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Author Topic: Caden's cravings - SKYRIM/STAR TREK! (M seeking F)  (Read 304 times)

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Offline CadenTopic starter

Caden's cravings - SKYRIM/STAR TREK! (M seeking F)
« on: May 30, 2013, 09:31:50 PM »

My name is Caden. I am a newly approved member of the E! So, before I go into the specifics of what I'm looking for, please note that some patience may be required on your part as I acclimate to the rich role-playing enviornment of the E.

A quick note on my turn-ons and turn-offs:

No-nos: Anal sex, non-consensual sex, anything in the 'extreme' category(I'm new at this, let's ease into things. Pun intended.) My O/Os have been detailed in my profile. Important exception: I am more open to non-consensual sex and some other more extreme actions if my character is not willfully initiating/participating(such as being taken advantage of by a foe or being unable to control his own actions). In short, my characters will never enjoy sexually abusing other characters(when my character is sane and in control, at least).

Yes-yeses: Strong, capable, confident partners(some meekness is sexy, but no fully mousy gals). Romance. Dynamic interplay in both sexual and non-sexual situations. Seducing and being seduced. Flirting/teasing.


-I've seperated ideas/cravings/pairing in spoilers sorted by fandom/genre/etc.
-I've marked characters I wish to play with an asterisk. Pairings with no asterisk indicate I am willing to play either role.
-Please feel free to PM me and/or post in this thread with interests/questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
-Also feel free to suggest other RP ideas if my cravings aren't exactly what you are looking for.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Setting: Skyrim
Conent: Light(some non-con may be included, with specific requirements).
Genre/Style: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Adult(sexual content of equal importance to non-sexual content); Third Person
Looking For: Female author to play a female character.
Plot: Varies by pairing(possibilities listed below).

-Each pairing involves the adventures of the dragonborn and his/her companion as they travel accross Skyrim in a very sandboxy fashion. As a side-note, I do not intend to play a character that would join the Dark Brotherhood or take on quests at the behest of Daedra.

-My character(s): My character will always be male. My partner may specify as much or as little of my character's physical/mental makeup as she wishes(I will let you know if anything requested makes me uncomfortable). I only ask that I not play a Khadjit and that I'm not stuck with fewer than 4 inches. Do you wish to play opposite a strong, commanding Orc with insatiable lust? Cool. A brainy Breton with a calm spirit but deep, untapped sensuality? Sweet. A nimble, wise-cracking Argonian that enjoys exploiting his water-breathing to secretly watch your character bathe? Alright. The bottom line: I want my character to be as appealing to you as possible.

-Your character(s): Your character needs to be female. You can be a canon character, or not. I am not too picky about physical characteristics, but if you must know I prefer brunettes, athletic builds, and C cups. I normally prefer trimmed/shaved nether regions, but can totally see how such would be impractical for one living in Skyrim. :) As for race, I do not wish to play opposite of a Khadjit, Argonian, or Dunmer. Bretons, Imperials, Altmer, and Redgard are fine. Note that my black soul gem gets the greatest charge from Nords and Bosmer. Half-races are welcome.

-As an optional sub-plot(which I am craving quite a bit), any of the following pairings can be enhanced by the following: The dragonborn notices that, as his/her dragonblood is enlivened by the absorption of dragon souls, his/her draconic, primal drives begin to deepen. At first, the shift is limited to more aggressive thoughts, desires, and ambitions that are controllable. Eventually, however, the dragonborn absorbs one soul too many his/her dragonblood takes over! Its up to the companion to bring the hero under control by giving him/her an outlet(sexually of course).

-Dragonborn*/Lydia (Craving Level 3/5)

Prior to discovering his true nature, the dragonborn reports to Yarl Balgruf of Whiterun about the dragon attack on Helgen. Balgruf, uncertain he can trust the seemingly capable survivor, assigns Lydia to accompany the dragonborn to Bleak Falls Barrow to retreive the dragon stone for the court wizard.

-Dragonborn/Spared Bandit Taken. Playing with Jobe352.

On the way to Bleak Falls Barrow at the behest of Yarl Balgruf, the dragonborn encounters a group of bandits. He/she attempts to avoid a conflict, but is left with no choice but to fight back and kill the ruffians. The final bandit begs to be shown mercy, even offering sexual favors in return for his/her life. The dragonborn can either accept the offer or spare the bandit's life but refuse the sexual payment. The dragonborn's decision, of course, will affect the nature of the relationship between the two as the campaign progresses.

-Dragonborn/Stormcloak Soldier (Craving Level: 1/5)

The dragonborn and an OC stormcloak manage to narrowly escape imperial execution and Alduin's wrath at Helgen. After arriving at riverwood, the pair can recover from their ordeal and contemplate what the future holds- or perhaps, just what the moment holds.

-Dragonborn/Young Greybeard* Taken. Playing with Luvan95.

The dragonborn arrives atop the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar and begins her studies under the wise greybeards. During the weeks of study, the dragonborn inadvertently impresses a certain young initiate of the greybeard order with more than her dragonic powers. When the hero requests permission to begin seeking additional word-walls, the greybeards decide to assign a guide to help ensure the dragonborn does not enhance more quickly than she can handle. The companion selected? None other than the young initiate who has been secretly crushing on the woman that would become Skyrim's greatest hero.

Star Trek

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This section is still under development. Regardless, feel free to PM me with interest.

Setting: Varied
Conent: Light(some non-con may be included, with specific requirements).
Genre/Style: Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/Adult(sexual content of equal importance to non-sexual content); Third Person
Looking For: Female author to play a female character.
Plot: Varies by pairing(possibilities listed below).

Exiled Q*/Original Character
A once powerful Q finds himself exiled from the continuum and transformed into a powerless human. Perhaps the virtues of humanity and the power of love can teach him things that even the omniscient Q do not know.

Starfleet Officer/Maquis Officer

Starfleet Officer/Mercenary

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