Quick one-off...I mean one-shot :) F looking

Started by FrostShifter, May 31, 2013, 07:56:54 PM

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I'm looking for mainly a mxf, but any pairing is welcome. Preferably someone dominant. Also I post in first person. Let me know if you perfer forum or PM rping. Also there may be misspellings because I need a new keyboard. :)

Scenes could be based off the followng:
Star Trek (prefer TOS or new movie but any is okay) Any pairing
Doctor Who (Ninth and up) Any Paring
Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko/Katara Zuko/Toph Zuko/Suki Toph/Sokka
FireFly/Serenity River/Jayne mal/inara simon/kaylee
Ouran High School Host Club Any pairing
Fruits Basket Kyo/Tohru
Avengers(movie or comic verse) Any pairing
Sherlock(preferably BBC verse, willing for RDJ verse) Johnlock is up for debate Molly/sherlock Sherlock/irene John/Mary
Teen Wolf(am not fully up to date on all episodes) Stiles/anybody
Longmire(not fully up to date) Henry/any
Hobbit Any pairing
Supernatural any pairing but faves dean/Cas Dean/Jo Cas/Meg

Other non fandom scenes:
A student/teacher pairing taking place in a dark corner of the school library.

I am open to other suggestions for scenes. I'm just trying to keep things simple. Pm me to discuss.