Anyone up for a sister on Futa sister RP?

Started by HermRoleplayer, June 05, 2013, 05:55:13 PM

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Here's some of the plots I'm looking for

1.The oldest sis who's the Futa is manipulative and always gets what she wants, and she seduces her younger sister to have sex with her right after her younger sister had just broke up with her boyfriend.

2. 2 Sister's have a girls night in after parents leave out of town for the weekend and things just end up happening.

3. Twins, one sister who's a futa black mails the other sister into having sex with her.

4. 2 Sister's get invited to a sleep over, a mixture of girls and boys, and they play a game called "Lights out" and they end up finding each other, not knowing they're committing incest with one another until the next day.

All of these are based on Futa on Female, incest roleplay. Write me if interested.
P.S. I do not RP through email.