A Cruel, Foreign World (Harsh slavery, danger, and peril)

Started by Denivar, May 30, 2013, 10:54:29 PM

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I'm interested in conducting a role play involving a woman from Earth finding herself on another planet, an alien world with barbaric and savage customs.

The planet she finds herself on will be a dangerous place, with everything from plants to animals to the people of the world seeming so alien and cruel to her. Will she survive? Will she be able to unravel the mystery of why she is there? Is there any chance of her seeing Earth again? Or will she somehow come to adapt to her new home?

There will be plenty of harshness and cruelty in this role play. I do want to keep things 'story oriented' and don't intend for the setting to be an 'excuse plot' before falling into a long 'slave training' role play -- though slavery will be a major element and theme. Instead, I want to play with somebody who wants the experience of being on a harsh and hostile world, not knowing what will become of her, and aware that things will probably not end well for her character!

Please PM me if interested, for further discussion.
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