Where art thou, email notifications?

Started by Elina, May 31, 2013, 07:45:58 AM

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I got them yesterday, but none overnight or this morning.  My email is working.  I sent a test.


I thought there was a notice about the mail server? I'm not sure where but I'll see if I can look it up.


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That isn't it... trying to resolve it now.

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I even read that post.  Posted right after it.  And then completely forgot about it.  I am a dork.

Veks, it just sent me notification for a pm I got last night, but not anything after that.  Thank you so much for looking at it.  I always appreciate your help.  :)


It's going to take some time to catch back up. But is working now.



I got 4 notification e-mails at once this morning and most of them were for PM's sent or topic replies posted last night. Glad the issue has been fixed.