. They're happy and the sex life is fine, if lacking a little spice.  One night Scott is awoken by odd, but familiar noises from Amy's side of the bed.  After some investigation a few days later he discovers, accidentally, that Amy has been hiding a big secret from him: she has a penis.  Through a strange genetic quirk she was born with both sets of organs, but can switch them back and forth pretty much at will.  Sexiness ensues. 

This would probably be a one-off.

The Initiate

Either gender welcome, as it will be changing anyway :-D

Jessica (me!) is a member of the city's high society, living in a large, modern home atop a secluded hill just outside the city limits.  She is known for her elaborate parties with very select guest lists.  Your character, whose background can be adapted to your preference, is determined to learn more about the parties and the odd things that are rumored to happen there.  Your character (I'll just say "he" for now, but it doesn't matter") shows up one day at Jessica's door, demanding to know more about what are said to be mass orgies, or possibly seances, human sacrifices... the rumors are many and diverse (and mostly untrue).  He is, after some convincing, let in on the secret and falls into a world of sex, debauchery and general mayhem.

This will involve body modification (not like piercings, but actually reshaping the body), gender changing and mixing (think futa, for instance), multiple partners (all controlled by the two writers), somewhat-non-consensual sex, humiliation, light mind control.  Your character will be expected to have sex with (and as) both genders and some in-between.  The idea is not so much to force, as it is to nudge the somewhat-unwilling.

Again, if this sounds at all interesting, please PM me.  Hope to hear from you soon!



I had a new idea!

It's somewhere in the middle-ages, although not necessarily an actual, historical location.  Your character is the young, inexperienced king of the realm.  Your father died unexpectedly, much earlier than usual, and you were thrust onto the throne.  While your intentions are good and you're generally alright at your job, your inexperience leads you to occasionally make mistakes.  You have publicly admitted your shortcomings, but promised to hire experienced advisers to get you back on the right path.

One day my character shows up in court, cloaked and hooded, promising you that she can be your strongest ally.  She privately shows you her ability to change her shape, explaining that she can be a political operative, gaining the enemy's (or ally's) trust, learning secrets, planting ideas, killing those who need it.  She also offers you companionship after a while, indulging your fantasies (you eventually would admit a craving for a futa partner :-), and the power to change yourself as well). 

So here's how this would work:  For now, at least, I'd play only my character (haven't come up with a name yet).  She would shapeshift and take on identities as needed.  You would play the king, who would determine where she needed to go and what to do.  As an example, let's say that the loyalty of one of your father's allies was always in question, at least secretly.  She could change into whatever his preference was, like a tall blonde, and work her way into his bedroom, learning all kinds of things.  Or, she could become male, an exact copy of an enemy's knights, and seduce the enemy's wife, causing internal political turmoil.  Or, maybe an enemy secretly prefers young men.  She could expose his dirty little secret.

The interesting part to this is that you would, during one of her "missions", play the person she was trying to seduce.  This should hopefully lead to plenty of story and sex at the same time.  When she's done with whatever job she's on, she always returns to her king, again to indulge his cravings for wild and sometimes exotic sex.