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Author Topic: Dreamer  (Read 653 times)

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Offline MystrissTopic starter

« on: June 01, 2013, 03:28:00 AM »
I thought I would share one of my stories as part of my "hello" to the role play community.  I do hope you enjoy.

"How long will this torment me Qydin," she asked tightly, a mere whisper in the air; her freshly cleaned offering of enemy flesh laid before the canted well.  Her voice cracked as her prayer ended, silver hair flowing over her ears as her head dropped, tears glinting softly as they slid through the air.  "Forgive me Aun'sha," she whispered under her breath as visions haunted her sight again ~ his tormented scream rising with the others as the dragon's flame came, the smell of burning flesh as his silver eyes opened wide to her; "Kill me," he gasped.  ~

"Not again," she struggled, opening her eyes and focusing them hard on the silvery water hoping to clear her sight and her mind; her knuckles white gripping her pole arm... his pole arm... the vision continued transparently over the glittering pools image ~ Her hands catching hold of it tightly as he thrust it up at her, but she was unable to follow through with what was necessary to ease his pain.  Her clothes catching fire as she fell to her knees; the burning bridge cracking beneath them.  She threw her arms around him, "We die together," she whispered, gritting her teeth against the searing pain as his life thankfully left him.

"No," she growled shaking her head as the vision tried to slip away; silvery swaths of hair caressing the moonlit ground as her fists slammed into the battle torn stone of the well, the water rippling from the force. ~ She gasped as the bridge gave way under them, her charred useless hands losing their grip on his body as the platform tilted abruptly. "Aun'sha," she screamed as her body slid away from his; the frigid water forced into her lungs soon after. ~ "How will I find you?," she screamed hopelessly, throwing her head back as her gleaming eyes hunted through the blurry stars; the transparent visage of his tormented face seared against the sky.     

Head low, ears back, a silver fox appeared at her side as though painted by the moonlight itself; his nose touching lightly to her chin; her silver eyes to falling to reflect briefly in the black pool of his eyes.  Her hand came up to rest lightly between his shoulders as her eyes cast outward to the moon-kissed crested waves lapping against the shattered remains of her home town; framed in by his sharply pointed ears.  They sat in still silence for a few moments before one silver ear rotated in calm advice.  She nodded silently to him, her hand running gently down the length of his back as he disappeared as stealthily as he had appeared.

She stood, a sound like stone dragged across stone issued forth as she exhaled a sigh and pulled a cloth from her pocket to calmly clean the blood oozing from the cut in the side of her hand.  "Myst'fal," he called softly as she casually hid her hand in her pocket.  "What do you want Laenwo," she asked evenly, her head coming up as he came around the remains of a torn and twisted building behind her.  "I thought we could talk," he replied, confidently strolling up to stand beside her.  "Always with the talking," she mumbled, declining to look at him; "Have you made your offerings Laenwo? Have you finished your duties? Is there nothing else you could find to do but to interrupt my supplication?"

He chewed on her words a moment before gently retorting, "Has it ever occurred to you that talking about your problems may, in fact, make you feel better?"  She snorted softly through her nose, a sneer coming briefly to her lips, "I am sure you would like that Laenwo, to know all that I have seen, all that I have heard, tasted, and felt.  Your envy does not suit you Sir," she said quietly taking a step forward and spinning abruptly to face him; his amber eyes flashing angrily as they locked on hers.  "Envy?," he chuckled shaking his head slightly, "You are mistaken that I have anything but pity for you my dear."  She bit the insult on her tongue, opting for a more politically correct response; "I did not ask for your pity Sir, do take it with when you leave," she said coolly, tilting her head slightly as she turned smartly away.     

"Do not turn away from me Myst'fal," he said sharply, pausing a moment before speaking again; " You cannot keep everything inside to suffer alone forever," he finished quieter, concern tinting the tone of his voice.  Her eyes narrowed sharply, slits of moonlight locked onto a rock off-shore as water crashed over it.  "Alone Sir?," she mused as she turned back to him, her fangs peeking out as her lip curled up, "I suppose you think you are qualified to hear our troubles hmm?," she asked with a soft laugh as she stalked slowly around him, "I suppose you think you can bring me solace?"  She snorted through her nose again, "You think you can replace him?," she laughed darkly, twisting around to glare at him.  "Yes," he said curtly, glittering amber eyes holding her challenging stare; she blinked, spinning on her heels and stalking off.

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Re: Dreamer
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2013, 03:31:06 AM »

"How long will this torment me Qydin," her voice was a mere whisper; her offering of enemy flesh laid before the canted well again.  Her voice cracked as her prayer ended, silver hair flowing over pointed ears as her head dropped, her tears glinting as they splashed into the well; a soft ripple cruising across its surface.  "Forgive me Ta'falr," she whispered as the visions haunted her again ~ The house shuddered suddenly, the floor tilting crazily for a moment; a deafening crack as the house split in two.  "Ta'falr," the woman screamed throwing her hands out to her. ~ To him... She stood slowly, her eyes opening, focusing hard to hold the transparent image as she turned and began walking; matching up still existing landmarks viewed through the window behind the woman's form. 

The silver fox flitted silently around her legs; gently guiding her vision impaired sight around obstacles as she hunted for the house in her vision.  The fox pressed his body sideways against her shins, stopping her from walking over the edge of a short cliff; she nodded to her right, his body curling lithely around her legs as she turned.  She continued walking, the silver fox dancing along the edge of the cliff in continual contact with her left calf; guiding her in and out of the crags along the shattered coastline.  Finally she stopped, the silver fox's nose sliding across her palm as he moved forward, her hand stroking over his head to his shoulders as she knelt down; her fingers twitching into the silver fur in almost unperceivable thanks.

She lowered her head, her silver locks floating to caress the ground as she let the vision continue. ~ His eyes locked on hers, wide in heartbroken panic as he fell backward for what seemed an eternity lost in her silver gaze; sudden pain exploding across his back.  The pain was gone almost instantly, as he looked back up to the woman one last time; she screamed again, the woman's pain echoing in those beautiful silver orbs before being blocked by the huge timber thrust through his midsection. ~ "Further," she hissed through her teeth; silvery swaths jumping as her fists slammed to the soft earth. ~ "Qua'alssss," his breath eased out with his life. ~ "How will I find you Qua'als?," she screamed throwing her head back, gleaming eyes hunting the blurry stars through the transparent remembered visage of the woman's sad eyes.

She exhaled a sigh, the sound like stone dragged across stone floating up to the night sky.  She pulled a notebook and pen from her bag, flipping quickly through the pages full of hundreds of names, some crossed off, many not; reaching the end of the inked pages she added the woman's name: Qua'als.  Tucking the notebook and pen back into her bag she stood, brushing the earth from her hands as her silvery eyes wandering over the broken and shattered house.  "I will find her Ta'falr," she whispered before turning smartly and walking away.  The silver fox appeared suddenly at her side, she nodded at the light tap of his nose on her hand, her silver eyes following him as he darted towards the trees and watching him with a fond smile as he disappeared again.

"I knew I would find you here again Myst'fal," Laenwo said with a faint frown, pausing to wait for her purposeful stride to bring her to him.  "Yes," she said shortly, not slowing her pace as she breezed past him; her eyes narrowing a hair as he turned easily and fell in step with her.  "You do not have to bear this burden alone," he said softly, his hand lightly touching to hers.  She flicked her wrist away from his touch, "It is my burden to bare, I do not need your assistance nor your pity Laenwo," she said tightly.  Her silver eyes flicked out over the moonlit sand as she abruptly altered course; a soft smirk curling her lips as he was forced to jog a little to catch up.  "You 'need' a counselor," he emphasized the word strongly, "at a minimum," he continued, his voice lowering under his breath.  He stopped abruptly as her quickened pace carried her away onto the sand.  Noting his pause, she paused, half turning to face him, "You cannot replace him," she said quietly, shaking her head as she continued.

"I could if you would allow me to," he whispered after her.

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Re: Dreamer
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2013, 03:32:18 AM »

"Help me end his torment Qydin," she prayed aloud, running her fingertips through her blood offering before drawing them softly over the shattered wells murky surface.  Silver eyes dropped to the magically still surface of the water; her reflection fading to a wispy outline as the water cleared and began to softly glow.  Silver eyes narrowed in concentration as she called up her memory of Ta'falr's face and painted it within her outline on the surface of reflected stars.  "Qua'als hear me," she whispered, her voice the sound of stone on stone as it cast silver glowing ripples across the water's surface.  Abruptly the stars expanded beyond the well; casting outward around her sight as the destroyed village surrounding her faded into a black background. 

"Qua'als," she thought again as she carefully stood and ran her eyes across the stars before her; the silver fox gently touched her hand, his wet nose maintaining contact with her palm as she spun around in a circle.  Slowly she began to walk, the silver fox physically guiding her over the shattered terrain again as the field of stars drew out into long lines of light with her movement.  "There," she thought, taking a moment to steady herself as the lines of light abruptly coalesced into stars and her hand came up to point toward a barely visible wisp of smoke.  She took a step toward the faint misty spot; the stars jolting abruptly from the slight movement then becoming obscured as the faint misty spot expanded abruptly to fill the entirety of her sight.  The silver fox pressed his soft fur against her shins, helping support her as she leaned ever-so-slightly forward; the mist appearing a solid as it suddenly whirled past her. 

The sound of stone grating against stone came forth from her lips, then abruptly cracked; the solid mist shattering and falling away from her in great chunks as Qua'als appeared in a ghostly form before her.  The woman turned tormented silver eyes upon her at the sound of her arrival, a hollow sadness clear upon her wispy face.  The silver fox steadied her as best he could while she carefully withdrew a small dagger from her belt, her thoughts focusing intensely on Ta'falr as her fingers slowly came up to grasp a single strand of her silver hair and pull it taut from her head.  Suddenly her vision of Qua'als' smeared as the faint tug of the hair whirled her through the stars.  She cursed sharply, redoubling her strenuous effort to remain perfectly still as she released a hair's breadth of tension on the strand of hair between her fingers; a silent sigh of relief escaping as Qua'als abruptly snapped into wispy focus before her again. 

With extreme concentration she carefully cut the shimmering silver strand and offered an end to Qua'als.  The woman merely stared at her blankly and blurred as she turned away; "Ta'falr," she forced the word out, praying the woman would hear her and return.  She did not know how long she could continue, her muscles threatened to quiver under the strain of holding the perfect stillness, her mind faltering as she over extended her power.  Forced on by duty, she twitched ever-so-slightly toward the faint trail of essence in an effort to regain contact.  "Ta'falr," she said gasped, holding out the shimmering strand again as the woman's ghostly form came into view.  The woman's eyes widened in surprise, a brief gleam of hope dancing across their silver surface; she ached to simply nod but doing so would ruin everything, "Y-Yes," she managed to rasp. 

The woman tilted her head to the side, studying her indecisively; her silver eyes reflecting clear distrust.  "No," she cried silently at herself as a wave of exhaustion washed over her, her vision of the woman hazing slightly as the silver fox let out a concerned whine beneath her.  "T-Ta'falr," she forced the painful words through gritted teeth as she flicked her eyes pleadingly to the silver strand.  Qua'als studied her a tense moment more before hesitantly taking the offered end; her eyes widening in terror as the strand abruptly snapped taut and pulled on her hand.  The woman dropped the strand in panic, half-turning away to flee, then double taking at Ta'falr's ghostly form now before her.  She barely caught a glimpse of the sudden joy on Qua'als wispy face before everything went black; the silver fox yipping anxiously as she fainted and crashed to the ground. 

"Myst'fal!," Laenwo exclaimed, making no effort to secret the displeased concern in his voice as long quick strides carried him to her side.  Dropping to his knees he drew a dagger from his belt and, without hesitation, drew its blade deep across his palm; forcing her unconscious mouth open to accept a trickle of iridescent essence.  She choked, an abrupt gagging cough coming out as the torrent of silver blood seared its way down the length of her throat.  Her hand snapped up to angrily swat his blood offering away; silvery droplets glinting in the moonlight as they were flung through the air and sizzled harshly into vapor as they blackened the stone pavers.  "Idiot," she hissed darkly, tearing at the front of her robe to wipe the searing essence from her lips and cheek with a scowl; her eyes clenched tightly as she stomped her heel into the ground repeatedly against the pain. 

Laenwo withdrew a cloth from his robe and deftly wrapped his hand; "Mys-," he attempted to scold, his voice choking off with concern as he abruptly leaned down and pressed his cheek tight to hers.  "Get off me," she snarled, shoving violently and toppling him as she lurched upward in a foolish attempt to stand.  Her head spun crazily from the effort and brought her crashing to her knees, a cry of pain escaping as her knee slammed onto the jagged edge of a broken rock in the pathway.  Instantly the silver fox was under her, his body pressed tight against her chest in a vain attempt to support her weight.  "You chose to get him of all pe...," she trailed off, her silver eyes rolling back into her head as she fainted again; the silver fox buckling beneath her as Leanwo lurched forward to haul her limp body into his arms.  With a mixed sigh of exasperation and relief, he watched the silver fox limp off into the sanctity of the woods; "Thank you," he whispered, tilting his head in a slight bow as one of the foxes silver ears rotated toward him.