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This is my First attempt for a Group role-play. Which I am hoping will work out.  Also an adult rated group game.

Plot/Idea: The Pandora Academy was first created to bring monster demons and humans together under a state of peace. But that wasn't the only reason for the academy. They train their students to become hunters.  Hunters which will eventually set out on tasks, and missions to bring down rogues. Those Demons,monsters and other creatures that think that they should rule the lands, and that others are merely pawns to their ideals. While the Academy Promotes  union. Believing that the world is large enough for all beings to live and be treated as equal.

The Dean Is a man of mystery,Only dealing with the larger problems, and is rarely seen by anyone accept the Adviser and wife. His own Daughter doesn't even know who he is. AS weird as it is. Her mother being the one to raise her, Lady Antebellum is a woman of renown skill, and deals out a lot of the punishments and deals with inside interrogations that the students are yet to be aware of.


This demon Is know as the Black Destroyer, and is the leading cause of the rebellion, turning those thinking that they deserve to rule the lands, heave, and hell. Thinking those who wish for equality are weak, are dreamers who know nothing..

Anyways I see this starting as a new era, a new set of students. Who begin there training in hopes to an to end the Black Destroyer.

How you might ask, well humans and demons, or other types of monsters accepting one another. Also having fun and exploring the pleasures of life. plus the demon male is sooo yummy.)

1) Do be able to write decently, don't waist time really in one liners. This will be a 3+ paragraph games
2) No God modding. While I do not really want any death unless its an evil being they are sent out to Kill. If they get roughed up let them. they bleed to.
3) Do not push a players offs they are offs for a reason.
4) no playing other players character, unless it flows evenly if you catch my drift or the player has given you a permission
5) Be creative. an have fun.

Not Allowed

Be respectful and please of other players ons and offs, no judging
when you write up a character sheet  put ons and off, so all know where your boundaries lie.

Character Sheet.
Hair Color:
Eye color:
Skin color:
Other tidbits on looks:

Feel free to ad anything else you may think is needed :)

looking for both students and Teachers/Trainers. All students must be 18 or older depending the year they are at.
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Name: Siren Lancaster
Nickname: Sirens call, Si by those close to her.
Age: couple Decades though looks 18
Species: Demon
Family: Mother:Lady Antebellum Father:  Dean Stolas Lancaster..Butler : Asher Locklear
Position: Student
Hair Color:White reaching mid back
Eye color: Pink, Her mothers is nearly white, while her fathers is red. She so happens gets the medium
Skin color: Pale, nearly white
Other tidbits on looks: Wings are white with black membrane, black horns that curve back wards, white spade tail
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115lbs
Personality: Quite flirty, stubborn. She at the best of times has no filter to her mouth. she is a tough little thing, and quite serious when it comes to fighting. She also has a twisted sense of humour.
Weapon/magic: the Hammering Desire in this image is what she uses, minor healing abilities (can mend minor cuts and such)Or one thing the boys love her for.She could keep her tightness and her virginity can be restored.

Background: Growing up wasn't easy. Her mother the woman that fought along side the great Demon Stolas  In one of the great sin Battles before her time. Her Father that very Demon, and now the Dean of the Pandora Academy, are expecting great things of there child. though she had seldom seen her father unless she stepped out of line. She had been training in their footsteps for decades until she was old enough to enter the academy, for further training. that is the very place she also gain some sense of freedom. And the Nick name Sirens call. With a body like hers boys fell all over themselves. Often she was not to interested. While others well lets just say she knows what she likes and gets what she wants. Always experimenting and trying new things. Although when it comes to training, she does her best, and is quite serious.

She absolutely adores Asher, and loves to push his buttons also. He was her first, and will be her always go to main man if she needs it, or doesn't get what is needed from her other partner. Since Asher has been the one to show her the joys, of sex.

Ons:light cutting, large cocks, some pain. And being filled. She is constantly exploring that side of herself. Strong large men.
Offs: nothing younger then her, scat,vomit,vore and gore.

Sexual orientation: Bi curious, but prefers men more.
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


Name:Asher Locklear
Nickname:Ashen one, Ashes (by Siren
Age:600years old
Species: Demon
Family: none
Position:Siren's butler/bodyguard
Hair Color:Long and black normally tied back
Eye color: Nearly black unless pissed off they glow red
Skin color: Pale and Ashen
Other tidbits on looks: Pointed ears, vampiric fangs..  11 inch cock by 4.5 inch circumference
Weight: 165 lbs of lean muscle
Personality: Normally quiet and with drawn, A gentlemen unless Siren rattles him up. A bit of a ladies man. Possessive of Siren.
Weapon/magic: Normally uses his demonic magics, but also his strength of his fists. He is much like a vampire, his bites are orgasmic
Background: He Served under Sirens father, and has sworn to protect the girl from any harm that may come, especially in the coming battle. There is little else known about him other then he has been Siren's guardian out side of Lady Antebellum. And what her parents don't know is he was the one to introduce Siren to the joys of sex when she came of age. HE can be rather possessive of her. And though he may look calm and collective he is nothing of the sorts when it comes to her. Even when she fooled around with other demons and monsters. She always comes back to him when she didn't get what she needs.
Ons:Any thing really he will say no if he doesn't wish it
Offs:Scat,vore,gore, vomit etc.

Sexual orientation:Straight
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings

Roxy Rocket


      So the idea is that the hunters are officially 'sposed to destroy demons and demons eat humans.

      And the academy is saying they can live in peace instead.

      But they leave out the part where demon and human are going to be sexytime, in some kind of horrible "soylent green is people" scenario?

      Or is this more of a "bad guy is bad, good guy is good, both are sex monsters from the hell-place so we'll try to get them to wear nametags" romp?


Basically, its a school for young demons/monsters/humanoids etc who what to live in peace together. They believe it can be achieve, an people and demon can be happy and accepted as equals.

But then there are those who think they are better then that. that those who who think peace with other beings other then their own is a foolish dream. And due to this thought  Demons serving the Black destroyer wage war with the ones who just want peace.

thus the academy is built, to train young demons, humans, and monster as hunters, to protect the peace. While they are training yes there is sexy time. After all what else is a good stress relief, and a good way to connect.. :P
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


What the heck, I'll throw my hat into the ring.

Character Sheet.
Name: Chiya Valduris
Nickname: Chi
Age: 23
Species: Lamia
Family: Her mother, Ianna, was a cunning general in the war against the Demon King. She doesn't know who her father is, other than (as is the case for all her kind) he was human.
Position: Adjunct faculty/postgraduate student
Pictures (no nudity, but probably still NSFW unless your work is cool with maximum anime

Hair Color: Pink
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Her skin is pale, although her human ancestry probably wouldn't be described as "white", seeming almost a mixture between ethnic Greek, northern Indian, and Northeast Asian. Her tail is a light pink with red markings.
Other tidbits on looks: Chiya takes care of her appearance, always striving to seem elegant and in control, no matter the situation.
Height: She measures over 10 meters from end to end, but most of that is her tail, which she usually keeps coiled up on the ground. Generally her upper body ends up standing between five and six feet tall, although she can rise to approximately three meters if she wants to before her support will start to give out.
Weight: Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her weight? Chiya is a bit self-conscious about this, since she's quite large, due to her strong massive tail.
Personality: Chiya strives to be elegant, refined, and deadly. She pays a lot of attention to appearances, trying to make sure she's always conducting herself as befits her magical heritage. She's generally friendly and helpful, but has no patience for bigotry and strife between humans, monsters, and demons, and will ruthlessly humiliate and punish those who suggest (or try to make it such that) the races can never get along.
Weapon/magic: Chiya is a sword-mage, using her magical abilities to augment her physical combat strength, giving her (even more) supernatural speed, strength, and the ability to wield more blades than she has arms (or even blades, in some cases). Her swords are well-made, but not magic. She supplies that herself.
Background: For Chiya, the Great War is both the distant past and an inescapable legacy. Her mother was a prominent general for the winning side, and she feels quite a bit of pressure to live up to that. As one of the first students in Pandora Academy, she believes strongly in its mission (which is why she stuck around to help out after she graduated). Her training makes her a formidable fighter, but she knows that even she is going to need to depend on her friends and allies to win.
Ons: Humans, classy people or monsters, intellectual boys, naive and innocent types.
Offs: She still distrusts demons, although she's working to get over that. She doesn't like oversized anatomy (especially cocks), toilet play, or pain/mutilation.

(p.s. here's the code for the blank character sheet with the bolding if anyone wants)
character sheet
[b]Character Sheet.[/b]
[b]Position: [/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye color: [/b]
[b]Skin color:[/b]
[b]Other tidbits on looks:[/b]


I'm interested. Not sure if I'll wind up playing a male student, or a male demon yet, though. I'll wait and see who else joins in, and what they have.
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Interested, I'll see if I can put together a male demon.


Name: Shizuru
Nickname: Goddess of War, Red Devil, Death's Right Hand, Walking Nightmare, 'OH GOD THEY'RE ALL DEAD!', etc.
Age: 3200+
Species: Demon of Violence
Family: None
Position: Martial Combat Instructor
Hair Color: Red
Eye color: Gold
Skin color: White
Other tidbits on looks: Halo of The Sun on back
Height: 6' 5''
Weight: 150lbs

Personality:Shizuru possesses a mellow and somewhat cynical personality, reflected by her easygoing (and at times bored) facial expression. Shizuru practices a tough love approach when teaching her students, causing her to be stern yet caring towards them. The unobservant will think her just a bitch or a hardass, but the dedicated see that she has a passion for combat and for seeing that it is taught and learned the correct way. Though she usually stays out of other peoples' affairs, she occasionally takes matters into her own hands, using the same brute force which seems to run in the tradition of demons born in her circle. She is cool and aloof, a woman of few words. When asked questions, she likes to take long pauses. It might be either to think carefully about what she's going to say - or just to annoy people. Possibly a mixture of both. Shizuru is a lot like a cat, really; she comes and goes when and where she pleases and does what suits her best at the time. Her primary concerns are (1) herself, (2) fighting, and (3) a good drink. While she is indeed mostly concerned with her own affairs, she can be swayed to join a cause with the right persuasion and, for a demon, has a rather strong sense of honor and justice. She will never attack from behind, never strike a downed opponent, dislikes harming innocents, and will handicap herself to make fights more fair and 'interesting'.

Background: Shizuru is thousands of years old. She was born in the underworld with the rest of demon kind, but it didn't take her three thousand years to find the concept of remaining there distasteful. Hell is a place of fire, brimstone, screaming, nightmares, and blood. It is filled with all manner of beasts both humanoid and monserous, some the size of fleas, others stories tall and quaking the ground with each step. It was not a place to be. She was forged in these fires, fighting every day for survival and gradually growing stronger and stronger. So when the opportunity arose, Shizuru made her way to the surface world. Unfortunately the portal she stepped through was created by a human band of cultists named The Children of Helios, worshippers of fire demons seeking to 'cleanse' the planet in 'holy flame'. As she stepped through she was cursed with a mark called The Halo of The Sun, an intricate tattoo on her back that seals the lion's share of her magical powers. Shizuru overcame the cultists with brute force, but has yet to break the curse. With her magic sealed Shizuru could easily be one of the most powerful demons the world has ever seen. Sealed, however, she's merely just a nigh-unstoppable swordswoman. It's probably better for the world if her power stays sealed.

In any case, after slaughtering the cult, Shizuru started a life on the mortal plane. There she continued her training. Below, she trained under the strongest demons she could find. She did likewise on the surface, both training under and then training herself, a number of heroes and heroines. Her name is writ in human history books many times, some mistaking her for a Goddess of Fire, others for death incarnate. She has seen thousands of battles in her time and fought for causes too numerous to mention. She enjoyed those times. Times when, if one wanted, one could walk for miles without seeing a building or hearing any noise other than wildlife. She has a particular taste for motorcycles ("Iron horses.") but dislikes most other modern technology. War itself has changed as well, favoring ranged weaponry and the like over cold steel. Most days she spent by herself simply wandering from place to place. When she was offered a teaching position, she readily agreed on the stipulation that she be given all the booze she could drink and be allowed to teach how she wanted.

-Elder Demon: Shizuru is a demoness in the prime of her life and exibits all the traits of such creatures; supernatural speed, strength, stamina, and resistance to mortal weaponry.

-Koryu: Shizuru's sword ("Little Dragon") is her pride and joy. From a demon, one might expect some elaborate and misshapen cutting device adorned with skulls or some such nonsense. Not in her case. She wields a simple katana. Forged by a human sword master and tempered with her own blood, the blade is sturdy enough to stand against anything shy of angelic weaponry and can cut mortal and supernatural creatures alike. She is a master of combat and has reached such a level that most actions in battle seem to be reflex, the sword an extension of Shizuru herself.

-Unnerving Gaze: Shizuru's has a way of looking at people with those golden eyes of hers. It's as if she stares right through someone and into their very soul. To look into her eyes is to gaze upon the Reaper himself. Direct eye contact with her inspires pure terror in the weak-willed and cowardly. Even some stronger-willed people have trouble matching eyes with her. To this end, she usually keeps her eyes covered by wearing shades. Her eyes are also the only feature about herself she cannot change and are a dead giveaway she's not normal.

-Shape Shifting, Minor: Shizuru can change her body in minor ways to accommodate her needs. Mostly this just involves changing the outfit she's wearing, but she can also dispel her wings, horns, and claws to give her a more human appearance. With her magic sealed, she cannot change shape completely. Powers unlocked, she would be able to shift into her 'True' self, a dark reflection of the demoness with all of her magic and combat skills intact.

-Fire Control, Minor: With her magic sealed, Shizuru can no longer bring down firestorms and summon torrents of white hot flame. She can, however, still start small fires with a snap of her fingers and is immune to heat and flames. Powers unlocked, she would be able to call down hellfire and set entire rooms ablaze with a mere thought. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

-Object Summoning, Minor: Again, her magic pales in comparison to what it used to be. Simply put, Shizuru can store physical objects in a kind of 'Thought Space'. It must be an object she owns, she must be able to picture it completely in her mind, and it can only be simple objects with little or no moving parts. The only exception to this is Matsukaze, Shizuru's motorcycle, and that is only possible through intense training and practice.

Ons: Women, Sake, Fighting
Offs: Noise, Idiots, Boredom

Shizuru and Matsukaze
Halo of The Sun


Well, since it looks like nothing but demons thus far... A human it is!

Character Sheet.
Name: Henrik Raubriter
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Species: Human
Family: Matilda Raubriter (mother), Erik Raubriter (father), Alicia Raubriter (younger sister)
Position: Student

Personality: Cold and stoic, Henrik generally works best alone. He doesn't always get along with others because of his icy, yet calm, demeanor. Outwardly, he seems to care only for battle, but there are exceedingly few who have had the opportunity to get past his defenses, and see what lies underneath; is what he projects truth? Or is there something deeper?

Henrik can be quite stubborn when it comes to battle. Though he fights smartly, and rations his strength, he does not retreat.
Weapon/magic: Blade of Still Waters: An enchanted broadsword that, despite its size, is quite light. This blade is a family heirloom of the Raubriter's. Those who are attuned to mystic forces are likely to sense its magical nature, despite its plain external appearances.

Merely wielding the blade gives one the ability to keenly analyze their surroundings when it is drawn, making a skilled warrior all the deadlier as their awareness expands.
Background: The Raubriter's have, for the past five generations, produced warriors of exceptional caliber whom have dedicated themselves to protecting humanity from demons, and their ilk; especially those who would see their race enslaved, or worse.

The Blade of Still Waters was actually claimed by Henrik's great  grandfather, Valdir, from a demon. Since then, it has been tradition for the heirs of the family to wield it in their ceaseless vigil.

Because of his family history, Henrik is already quite a capable warrior, being proficient in his family's unique fighting style, "Still Waters".  He has, however, willingly chosen to attend the academy; at worst, he will at least learn some new things. At best, he might be able to convince his family that they don't have to try to commit genocide against the "others".
Ons: Women, large breasts, being forced into sex, light bondage
Offs: Anal play
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 :-) Yes! And he's intellectual (though not naive/innocent).
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"In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends."
"In the ocean of knowledge, only those who want to learn will see the land."
"Before you roar, please take a deep breath."
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Haha I'll take what I can get. I hope they can be friends :)


Name: Cornelius Van Hoffer
Nickname: Van
Age: 18
Species Human:
Family: Clariance Van Hoffer:(father), Charolotte Van Hoffer(mother)
Position: Student
Hair Color: Dark brown hair that is mostly short, but somewhat long in the front
Eye color:Brown eyes
Skin color:pale skin tone
Other tidbits on looks: Has a tattoo of a eagle on his upper back, and a scar on his chest that goes across the middle of his chest.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lbs
Personality: outwardly somewhat cold, not a friendly people person, he tends to be at least somewhat myserious, and someone introspective by nature. He is kind enough to others, and helpful when he needs to be helpful, but he is a focused person whom has a simple goal of being the best human hunter that their is, and to prefect the skills that were passed down by his family in hunting demons.  He is loyal to his friends, and has a code of loyalty that he tries to keep, though sometimes, he has to go against it, which is never easy for him. He in general is a very focused young man.

Weapon/magic: He carries multiple guns on himself, and he is good with all types of guns, but he is best with a handgun. The bullets he uses do sometimes have magical abilities, which replace his inability to use black magic against foes. He also keep a long knife in case of close combat, so that he can use the electrified knife against foes also if he runs out of bullets.

Background: From a wealthy family, that had moved to the US before the start of World War one from Germany. He didn't know at first that his parents were hunters, in fact, he didn't know till shortly before he was a teenage, when they revealed their secret to him. They then started him with his training, taking him out of normal school, to focus his actions on his training alone, working five years on his skills each day. They heard about the school for humans and demons, and at first, Van didn't want to go, figuring that he wouldn't want to be in a place with possible targets down on the line. Yet, he found, that after his parents read more, they found it to good of a opportunity for him to pass up. That he would miss to much in not going and enrolled him right away, he accepted, but it wasn't nor is it is first choice, but he isn't the type of person to go against the wishes of his family and go somewhere else.  Not long before going, he got into a fight which gave him the scare which he has on his body.
Ons: females, smart females, learning new skills
Offs: arrogant people


I couldn't resist...  ::)

Character Sheet.
Name: Nyarlathotep
Nickname: Crawling Chaos, God of a Thousand Forms, Nyarly
Age: Unknown
Species: Outer God
Family: His father Azathoth, mother Shub-Niggurath and his nephew(?) Yog-Sothoth. It is unknown how much contact adn what his relations are with these monstrosities, but when prompted to these were the ones he put down on the form.
Position: "Visitor". Someone summoned him in a classroom decades ago and no one knows how to send him back. So far he seems content with living in the catacombs and keeping the archives company.

Personality: Aloof and rather arrogant, Nyarly doesn't let people and creatures categorise him among the "mere mortals or lesser servants" but instead claims to be an Outer God, summoned from the plains of Azathoth. It is true that none of the scholars of the academy have been able to categorise him, since he seems to share qualities of all yet none of the other races. Some simply believes he is a demon with illogical powers to fool their scrying rituals while others have tried and failed to pin his origins down, ultimately always ending in madness and loss of sanity. Nyarlathotep himself seems rather amused by the whole spectacle, but since a few years back no one seems to visit him anymore. While the old Nyarly would cared nothing about this, the catacombs beneath the school is quite boring, certainly no Unknown Kadath or Miskatonic University.
Weapon/magic: A shapeshifter of unmeasurable power, able to change his form in whatever way he wishes to. He seems to possess a frightening amount of knowledge of all manner of subjects, including magics and rituals. Just how much magical power he can wield is unknown, though he once told a researcher that his powers are limited in this world, but that it wouldn't matter once he grew bored of this reality.

Background: A century ago during a very boring rituals-class, a young human male, quite a talent of the ritual arts, tired of the droning of his professor began to prick his finger and casually draw a summoning circle of his own design. For an hour he sat there, hoping that he could summon and bind some new kind of demon, all to impress his classmates. He succeeded with summoning a new kind of creature, but the bindings were ineffective. The whole class errupted into chaos and madness, fleeing the classroom in terror. Only through the intervention of the mysterious Dean of the academy did the rampage stop and the monstrosity forced down into the catacombs beneath the school. The rituals-professor was found sobbing in the corner and the young genius had slit his own throat with a maddened grin etched into his tear-streaked face.

For years experts from around the world came to the academy to see the monster who had introduced itself as Nyarlathotep, an Outer God. All scoffed at the arrogant demon, but no matter what they tried they were unable to classifythis strange creature. The more tenacious these researchers were in their quest to find the origin of the Crawling Chaos, the more severe was the insanity that would ultimately inflict itself upon their minds. It defied logic, classification and reality. Out of all of them only one seemed to be able to keep herself sane through her extensive interviews with Nyarlathotep; Lady Antebellum, the wife of the Dean. She gave him the nickname Nyarly, which he for some reason treasured and spent many nights down in the catacombs.

In the end the Dean got jealous and sealed Nyarlathotep, forbidding anyone underneath the roof of the Academy to go down there. After a few decades of solitude it seems the creature has grown bored and plots his escape from his prison.

Ons: Nyarly enjoys all races, finding all of them intriguing in their own way. The times he has been intimate with them he has greatly enjoyed pushing their boundries, introducing new and exotic ways to pleasure them.
Offs: Feeble and meek people. How can they create intriguing scenarios for him to manipulate? Pathetic.

Sexual orientation: He does not believe in sexual boundries. All are welcome...


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"In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends."
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Hahaha great job Ladies and gentlemen.. will get a starter and such out there hopefully tomorrow .
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


Is there a limit of how many characters you can play?


There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings

King Serperior

Character Sheet.
Name:  Zaara Shikuris (Zar-Ra  Shi-Ku-Rizz)
Nickname:  Zaara
Age:  25
Species:  Arachne
Family:  Jason Riches (Father; Human; Dead) | Serena Shikuris (Mother; Arachne; Location unknown)
Position:   New student
Safe For Work, just a couple of images



Hair Color:  Grayish White
Eye color:   Black
Skin color:  Reddish
Other tidbits on looks:  Two horns on his head; Six arms; Three Eyes; Center eye acts like a rangefinder for long-range assaults; despite having fangs like an Arachne, he is non-venomous
Height:  6 feet tall
Weight:  190lbs
Personality:  Zaara is rather lazy and and doesn't mind others thoughts about him.  He'll defend a friend with his life should it come to that.  As he has Arachne blood flowing through him, he tends to look for the opposite sex with great attention.  Despite his flaws, his laziness, and horrible grades, he is actually extremely intelligent with an IQ of 197.  One will usually find him either around friends or in a secluded area spying on people.
- Web excretion:  He can excrete a golden, gummy fluid fluid from the sweat glands on his body as well as through the saliva glands in his mouth.  These can harden instantly to create armor or weapons should the need arise.  While hardened, this fluid is stronger than steel.  It can deflect a high-caliber bullet with ease.  The hardened liquid is fireproof, but it leaves him difficult to move while wearing it in full.  With his six arms, he can mold this gummy liquid into nearly any weapon he desires.  Despite being hard enough to be used as armor, he can liquefy the armor so as to quickly remove it.  He can also use this liquid as webs that he can shoot from the tips of all 30 fingers, all 10 toes, and from his mouth.

-Handheld weapons:  Besides this, he carries two short swords, a dagger, and a small Axe.  With these four weapons in four of his hands and a bow made from the gummy liquid, he is well armed and ready for combat.  His battle preference is long range.

-Magic, or lack thereof:  He has no magical ability, instead relying upon his own body's secretions for both offense and defense.  Despite that, he does have faster than normal healing abilities and, given enough time and energy, can regenerate an arm or leg.
Zaara never knew his parents.  His father, a human, fell in love with an Arachne woman.  Eventually, they married and she became pregnant.  Nine months after this, his mother went into labor, crying out in pain and suffering.  His father ran to help her and, in her frenzied state, viewed him as a threat to her offspring.  Just as she gave the final push to birth him, she whipped a claw around and killed her husband.  After she realized what she had done, she picked up his father's body and ran off to a location unknown, leaving the newborn Zaara to die.  Luckily, a couple, a priest and his wife, found him.  The husband was going to kill the monster before him, but his wife stopped him.  She convinced him to take the baby as their own as she could have no children.  He reluctantly agreed.
Later, as he grew older, he learned how to fight from his new father, who was a holy hunter.  He learned how to use his many abilities to their fullest extent for his father was growing weaker in his age and needed someone to carry on the legacy.  Soon after, a low-class demon attacked the home, killing the adoptive parents in their old and weakened state with ease.  In a rage, Zaara called upon his skills to slaughter the demon, losing three of his arms in the process.
Now, his arms newly regrown to the way they were before, Zaara has decided to enter into the Pandora Academy in order to continue his adoptive father's legacy and to find information on his mother......
Ons:  Humans, monsters that have good class and taste, Smart woman, naive women, breasts, vaginal sex, anal sex (NOT receiving), squirting women/monsters, Bondage (He has his own natural BDSM kit), Being lazy, stalking, making plans, watching and being watched, pleasing a woman before the actual sex, oral (both for him and her), exotic woman and monsters (Lamia, Harpy, Mermaid, etc), light biting.
Offs:  Demons (but can be persuaded to have sex with one), Anal (reviving anything anal is a NO), People who are too serious, being called stupid for bad grades and laziness, oral after anal is a NO, Scat, Vore, vomit, underage, fire

Note:  Straight Male; Would like to try M/F/F; Will do a M/M/F so long as there is no contact of any kind between guys.

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Interest has been piqued! I will definitely have an app submitted for this game by the end of the day. I'm so conflicted between creating a human or a demon, and I don't think I wanna try two characters at once so I'll take some time to meditate. I'll probably end up using my human though. He never gets any Role Play time and I feel bad for him, lol.

But yarr, I really like the concept: action and sexy. What more could you ask for, right?

As far as, like, training and practicing, what kind of opposition will we be facing on the school grounds? Would we just be sparrig with each other, or perhaps there are random evil demon attacks?

And last question: how's the level of tech for this game? Would I be able to make a computer geek/hacker type character?

Again, I'm really interested in this concept and hope it kicks off.


(Figured I should make the Token Human Teacher :P )

Name: Dr. Matthew Locke
Nickname: Matty or "Dr."
Age: 29
Species: Human
Family: Karen Locke (Daughter)  Maggie Locke (Wife [deceased]) Betsy Locke (Mother) Ryan Locke (Father)
Position: Teacher, White Magic Instructor, Doctor
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Hair Color: Short, shaggy black hair that is usually kept to his ears.
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Tanned white
Other tidbits on looks: Scar running down his shoulder down to his hip
Height: 6'2
Weight: 235lb

Despite being a member of the staff, and the tragic loss of his wife, Matthew always try to lighten the mood of a rather angsty, or moody students and staff. He constantly remains the optimist and always attempts to empathize with others and give a shoulder to cry on. Though the mere mention of his wife could get him gloomy or distraught. With that in mind, Matthew open to have people emotionally open to him, he is rarely emotionally honest with others and himself.

Matthew is constantly at war with himself over his sworn pacifism. When he became a doctor, he promised to never do harm to anybody, human or otherwise. He also swore to never learn any magic that can purposefully harm anyone. Which greatly contrasts the teachings he was given from his father and mother who freely practiced blood magic and other dark magic. Because of this, he feels there is a darker, more violent side to him he attempts to hide away with his work as a teacher for White Magic, and as the school nurse practicing doctor.

Matthew is polyamorous, which means he believes in the ability to fall in love with more than one person or partner, and that the relationship can be shared together between everyone. The loss of his wife causes him to search for love in all the wrong places. The only limits for him is that his lovers must be women. Demonic, monster, human, it means nothing to him. The only thing they must be okay with is they must love or understand his daughter takes priority in his life.

White Magic Mastery:
Matthew is a White Mage, which the common misconception of White Mages is that their source of magic is heavenly or from Angelic sources. Quite the opposite. In fact, Matthew's powers actually derive from the same raw demonic power that other mages draw from. The key difference is rather than simply being the outlet for the demonic power, Matthew transforms it, and turns it from destructive energy to more constructive energy.

The constructive energy is the building blocks for white magic. With constructive energy, it can be altered or changed to heal injures, plagues, or even poisons in not only others systems, but his own. Being far more advanced, and trained in their arts of white magic. Matt is able to use constructive energy to provide positive effects upon himself and others. One of the more notable ones are barriers. The barriers upon activation of the spell, only reach to the outer layer of the affected person. Depending on the amount of energy used varies the strength of the shields. With a max charge, the shield could absorb the impact of a 40 ton kinetic blast.

Blood Magic Adept:

Though Matthew has sworn off from using this art, and is abhorrently against it, Matthew has a fine tuned understanding, comprehension, and powerful control over blood magic.

Blood magic in a nutshell is much like regular magic, but with the twist that human blood can boost and increase the potency of the destructive energy. The most common use of blood magic is controlling blood flow and almost having a ambigious control over not just the users blood, but others as well. For blood magic to work, there must be an open wound from either the user, or a sacrifice to take control of. As long as the wound is deep enough to where blood can drip is enough for Matthew to use and abuse. Once the blood is taken from the system and directed by destructive energy and can be used as blades, or kinetic blasts. Quite obviously the more blood used, the stronger the already lethal attack becomes.

Perhaps the most sinister use of blood magic, would be blood control, where the user can direct the flow of oxygen blood cells from the targets brain and turning them into a slave of sorts. This magic however can be resisted and defeated against demons, or anyone mentally aware of how to defeat it. Because of this, in Matt's classes he teaches all his students how to defend from Blood Control and its affects.

Background: Matthew was born to a group of cult of humans that not only worshiped dark magic but attempted to use blood magic to alter humans into Demonic creatures. For most of his young life, Matthew was proven to be very adept at the dark arts that he was able to enslave and use the blood of sacrifices to murder groups and villages of non-believers, and for most of his young life, he was dumb to it all and believed he was doing it for the greater good.

That was until he met the woman who would change his wife forever. Maggie Wolfwood, a solider who knocked common sense into Matthew figuratively and literally. After their first and only fight, where she nearly killed Matt, she took him into his home and raised him back to health. It didn't take long for the two of them to fall in love. Matt not only saw the error of his ways but vowed to change himself completely, he took up medicine, and became a doctor. In the same very process, he learned and mastered white magic.

It took years, but Matt and Maggie were able to have a child, but the celebration of their marriage, and their wedding caused his former cult to find him, and excommunicate him from their group. Which the only way to be excommunicated from blood magic, was death. The cult was able to summon, and command a demon, which attacked the Locke household. Even the combined strength of Maggie and the magic of Matt was not enough to repel the demon. So Maggie made the ultimate sacrifice and used the blood and life force of his wife to protect his daughter.

It has been five years since the death of his wife, and in those 5 years he had joined the Pandora Academy as refuge for his daughter from the cult he was raised in, and also as a means to further assist in the aide of human/demon interaction.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Ons: Aggressive women, Older women, kindness,
Offs: Violence, violent people, blood play, stubbornness


Name: Yumi Urashima
Nickname: Yumi
Age: 18
Species: Human
Family: Go Urashima (Father, deceased) and Rei Urashima (Mother)
Position: Student
Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Height: 5' 4''
Weight: 130lbs

Personality: Bright and bubbly, Yumi is a rather wonderful girl to be around. She's rarely seen upset or sad and maintains an energetic, positive attitude most of the time. While some might find this annoying, her outlook has earned her a lot of friends and a little bit of a following back in her homeland. She has a strong sense of justice and will go above and beyond in the name of helping those weaker than herself. Her enthusiasm, combined with her famous lineage, often leads her to  try and make 'dramatic entrances' like she thinks a hero should. This can sometimes get her in trouble, or end in an embarrassing fall. She's also not quite as good a fighter as she thinks and she's gotten into, ahem, trouble, by biting off more than she can chew. She'll never give up in her quest for peace though. Peace by kicking the butts of everyone who disagrees.

Background: Yumi is the great great grand daughter of Tore Urashima, a Japanese fisherman of legend who rescued a princess from trouble by using a magic fishing line. That line has been passed down from generation to generation in the Urashima family and it ended up in the hands of Yumi, who uses it as a highly effective weapon. She fancies herself a kind of hero with it, looking to 'smite evil' everywhere. While not the most threatening weapon, people often underestimate it and her, giving her a decidedly large advantage in combat. After her father was killed in an attack by some rogue demons, Yumi vowed to prevent such a disaster from befalling anyone ever again. Thus, her enrollment in the Academy to hone her skills.

-Umigen Rod: A combination of the words 'Umi' (ocean) and 'Mugen' (infinity). This strange fishing rod has an endless line that Yumi can use as a whip to lash opponents with the hook at the end. It's strong enough to even wrap up demons much larger than Yumi. Thanks to the hook at the end, it can even be used as a sort of grappling hook and, with a mere thought, the line can extend of retract. The user can control the line by using the rod as a whip, or with their own thoughts, though the longer the line gets the harder it is to control. Both rod and line are almost impossible to break.

-Mizu Bag: A bottomless bag filled with an endless supply of water. Another heirloom, all Yumi has to do is open it and water will come pouring out. With a mere thought she can make it anything from a slow trickle to a gushing torrent that can fill a room in no time. Expectedly, Yumi is a better fighter when in and around water. She can also store anything she wants in the bag (as long as she doesn't mind it getting wet) and retrieve it by thinking about it.

-Water Lover: Yumi is, naturally, a very strong swimmer. She can hold her breath for ten minutes at a time. She's also (obviously) quite an excellent fisherman (though that rarely has any bearing on her fighting).

-Heroic Lineage: Thanks to her ancestry, Yumi is much stronger, faster, and more durable than any normal human. While not reaching demonic or supernatural levels of strength and speed, her ability is above peak human, allowing her to withstand all kinds of punishment and give her the strength to swing around any demon unlucky enough to get caught in her line.

Ons: Strong men, Combat, Justice
Offs: Mean people, Boredom

Drake Valentine

Hmmmmm... Is this centered on just the students/faculty or is there room for various 'villainy?'

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Name: Wang Sarang
Nickname: Red
Age: 19 (Looks around late thirties/ early forties)
Species: Gunungshin (War deity)

-Wang Janggun (Father, deceased)
-Wang Hyori (Step mother, alive)


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Hair Color: White
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Red
Other tidbits on looks:
Height: 6'2
Weight: 275 lb

Sarang is quite a brute in respectful terms, he enjoys being the alpha male whenever he can and despite his mature looks, mischief and rudeness are his mantras. Sarang will be friendly from the get go, trying to gain allies wherever he can by cracking jokes and pulling pranks on those who he sees as sociably useless or unpopular. The tallest guy he befriends, the skinniest guy he vilifies and the girl with the biggest tits he attempts to fuck. He isn't even serious in the fact he is a Gunungshin, an ancient race of war deities from Korea, he takes his duties lightly despite being blessed with obvious gifts from his father. He has served his role as a war deity only once, and even then it ended in the deaths of his father and cousin. His second "chance of divine worth" was when he comforted his step-mother... for the past two years, walking into her room in the night and serving as the only comfort he can give to his mourning step-mother under the sheets.

-Divine Strength, stamina, agility, endurance and speed
-Mantra Essence, Sarang can perform various mantra seals causing great gusts of wind and force waves to serve as ranged combat.

Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!