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Author Topic: The Devil's new game (M seeking F)  (Read 294 times)

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The Devil's new game (M seeking F)
« on: June 03, 2013, 12:46:57 PM »
The Devil’s new pet

Waking up from a slumber that had lasted a millennia, there were so many things his body craved with a hunger that would have left any mortal man a quivering wreck on the floor. His appetites were somewhat darker than normal men, however, as he cast an immortal eye over the modern day world. He revelled in the fact that since his last visit to this forsaken planet, humanity had come a long way and his desires wouldn’t be difficult to sate.

Wars still raged across previously awe inspiring landscapes. People still killed people for no other reason than because they could… or because they would benefit from it in some infinitesimally small way. However, it was the revelation of the internet, and how it had brought depravity to the masses, that he marked as humanities biggest achievement.

He went by many different names. Throughout history, he had plagued the world of men and brought despair and pain to anyone he had come into contact with. However, this time he wanted to do something different. After all, the world was on a self destructive course, without any assistance needed from him. So now he wanted something a bit more deliciously personal. And he had already found the poor soul who was going to suffer.


Martin and Amy Melville had been married for almost 5 years. He was 33, and had flown through the ranks to the post of senior VP of a medium sized financial firm that had until recently was had been owned by its original founder. However, no matter how well he performed at work, Martin knew that he would never outshine the results he had achieved in his personal life. Because for Martin; Amy was the most beautiful woman in the world. At only 28, they had met when she was quite young. But, they had hit it off instantly and so perfectly,it seemed that they were destined to be together, as if it was a gift from God himself. She was one of those sensational beauties who didn’t seem to have a clue as to how attractive they really were, no matter how many times he told her. And the fact that she reciprocated his love, meant that he got a ring on her finger at the earliest opportunity.

Their life was pretty much perfect. They hosted parties for those who worked at his company throughout the year, and they were loved by everybody in town. Martin and Amy were especially close to his secretary who despite her 23 years of age, was one of the couples closest friends. Which only helped show just how affable and friendly this young couple were. As the young assistant went through reams of young suitors, only to be hurt and used by each and every one of them. But after each one, both Martin and Amy would be there to pick up the pieces.


But… He saw something else in them. Something that others either couldn’t, or just didn’t let themselves open up to. He saw that in Amy, was the perfect sub. Her deepest desires revealed her to be someone who relished the idea of being someone else’s slave. To let them have complete dominion over her, and to use her however they saw fit. But, she suppressed these desires with such force that she didn’t even let herself believe they were true. And when she had married her beloved husband, she hadn’t allowed herself to become submissive to him. They worked together, and that would never change. 

As for her husband… the only thing he saw in him was weakness and love. The man would forgive the woman he loved of anything in the world, which made the immortal rejoice with glee.

Purchasing the firm Martin works for, the hell raiser will swiftly seduce and ensnare his wife at one of their famous works parties. Over nothing more than days, he will have turned her from guilt ridden wife, to his personal slutty pet. But, one of his conditions is that her husband is aware of everything. Ordering her to tell him during a commiseration meal with his secretary, after she is dumped by yet another man! She almost callously breaks her husband’s heart, because she has continued the affair she assured him, was a one off after her one and only indiscretion at their party not long before. But, still he doesn’t leave her. 

Thus ensues one of his greatest ever destructive games.

I hope you like the background to my RP. Although the female character appears to be a switch, it could be looked upon as her being good for her dom. Because he wants her to crush her husbands spirit. But, the more she goes over towards her new master, the more Martin thinks he can convince her to come back to him completely.

The storyline obviously lends itself to some intense smut, and that is what I am looking for. Its pretty much an anything goes RP, and I envisage the wife experiencing other partners (M&F) In front of her husband, at the insistence of her master.

Hopefully someone is interested, and if you are then do get in touch via PM. Please do not message through this thread. 

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