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Started by Letrie, June 01, 2013, 06:43:22 PM

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So for a while now I’ve had a Femdom itch that just won’t go away.  All stories are fun but the ones I seem to enjoy the most are the ones with the female character taking a more dominant role in the scheming for power.  Right now I am looking for something plot heavy dealing with drama, action, the duality of good vs evil and people being forced to reexamine their way of life..  I am also looking for something long-term though I could be talked into short-term games if the plot interests me.  While right now I am only looking for Male x Female pairings I am perfectly happy with partners that identify as any gender as long as they can write a believable male role. 

MY CHARACTERS/ROLE:  My favorite kind of character to play is the seductress, temptress, and all around vixen that turns your world upside down.  I love playing characters that use their bodies and sensuality to pull people under their control as they manipulate the world around them.  They are confident women who crave power and are willing to go to great lengths to get it.  They can be affectionate at times but there is always a cruelty lingering in the background.  They are great users of people who will whisper sweet nothings in your ear so long as you promise to give them what they want but the second they are angered they’re always prepared to add a little pain to change someone’s mind.  They will tease mercilessly until you’re at the very brink of pleasure and then they’ll take it all away.  As of right now I generally post around once a week though my activity can range from game to game.  In general I post at least 400 words per post and am looking for a partner that can consistently match that amount.  I also realize that while some people are intrigued by the idea of femdom they aren’t always comfortable with all the things this entails and I will never try to push my partner into something they aren’t comfortable with.  All games can range from light bondage to more extreme depending on the partner.

YOUR CHARACTER/ROLE:  The kind of characters I’m looking to play against usually fall into one of two roles:  Arrogant & Powerful or Noble & Honorable.  For the former the fun in the game comes from breaking down someone so cocky and self-assured that they would never humor the idea of becoming a plaything to someone else.  For the later the fun is in taking someone righteous and tainting them, showing them just what pleasures can be found when you dabble in the dark.  Right now I am looking for a partner that will post at least once a week and is able to put at least 400 words per post.  I certainly understand the whole quantity vs quality argument but I love details in my games and I don’t think you can really get that in only a paragraph.  Of course I understand that sometimes shorter posts are all that will be needed to move the story along and that’s perfectly fine.  Please feel free to tell me just what your limits are and know that I won’t push for something you’re uncomfortable with.

ELEMENTS I AM LOOKING FOR: Story-telling, Action, Moral Ambiguity, Femdom, Bondage, Coercion, Blackmail, Toys, Orgasm control/denial, Clothing, Dominance

ELEMENTS I AM NOT LOOKING FOR: Extreme violence, Mutilation, Sci-Fi, Blood & Gore, MILF roles, Snuff, Ageplay, Watersports, Humiliation, Pure Smut

Jeez….this reads like a list of long, rambley demands.  I am very sorry about all the words and if you actually read through all this then you get a big cookie!  If you have any interest in any of my ideas or would like to pitch one of your own then please PM ME AND DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.




Setting:  Modern

He was a rising star in his field.  A hotshot new lawyer with a brand new corner office and the prospect of being named partner a very near possibility.  So when the biggest case of the year landed on his lap, well there was no way he could possibly turn it down.  Their firm had been representing a very large company for the past decade and when the owner dropped dead from a heart attack everything got a little chaotic.  The late owner’s brother contacted the firm and told them that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he retained control of the company.  In fact, the only thing standing in his way was the old man’s daughter who didn’t look like she was ready to give up control anything soon.  Hey, how much trouble could one spoiled little heiress be?  He’d work his charms on her, get her to sign over her rights and be named partner by the end of the year.  Too bad he had no idea just what he was in for.

Currently:  Unavailable


Setting:  Modern / Fantasy

The demon was bored.  She’d spent centuries tainting the souls of humans to deliver them to the gates of hell and now she was completely and utterly bored.  By now she’d perfected her craft to an art and once she set her mind on a mortal’s soul there was simply no escape.  The same efficiency that made her a prize to the Lords of Hell had now become her burden as she went through the motions finding no real joy in the delectable sins she brought to the world.  There was no challenge, no thrill anymore and it had left her petulant and annoyed.  So imagine her surprise when she stumbled upon an angle battered and bruised.  An angel with porcelain wings and a soul so pure it practically radiated through his body.  Her full red lips would turn up into a cruel smirk as she walked around the heavenly being her mind full of wicked ideas and intentions.  This was the challenge she was waiting for.  Of course this one was far too good to just hand over to hell.  No, this one she’d keep for herself. 

Currently:  Unavailable


Setting:  Modern / Spies

James Bond has nothing on him.  A super spy and a super sleuth whose reputation borders on legendary, there’s no limit to what he can do.  His life has been one amazing adventure after another as he thwarts nefarious men and seduces beautiful women.  Right on the heels of his latest victory, his agency tells him that there is a new case waiting for him.  Apparently an evil mastermind has been up to something that could threaten the safety of the entire world.  Well how could he possibly turn a mission like this down?  He’s ready to take down whatever mad scientist or crazy henchmen thinks they can take over the world.  Too bad our secret agent may have finally met his match.

Currently:  Unavailable


Setting:  Medieval / None to Heavy Fantasy

He was a warrior in every sense of the word.  He had laid waste to entire cities and watched armed men quake in fear at the sound of his very name.  With his sword, he’d painted the earth red with the blood of his foes as he conquered every battlefield that had ever crossed his path.  He was a force to be reckoned with and any that dared to stand against his kingdom would fall beneath his blade.  His loyalty to his King knew no bounds and when he went to battle against their sworn foe, never did he think he would find himself bound in chains before the very person he had sworn to destroy. Still, his anger turned to confusion as he was met not with a warlord but with a woman with mischief in her eyes and sin on her lips.  Perhaps the propaganda he'd been fed could be undone and he could see that treachery had been lurking much closer to home.

Currently:  Available


Setting:  Modern / Superheroes

He's the paragon of justice the world wants him to be.  The great shining example of truth and protection that every man, woman and child looks up to even in the wake of invading alien forces or evil masterminds bent on world domination.  He always thought he'd spend the rest of his life playing the glorified boy scout but, then again, he never thought he'd meet someone like her.  She's a villain unlike any he's ever faced before and he's afraid that once he gets a taste of the dark side, he may never want to go back.  Everything in his life has always been about good vs bad; light vs darkness.  He was so sure he was following the path of righteousness but she's making him start to see that things aren't always what they seem.  That maybe there's something to be said about those shades of gray.

Currently:  Available



Looking for another game as I've been in a bit of a domme mood lately.