Carnage's Plots (F for M)

Started by AmbrosiaPudding, June 04, 2013, 09:51:52 PM

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Jenna Rawlings is young, successful, fairly pretty, and a controlling pain in the ass. Royal bitch does not begin to describe this woman. At 26 she is the lead prosecutor of her own firm, as she excelled through school, as well as Harvard Law, Jenna widely was reviewed as prodigious. Amongst the lawyers at her firm Jenna is avoided, all those who having to work with her dreading every moment of it. Jenna takes control in the court room just as she does at the office. Her hair is never let down in a literal and metaphorical sense. Defense lawyers hate going up against Jenna as her case ratio is at 90% in her favor.

Many of the assistants, lawyers, even the D.A, have long considered why it is that Jenna can maintain her cool and be so controlling at the same time. Maybe it’s because when her anger rears it’s a frightful thing. One man though, who’d been working under Jenna for the last six months has decided it’s his own duty to put a stop to Jenna’s arbitrary, yet controlling behavior. If not by conversation by force, in any way he knows how whether that mean blackmail or not. The best way he believes though is to put her in her place, as a woman.

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When things go wrong, they go really wrong. Most people understood when they reached the bottom of the barrel, Ally wasn’t one of those people. She was still good at her job! After all photographers didn’t lose their touch, they just lost things to photograph. Ally knew that, if she got that one good shot, she’d be back at the top again. The only thing she had to do was get that shot. Clouded Leopards were becoming increasingly harder to photograph, Ally knew that if she could get that one good show, it’d make her career, at least for awhile until the next shot came around.

Scrapping up the last bit of her money Ally pays to go into the jungle with a guide to capture a photograph of the clouded leopard. The problem she hadn’t factored in were the Leopards themselves. What was meant to make her money, now sends her, and her guide fleeing for their lives. 
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