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June 20, 2018, 01:02:10 AM

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Author Topic: Protagonist Void (F needed, fantasy/romance/action-esque)  (Read 248 times)

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Protagonist Void (F needed, fantasy/romance/action-esque)
« on: June 04, 2013, 12:57:42 AM »
First let me apologise for any potential typos or just seemingly nonsensical ramblings, I'm currently quite tired but decided I simply had to put this idea out there and see what happens. Contact me if you're interested, it'll be my one and only story I'll write for so you can expect my undivided attention, as opposed to normally where I simply can't help taking on way too many stories simultaneously


The story will be set in typical fantasy setting, with elves, dwarves, magic, strange things being normal and all that good stuff. There is a lot of magic and certain abilities people have in this world, some restricted to a race, others simply given to the lucky or unlucky ones through a bloodline. For those without a special heritage there is the option to train vigorously. A world with many cities but also many areas still under rule of an insane diverse amount of plants and animals.

Really, the world in itself can be adjusted as much as we'd like, I have many ideas but am extremely flexible as my interests always go to character development in particular. The plot can be build around the characters.

Two main characters for this, not surprisingly I hope,  both outcasts and freaks even in this 'the strange is normal' setting. However those two things are the only thing they have in common. The woman has a born talent, gifted to her through genetics in which she seems to be able to copy any given ability merely by observing it for a while.

Anything other than things that would require the structure of her own body to change, she can 'absorb' so to speak. A 'gift' that made many envious of her and consequently hate her. After all, having to go through next to no trouble to achieve things that might have taken others years, perhaps even a lifetime, of learning is almost an insult to those who trained hard to become respected individuals.

Most of her characteristics and background I leave to you, yes you, person who is reading this. The only thing I had in mind was that she was a feisty one towards that hate, rather than excessively depressed about it crying in a corner all day. She'd be the target of many trying to prove they can capture or even kill this 'copy-cat' monster, so neither a person afraid of to hand out punches and the like. Other than that, fair game.

My character would also be in possession of a trait that is neither one of bloodline, neither one trained. It's simply a fluke of evolution, so to speak. The man seems to be incapable of dying, other than that he has absolutely no talents other than being decent in fist-fights. But give him a weapon of any shape or form and the man seems to be the most clumsy on the planet, on top of that he has no affinity for magic whatsoever.

Defying the one law that was deemed a certainty, death, the man too is treated with much disgust and hatred.

The two meet rather bizarrely, given that the seemingly immortal man looked her up in an effort to see if she would be able to kill him. After all, hated or not, the fact that she is immensely powerful due to her ability is known far and wide. It all starts of with a fight, one that quickly ends up going nowhere. She can't kill him and he is far too weak in anything other than a tavern brawl to really even give her a bruise.

The story starts when the two start their travels after that, he deciding to follow her hoping to see other powerful individuals she seems to attract and she perhaps just somewhat happy there is someone willing to hang out with her without trying to kill her or cower away in fear. After all, besides his strange obsession with wanting to die, he seems like a perfectly normal guy.

I hope it's somewhat clear at all, most of it is to be discussed anyway, that's just the general guideline I had in my mind. Again, I am tired, so if it seems interesting just PM me and I'm sure I can discuss it in greater detail with you once I had a good nights rest. Anywho, thanks for reading.

Oh and why Protagonist Void? Iunno, I'd say the two would appear to the rest of the world as antagonists. Therefor, this story doesn't really have one, I guess.