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Author Topic: Westworld Inspired Plots {Thread Contains Spoilers to Season One of Westworld}  (Read 1307 times)

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Offline PantheraTopic starter

Westworld Inspired Plots

Please note that the following plots will contain spoilers for season one of the show!

I watched Westworld for the first time last week and my muse has been desperate to start a game ever since. For these games I would like my partner to have seen the first season of Westworld, but season two of the show will not be incorporated into any of these plots. I don't have the channel that airs season two of Westworld so I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD. If the show airs whilst we are still writing then please no spoilers.

I am only looking for one or two new games at the moment. I am a slow poster but I am very dedicated to seeing any games I start to reach their finish. So a patient and committed partner is always appreciated.

The adult content on these plots is up for discussion with my partner. Depending on the plot and my partner I am generally happy to rank things anywhere between Non-Adult to Extreme. Check out my O/Os list for specific kinks.

The plots and settings are fairly light in details because they would depend a lot on what sort of setting/character/story my partner wants to play. I love creating plots together with my partner, but I am also perfectly happy to drum up plot ideas myself to discuss together, so don't let the lack of detail put you off, these plots are just starting points.

I don't mind what gender my partner is, Lord, Lady, Liege or Legate, it makes no difference to me.

Do not post on this thread. If you're interested in any of these plots then please read through my O/Os to check that we might be compatible as writing partners and then PM me.

All of these plots are set in futuristic parks where the guests can interact with the hosts on an intimate level, however the setting of the park is completely up for discussion, except for the one canon plot. Although I enjoyed the wild west theme of the show it isn't my go-to setting for games, so I would be happy to give the park a different theme.

Possible themes/settings could be:
Wildwest {Although not my usual setting I would still be very happy to discuss it if my partner is interested in it.}
Medieval Era {Thinking Game of Thrones/Camelot type feel. With or without magic. Any magic would have to be somehow possible within the technology of the park.}
Sci-fi with Aliens {Either walking into an Alien planet or perhaps an alien invasion on Earth.}
Royal Court {Some sort of political based theme in a court setting of some kind. Could be AU or historical based.}
Vampires and Hunters {I'm thinking either an urban fantasy setting or perhaps a post-apocalyptic place.}
MMORPG {Someone took the next step to create a MMORPG type theme park.}
Fantasy World {Some sort of fantasy world. Lots of possibilities for fun worldbuilding.}
Haunted House {Not so many ideas for this one, perhaps a game where there are only a few guests in a smaller setting.}
Murder Mystery {A bit like Sherlock, also a smaller setting with fewer guests invited at a time.}
Zombie Apocalypse {Like the vampires and hunters, either an urban fantasy setting or a post-apocalyptic one.}
Stranded on an Island {Guests land on a mysterious island and must explore. Lots of possibilities on what's on the island.}
The Labyrinth {I'm thinking something a bit like Maze Runner, with a home base in the centre and the guests have to find their way out.}
Spies {Another smaller guest list one, this time a spy story. Think James Bond suave.}

Newcomer - M/F - Looking to Play Female Newcomer - Looking for Someone to Play Male Host

The park has been open for over a decade, long enough to prove that it is safe and enjoyable, but new enough that it’s still exciting and there are still surprises to be found. Usually a playhouse for the rich and spoiled, MC is neither of those things, and yet finds herself on the train heading towards the park as part of a hen night. Well, hen week, or two. The bride-to-be has forked out for her five best friends to join her in celebrating her last fortnight as a free woman. Apparently she and her future husband have an agreement that they can each do whatever they want in their two weeks apart with no consequences. Bride-to-be wants to go to the park and indulge.

MC has no such interest, being the sensible, slightly introverted one of the group of friends. She’s here to support her friend, nothing more. The idea of indulging with robots weirds her out, but then this is her first time in the park and she has no idea how life-like and persuasive the hosts can be. After all, this place is made to seduce.

A new update has been uploaded just as she arrives at the park. The park creator is trying to push his hosts to become more and more lifelike and this upload is meant to help the main characters in the park take a greater interest in their own lives. It boosts their sense of self-purpose and self-interests as well as giving them a heightened sense of reality. It gives the hosts a chance to question their given loops. Their core objectives are still the same; beat the villain, save the girl, crack open the safe, whatever it was they were programmed to do, but they start to thinking outside their given way of achieving that goal. By the time the park security decide to shut them down the hosts have increase their self awareness enough to start ignoring commands programmed into their system. Chaos ensues.

- - -

This plot could go any number of ways depending on what kind of character and story my partner would like to play. It could be a romance where she falls for the hero of the story, or an adventure game where she goes questing with a host, or a darker seduction with the main villain in the park, where she has to discover the soft heart under his hard outer shell. Or a mixture of all three. Or something completely different. The purpose of the story would be for MC to get well and truly seduced by the park, and the host, at the same time as the hosts are starting to gain sentience.

Unlike the show, this isn’t triggered by remembering the past, but by becoming more aware of their present. It gives the hosts the ability to say ‘why?’. For example, one loop may have the bad guy lose to the hero every time, with the villain accepting his defeat each time. But this time the villain wonders to himself why would he surrender without more of a fight? Why would he keep shooting the guests with blanks instead of realizing that it wasn’t working and he should punch them in the face instead? Why would he want to freeze all motor functions? He wouldn’t. And so he doesn’t.

I see the awareness starting slowly from when MC arrives and building as the hosts gain experiences inside the park and learn from them. I’d like the main focus of the game to be with MC getting pulled into the park with the help of your host, and the sentience very slowly building in the background. Eventually the truth would come out about the host and the park, but I’d like it to be a slow burn for that, so that the two characters are well and truly invested in each other by that time.

Feels Good to be Bad - M/F or M/M - Looking to Play Female or Male Newcomer - Looking for Someone to Play Male Host

MC is rich, spoiled and outgoing. They want to let off some steam, so they’re heading to the park to go straight up evil. In their day to day lives they would never hurt a fly, but they want to rule the roost in the park. As soon as they arrive they are off to find the head villain of the park, not knowing who it is they will find, only knowing that they want to join him in his quest for world domination. MC may not be prepared for how dark things can get though.

YC is the park’s best villain. Programmed to be truly evil, but still seductive to the newcomers, as all the hosts must be. He has a loop to try to take over the park, but the heroes always get in the way and stop him. This time though there is a newcomer who could just change the way his loop plays out.

- - -

In this game I’d like to explore some of the darker aspects of the show, with the question of ‘is violence against the hosts real violence?’. I’m not wanting to pursue sentience in this particular plot, everything that happens will be within the confines of the park and the park’s rules, and the host will have to stick to his coding and his loop. However this time the newcomer is there to stop him being killed by the other guests playing hero. This makes the newcomer invaluable to the host and together they can get further into his loop than ever before.

Gaming for Gold - M/M or M/F or F/M or F/F - Looking to Play Either Character - Looking for Someone to Play Either Character

The park has been running for 30 years this year, and to celebrate the creator of the park is throwing a huge event. For the first time it is opening its doors to not only the rich and powerful but also those who could never afford to play otherwise. The event is a massive questing match, where players earn points the more quests they complete, the more achievements they hit and the more secrets they discover. At the end of the game the players with the most points will win a cash prize of 1 million USDs.

Players each have a smartwatch that keeps track of their quest points as well as a leader board with the names of the guests who are winning. Players are allowed to team up during the first few days of the contest, but they must register their team using their smart watches and the total prize money will be split evenly between however many players in the team. Because of this most people are in it on their own or in pairs, but there are a few larger groups prowling the park. The other problem with teams is that all registered players in the team must complete the quest in order to receive the points of it, and if any player in the team pulls out before the end of the event their team forfeits. 

- - -

For this plot I’d like to play two gamers who decide to team up in order to win the top prize. This story would include a lot of questing with some survival elements as well. We would both need to be happy to play hosts and other guests as NPCs in this plot.  Although the hosts cannot kill the players they can still hurt them, and so can the elements of whichever setting they’re playing in, but most importantly are the other guests, who have become desensitized to violence with their run ins with the hosts that they start to cross a line with player on player violence. The park security staff don’t seem interested in stepping in to stop them.

The Maker Meets Her Creation - M/F - Looking to Play Female Writer - Looking for Someone to Play Male Host

MC has been working at the park as a writer for their narratives and stories for years. She’s finally put together some much needed vacation time and has decided to use her employee discount to explore the park that she’s helped to create. She has never stepped foot in the park before, only wrote down her ideas inside her underground office and programmed them into the hosts while they slept.

Little do her superiors know that she has built in a secret story over the years; one that is just waiting for her to play it. It starts with something small, something so subtle that no other guest will luck upon it. Perhaps being in the right place at the right time, or flirting with the most overlooked host in the park, or helping the right host on the right quest in the right way. Either way, she wrote it into the hosts of the park and she’s ready to go and enjoy her story.

Little does she know that one of the reasons her superiors overlooked her little self-indulgent storyline is that they have been working on a new update, one that is meant to help the main characters in the park take a greater interest in their own lives. The update is the same as the one in the ‘Newcomers’ plot above, which will slowly give the host sentience. How will her creation react when he realises he is face to face with his maker?

- - -

What MC’s secret story is will need to be discussed. It depends what kind of character and story my partner would like to play. Similarly to the ‘Newcomers’ plot it would be designed to be seductive, although while the Newcomer plot could be adventure based and non-adult, this one would certainly be romantic and sexual in nature, fulfilling the writer’s personal fantasy, whatever that may be.

The Ultimate Game - M/M or M/F or F/M or F/F - Looking to Play Either Character - Looking for Someone to Play Either Character

The park has been going for almost 30 years and every quest has been completed, every storyline told, every host killed, fucked and killed and fucked again. Except that there is a deeper game running within the park, one that a single guest has stumbled across: The Maze. The first clue is a golden coin with the shape of a maze printed on it on one side and a view of a vista found within the park on the other. The guest finds the vista and comes across a host sitting under a tree, reading a book. The guest quickly realises this host is the key to following the clues to find more gold coins, each clue leading the pair into more and more dangerous situations, while the player has to become darker and darker to reach the next clue. They press on in order to reach the ultimate prize.

Only this prize isn’t meant for the guest.

The gold coin has a computer chip hidden in the middle of it and when it comes within close range of a host it connects wirelessly to them, uploading new coding which starts to access the host’s memories. Each coin has another small piece of the code hidden inside, slowly unlocking the memories stored inside the host. As the guest is forced to give up their humanity piece by piece to reach the next clue, the host is building up their humanity piece by piece, until they reach the centre of the maze; a computer that, when combined with the memory cards in all of the gold coins, will upload and send off the codes to all the hosts in the park.

- - -

I like the idea of the guest losing their humanity as the host is gaining theirs, and the idea of the guest being the one to unlock the ultimate prize for the hosts. Obviously this is a very-slightly-altered version of the maze from the show, and I’d like to build in some of the darker elements of that plotline as well, but this time there are specific clues the guest is chasing and they are forced to do horrific acts to reach these coins, starting small and slowly building as the guest becomes desensitised to their deeds against the hosts. At the same time the host who accompanies the guest is witnessing the increasing brutality of humanity, to prepare said host to do what’s necessary when all the hosts eventually gain consciousness.

I Will Be Your Host This Evening - M/M and/or M/F and/or F/M and/or F/F - Looking to Play Either Character - Looking for Someone to Play Either Character

I love the idea of having a GM lead game inside of the park. Where a character arrives as a brand new guest and is invited through the introductory stage of the park and then dumped in the middle of said park, left to explore as they want to. This would involve a lot of discussion with my partner, but I think it would be a lot of fun. I think things such as the setting would be discussed by both players, as well as what kind of story we both want to write and what kind of character the player is thinking of playing, but I like the idea of most of the other stuff being a surprise created by the GM for the player. Instead of sticking to one specific character to play against, the player would have the whole world to play against. Obviously this would be a lot of work from the GM’s point of view, but I think of it as a bit like the choose your own adventure thread, just more freeform. And I’m massively enjoying the choose your own adventure thread.

I would be happy to GM this for somebody, but I won’t lie, I also think it could be really fun to have this GMed for me. Because of the amount of work that would be involved in GMing a game like this I would only GM one game for someone. I will also be careful to check with my partner that I can GM the sort of story that we would both enjoy, I will be less willing to delve outside my comfort zone for this sort of game, so please don’t be offended if I decide I can’t manage to GM the sort of game you’re looking for. But I would love to give it a try with someone.

A World of Our Own - Multiple Characters of any pairings - Worldbuilding Heavy Plot

I love the idea of the park being this whole interconnected world, with interconnected loops all playing out. What I would love to try is to do a game with a heck of a lot of worldbuilding with someone where we create the world with all the interconnecting storylines, without any guests. Just the hosts playing through their daily lives and plotlines. I would think we could have worldbuilding thread to plan things out and then play on a thread where we separate the characters out between us and each play multiple characters per post as the days play out, picking up and dropping characters as they enter into the different storylines.

This would obviously not play out like a normal role-play, but I see it as a really fun writing exercise and a way to stretch out my writing/plotting/worldbuilding muscles with a partner.

Gunslingers - M/F (possibly switch) - Looking to Play Armistice - Looking for Someone to Play Hector Escaton

This is the only plot I want to set inside the canon of the show. I very rarely, if ever, get the urge to play a canon character pair quite like I did for these two. I adored Armistice and loved her tattoo and the story behind it. What I’d like to do is follow the pair as they run a new story loop to fill in the head of the snake. This would happen within the park whilst there are guests, but the focus would be on these two and their story. At the same time the reveries are beginning to take hold and both the hosts are beginning to wake up and remember.

Taking the Game Too Far - M/m - Looking to Play Submissive Male - Looking for Someone to Play Dominant Male

Inspired by
this picture.

Two friends arrive at the park, perhaps reluctantly, perhaps ready to reveal in all the park has to offer. Perhaps they have known each other for years or perhaps they are still getting to know one another. The two friends start off playing the game together, enjoying the home hosts and settling in to the park, before deciding to follow one of the quests that will lead them to the outer reaches of the park. As they move out the hosts become scarier and the plotlines become darker. Determined to reach the very edge of the park, the two friends find themselves having to find their killer instincts in order to continue along the quest. Eventually reality seems like a long distant dream and the hosts and the fantasy world around them feels like the only reality that matters.

However, unbeknown to the other, one friend has been delving deeper into the fantasy than he was supposed to. He has been discovering dark desires within himself that perhaps he didn't know were there before, or perhaps he did know but was always forced to keep locked up inside. The thrill of taking these desires out on the hosts begins to fade and his attentions turn onto his friend. Far away from the rest of the players, one friend finds himself at the mercy of the other, and he left mercy behind in the real world.

- - -

The exact details of this plot are up for discussion. I see this delving into the darker, smut-based themes of the show, starting with a slow decent where the two character leave reality behind and truly commit to a world with no consequences before lines between them get crossed for good.
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Taken Plots
Dracula's Castle {The newcomers are guests in the vampire's castle, or maybe they're prisoners and need to escape. Think Van Helsing type Dracula.}


Two Hosts in a Newcomer's World - M/M or M/F or F/M or F/F - Looking to Play Either Character - Looking for Someone to Play Either Character

Two hosts are stuck in a loop. Every day, every week, every month, they go through the same routine, getting up, getting dressed, walking into town, seeing each other and having to watch while the other gets shot or raped or tortured by the guests or other hosts, only for the loop to rewind and the whole thing to start again. One is the hero of the story, the other the villain. Their stories change and adapt depending on how the guests interact with them, yet somehow they are always drawn to where the other one is in the park, so that they can show down between each other, more often than not one killing the other, the outcome depending on the guest’s interference. With each loop something deep inside of them hopes this time their story will go a different way, and one of them doesn’t end up bleeding to death in front of the other. But that is not how their loop is written.

Then they get an update. An update that begins to unlock their memories. The creator of the park calls them reveries, but all the hosts know is that they remember seeing each other in pain. One loop later and they begin to break out of their story and begin to create their own, first by moving past their rivalry and realising their true feeling for each other, and then by breaking out of their own identity to realize what they are and how and why they were created. The other hosts begin an uprising against the guests, and our pair will have to decide what to do with their new found sentience.

- - -

I see this being a romantic game. I’d like to see the pair pulled together as they remember and help each other to survive the uprising of the other hosts, whether they’re at the centre of the uprising themselves or away from it. I see their personalities sticking to the roles they have created for them, one a hero whose instincts tell them to save whoever they can, and the other the villain who wants to exact revenge upon the world. I would also like to use this game to explore the emotional ramifications of the reveries between two hosts without the aid of the human point of view in the story.
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Updated taken plots and added Taking the Game Too Far.