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Author Topic: Exploit me, dominate me, break me (F looking)  (Read 586 times)

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Offline InamoratavTopic starter

Exploit me, dominate me, break me (F looking)
« on: June 03, 2013, 11:19:15 am »
I've mostly been sticking to email RPs, but figured I'd branch out to try and find some new partners ^_^

Please PM me if any of these ideas interest you. Nothing is set in stone; I'm willing to work with you and change things or even go with a completely idea not listed here!

Most of my RPs have inspirational pics; be warned that they can be very NSFW

Blackmailed Performer (Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Lindsey Stirling,  ?)
Her creativity had been running dry while pressure kept mounting to come up with her next hit. So when she overheard one of her stage managers working on a song, and a surprisingly catchy one... she took it, fleshed it out, finished it, and gave him no credit. Unfortunately for her, he'd been documenting his progress with notes, video logs, and recordings. Plenty of proof that she'd stolen his work, discrediting her. But he decided not to be so straightforward; she might manage to turn it around on him, and he had something better in mind.
Instead, he approached her in private and showed her his evidence. He demanded a pay raise, but that wasn't enough for something as big as stealing his work. She'll have to do some minor things for him, as a way of giving him credit for his work. Minor things like flashing him or sucking him off or changing which outfit she wears during a set. Things which would be degrading for her but no one would know about and wouldn't affect her. Except he doesn't actually plan to let it drop. He's just starting small to make sure she goes along with it, to get her used to doing what he tells her, and to build up more dirt on her with hidden cameras. He'd decided that eventually, she'd be little more than his little sex toy to fuck and display.
{This idea is big on subjugation and humiliation. He will not only be turning her into a fucktoy, ready and willing to do whatever perverse acts he wants in private, but also changing her public image through slowly changing her wardrobe, arranging 'wardrobe malfunctions', giving her lines she has to work into interviews, etc.}

Yes, Officer Pic 1, Pic 2
Officer Melissa Fenson is one of the most fervent law officers that Central City has ever seen, completely dedicated to preserving law and order. That's why she and her partner have been transferred to work the lower district, generally referred to as the Shadow District; the district is run by the gangs, with crime rampant and the cops bought off. But the chief is confident that Fenson and her partner Officer Courser will clean it up, and is giving them all the support they need.
Unsurprisingly, James Thompson, the crime lord of Shadow District, isn't so thrilled with this plan. He has his men look into the two new officers, and finds some interesting dirt on Fenson... Turns out that in her eagerness to serve, she fudged her resume, getting her job under false pretenses. On top of that, her mother's looking to get some adventure back in her life, and he manages to convince her to try some drugs, getting her hooked. When he arranges a meeting, is he able to use this leverage? And what plans does he have for the young woman who publicly declared she was going to clean up his district and has been locking up his men?

Upstart Nurse Pic 1, Pic 2
Sarah is a medical grad student doing her medical internships when she's assigned to take care of Mr. Barith, an ornery, misogynestic man who keeps making sexist comments and grabbing her ass. When she makes a stink about it and embarasses him, he decides to get back at her.
There are a couple of ideas of which way to go from here...
1) He gives her a lovely gift basket with fruits, chocolates, etc. He encourages her to try some ("I spent a lot of money on that, and want to make sure you got only the best!"), failing to mention that it's all been soaked in an aphrodisiac his company has been developed which will cause her to be overcome with lust, overwhelming her rational mind, letting him take advantage of her. Unfortunately, the drug hasn't been perfected yet, and is currently quite addictive, causing girls to crave it until they're little more than sex-addled sluts.
2) He approaches her with an extremely insincere apology and explains that he feels that women really do desire nothing more than to be controlled and dominated by a man. He asks her to be his private home nurse to give him a chance to prove it, promising that she won't have to do anything she doesn't want to, but soon she'll want nothing more than to please him. And if in a month she's not willing to admit he was right, he'll set her up for life AND fund a new, state-of-the-art hospital in the poor inner city. Given that she came from a poor family and was becoming a doctor to help people, and she knew she could easily say no to this pig for a month, she agreed. But what happens when he starts offering smaller bribes through the month (an MRI machine if she's naked whenever she's in his home, $5,000 to the hospital if he's free to grab her as he pleases)? What happens when she starts to LIKE it?
3) An idea you come up with!
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