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Author Topic: Baiting the Trap — Cere's Stories [Craving: Marvel & Fairytale Smut]  (Read 1049 times)

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Offline CerevanTopic starter

Here lie some of the plots I am currently in the mood for and would love to do with someone(s), should said someone(s) be interested. High quality writing desired, frequent posting desired but not necessary. Please see my O/O thread or PM me for any questions about compatibility, my RP habits, or anything else. Please PM me if interested in a particular storyline. YIM may be replied upon request.

Current Cravings
Tempt me once, shame on you. Tempt me twice...

MF, Marvel!verse, & D/s
Setting: Takes place within the Marvel movie universe with specific attention to Captain America the First Avenger, The Avengers, and Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier. Can theoretically take place anytime after the Avengers. While comic book interpretation of the characters isn’t completely out, this is primarily meant to be a movie!verse RP.

Paring: Captain America / Steve Rogers (M, Dom) & Natasha (F, sub)

Story: Assassination, seduction, and espionage is all in a day’s work for Natasha Romanov. S.H.I.E.L.D. needs her talents. If only she could convince the 1940’s gentleman with a chip in his shoulder and a hard on for justice of that fact. During a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D., things go horribly (if predictably) wrong. Now Natasha’s stuck with Captain Star Spangled Underpants himself, and he seems intent on teaching her the importance of following orders. His orders. Which would be fine if he’d just stick to glaring at her. Because with each genuine smile he throws her way, her resistance wavers. At this rate it won't be long before she'll be begging him to just kiss her already.

Kinks: Dub-con to con D/s, semi-public sex, above average flexibility (Natasha)/strength (Steve), wall sex, bondage. Other kinks are open to negotiation. & Oddments: Romance, a lot of snark, superhero styled ass kicking, possible appearances by other Avengers, etc.

Seeking: One Steven Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every week.

Into the Woods
MF, Fairytales, & Smut
Setting:  Takes place in a fairytale-esque fantasy kingdom wherein magic is common. In the courts of royalty its hardly unusual for events to be attended by fairy godmothers, but that doesn't mean all is well. Assassins, bandits, thieves. Pirates, rogue knights, wicked princes. And of course, the less sparkly side of Faerie.

Paring: TBD

Story: Once upon a time in a land far, far away...there lived a beautiful young maiden named Isadora. Though she was born to nobility and wanted for nothing, she found no pleasure in her daily life. How could she content herself to sewing, dancing, flirting when all of it seemed so meaningless? Always she longed for the dark woods that bordered the capitol—woods that people whispered were full of strange creatures and magic.

Now, on her twentieth birthday, her betrothal to the Crown Prince is announced. While he's all the things a Prince is meant to be, Isadora can't bear the thought of marrying him without having ever set foot outside the palace walls.

But the dark woods are no place for a maiden alone. Beneath the thick boughs is a world full of fey creatures, desperate bandits, lordless knights, and many other dangers besides. All the cleverness and beauty in the world may not be able to grant Isadora safe passage through the woods and a "happy ever after" of her very own...

Kinks: Dub-con to con to (maybe) non-con, nonhuman character(s). Other kinks are open to negotiation. & Oddments: Romance, a lot of snark, sex cures everything, etc.

Seeking: One player for any/all of the above male characters. Also open to suggestion on character "types", e.g. bastard prince, etc. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role in a con to dub-con (and very possibly non-con) situation. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every week.

Other Info: Feel free to check out my O/Os. Anything on there is considered fair game for this RP. If it’s not in the Offs and you’re interested, please bring it up. I don’t bite. For this particular RP, I'm good with either a "trial" run of just one scenario, or expanding it to include Isadora's misadventures throughout the forest, or even turning it into a "proper" RP with an actual plot.

(Urban) Fairytale
There's a wicked sweet side to even the most innocent of tales, after all.

Everything (a Big Bad Wolf Could Want)
MF, BDSM, & Werewolves
Setting: Modern day America in an ambiguous city that is not New York or LA. Werewolves are a known entity governed by a high council that is in concordance with the American government, much like in other countries around the world.

Paring: Red (M, Dom, open species) & Fenri (F, sub, werewolf)

Story: Once Upon a Time, a bored submissive named Fenri agreed to play Domme to a new-on-the-scene sub as a favor to a friend. This one-off night was quickly forgotten until it came back to bite her in the ass. Her one-night sub, Forest, is apparently deranged and convinced that Fenri is his One True Domme. He's decided to kidnap her, and according to her brush with death during one such attempt it seems like he might actually succeed. So Fenri turns to her best friend of five years, Red. He's the one man who sees through all her posturing and the fact that she rips the throats out of fuzzy bunnies on full moon nights, but he's also the one man she can never have. Red offers her protection during this immensely troubled time, but as the days drag on in his care, Fenri begins to wonder if he had ulterior motivations to offering her sanctuary.

Kinks: Bondage, dub-con, cum marking, breeding a.k.a. impregnation, nonhuman character(s), collaring as a major erotic story theme. Other kinks are open to negotiation. & Oddments: Romance, insecurity fueled angst, sex cures everything, a lot of snark.

Seeking: Someone to play the character "Red." Red is at least somewhat sadistic, a sexual dominant, and an alpha male to the core. He has been Fenri's best friend for at least five or so years, is aware of her status as a werewolf, and knows that she's hopelessly in love with him. For whatever reason he has chosen not to pursue that love up until time of the game—perhaps he was waiting for her to come to him first, or maybe something from his own past is holding him back. Human or nonhuman, personality quirks, past, etc. are fully up to interpretation by the player.

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go : Unavailable
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
MF or FF, M/s, Demons, & Angels
Setting: Modern day in Prague. Alternately, any European city except Paris. Humans are utterly oblivious to the ongoing war between heaven and hell, though their souls are the ones hanging in the balance. Angels usually keep to heaven, only occasionally deigning to descend to earth. Demons, on the other hand, walk frequently amongst humanity, corrupting as they go.

Pairing: Demon (M or F) & Angel (F)

Story: Reports say that a winged girl plummeted from the sky at four in the morning last Saturday, her wings aflame as she hurtled toward certain death. Aside from a few blurry cell phone videos, there's no proof. No body, no feathers, not even a smear of ash to mark where this supposed angel might have fallen. Few would guess the angel did crash to Earth, it's just that a being of fire and darkness found her first. For just as angels may fall, demons walk among the living wearing the guise of beautiful humanity. To be hellspawn is to burn, but one lucky demon has just found tranquility in the form of a broken girl with broken wings on the streets of a dirty human city.

Kinks: M/s, bondage, humiliation, nonhuman characters, dub-con. Other kinks open to negotiation. & Oddments: Fucked up romance, world building, twisted hurt/comfort, angst, corruption of innocence.

Seeking: Someone to play the Demonic Character. While DC can have misgivings etc. about his/her position, I would prefer he/she not be a mopey mess of angst about his/her demonic nature. Dominance, conflict/redemption, and extreme possessiveness are major pluses. DC is otherwise open to player interpretation.

These Violent Delights have Violent Ends : Unavailable
These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
MM, Dub-con, & Incubi
Setting: Jettison Bay, an upscale beach town on the northeast coast of America, think the Hamptons or similar. It's a small town, populated mostly by rich folks from the city who come in for the summer. The economy is based primarily on tourism, but the rest is supplied by the local Maxwell glass & crystal factory.

Pairing: Incubus (M) & Human (M)

Story: Story is that Grandaddy Maxwell was born the poor son of a shoe shiner, but he saw magic in the way glass was blown into shape and the glimmer of money exchanging hands. Someone like him never could have made it in the world he wanted so fiercely, not without a pinch of real magic, so he made a deal with the devil. Not for his own soul, no, but for the soul of his first grandchild. Story goes that when Ashton drew first breath, Grandaddy Maxwell cried and said, "Time to pay up, but the price is too high."

Everyone in Jettison Bay knows that Ashton Maxwell, heir to the Maxwell glass fortune, is cursed. Or damned. Or possibly just doomed. They tell the story over manicures and bonfires on the beach, never believing for a moment that it's true. Because who believes in deals with the devil, or souls snatched in the dead of night, or fairytales repeated over and over across time?

Ashton, for one, believes it. Ever since his sixteenth birthday, he's dreamed of a nameless man who never ages. A man who's smiles are as sweet as his intentions are bad. A man who will consume Ashton whole come his swiftly approaching eighteenth birthday. But even as the Maxwell's search desperately for a way out of the deal, Ashton begins to wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad to be damned to hell with his nameless lover.

Kinks: Dub-con, M/s, orgasm control, cum marking, edging, bondage, nonhuman character, humiliation, nonhuman character using nonhuman traits—whether physical differences or powers. Other kinks open to negotiation. & Oddments: Fucked up romance, snark, not too much angst, mild world building.

Seeking: Someone to play the Demonic Character. DC is dominant, sadistic, possessive, and probably more than a little unhinged. Humanoid appearance but open to interpretation. Has demonic powers, again open to interpretation. Should care for or develop some caring for Ashton, perhaps tied into the reason he made a deal for Ashton's soul in the first place. All else open to interpretation by player.

Space Opera & Cyberpunk
Here among the stars, we're sparkling.

Family Fortune (Favors the Bold) : Unavailable
Family Fortune (Favors the Bold)
MF, Cyberpunk Dystopia, & Incest
Setting: Dystopia hasn't quite settled in yet. People have food on the table and reasonable hope for better lives. Still rebellion murmurs at the edge of things. The elite have been in power for well over a century, and the cities have only gotten more crowded, dirtier, harder. Desperation has crept into the dark places of the world, and given another few years things may erupt into open rebellion. At universities, the nation's brightest youth follow the footsteps of their parents or become armchair revolutionaries, boys and girls from backgrounds saturated with money and privilege who think they can overthrow the elite and lead the world into a new age of prosperity. It's a mess of brewing idealism that conflicts with the lower class's rage, and could lead to explosive consequences given enough time.While the ruling elite are aware of this and attempt to stem the tide, there's still many who dance through their glittering world of parties without the slightest clue that it might soon be shattered.

Pairing: Uncle/Elder Brother (M, Dom) & Niece/Younger Sister (F, sub)

Story: Aisling Kavanagh is a girl from the elite class. Though an heiress to the family business, she was held hostage for months as a child and has had night terrors ever since. Only her uncle/elder brother seems to understand her, and he is her sole source of comfort against the nightmares that plague her and the vicious world she inhabits in the day. Though she tries to be good, her very nature makes her a liability for her family.

Left alone by her uncle/elder brother, Aisling is easily persuaded by one of her anarchist friends, Peregrin, into attending one of the famed "indulgence parties" of the elite as his "pet." It's supposed to be a laugh and a protest, but it quickly turns into something much darker. Here, dressed as a pet and grown into her womanhood, Aisling finally attracts the attention she's always craved from her uncle/elder brother...unfortunately it comes at a price. He's decided it's time to mold her into a true pet, his pet, and damn the consequences.

Kinks: Dub-con, Master/pet, incest, humiliation, bondage, collaring, discipline. & Oddments: Romance, anarchy & rebellion, world building, high class gangs, dystopia.

Seeking: Someone to play the uncle/elder brother. It is up to player whether the relation is uncle/niece or brother/sister, and I would be open to the situation being that of adopted uncle/brother figure so long as he has been a stable fixture to her life for at least ten years prior to the start of the story. Would prefer character be extremely possessive, perhaps cold/dominating generally, but is up to player. Player must have some interest in world building. All else up to interpretation by player.

Edit 07/24/14: New interest thread for this idea can be found here.

Historical (Fantasy)
Sometimes the history books lie, we must fix that.

There are currently no plots in this genre, but I am open to suggestions.

Standards, what standards?

There are currently no plots in this genre, but I am open to suggestions.
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Re: Baiting the Trap — Cere's Stories (MM, MF, FF; Original & Fandom)
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2013, 11:16:29 PM »
10/18/13: Updated Plots & Cravings.

Offline CerevanTopic starter

07/15/14: Updated cravings. Currently dying to try out Everything (A Big Bad Wolf Could Want) and/or I Don't Have a Choice (I Still Choose You). Please PM with interest.

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Re: Baiting the Trap — Cere's Stories [Craving: Marvel & Fairytale Smut]
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Baiting the Trap
Cerevan's Story Cravings

Current Status :  Actively Hunting

Hello there my pretty. Welcome to the woods and remember to stay on the path. I'm your fox: first name Cerevan, last name negligible. If you like you can call me Cere. You understand, we don't stand on ceremony hereabouts. It's important for predators to be familiar with their prey. I'll let you guess who is the hunter and who is the hunted in this equation.

If you're curious about what it takes to engage in a hunt, please look here. If you're wanting to know about current hunts, you'll find that here. If neither of those answer the questions burning in you...well, it's easy enough to contact me via PM or YIM. Please do not respond to this thread. What can I say, foxes like to keep their dens neat.



Games that are currently active and considered to be solo (1x1).
Archive of retired characters from group games, as well as solo (1x1) games.
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Re: Baiting the Trap — Cere's Stories [Craving: Marvel & Fairytale Smut]
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2015, 10:54:39 AM »
01/19/15: Bump. Still madly craving Soldier/Spy and Into the Woods, would at this point probably sell soul for either. Please PM with interest, YIM available upon request.