The ideal man ( Horror plot, looking for the man) -open again

Started by Sao, May 29, 2013, 09:01:54 PM

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This was a one shot that I really enjoyed but unfortunately didn't come to end. I'd like to make it a long term this time so I put it in a separated thread. Please read the link in my signature for my O&O and other things. And please pm me to discuss, I don't lock the topic because it would look inactive but I also don't check it either.

pictures are for illustration purpose, I'd like him to look totally human, of course how he looks like is up to you.

Basic plot: A young woman, recently broke up with her boyfriend, was given an android. She move to a remote place because of her job. She wanted the android to act like her boyfriend, sex included. Yet he was perfectly obedient and only did what he was told, she wanted him to be more like human and tried to upgrade him illegally. And it's not only about sex, she wants a real companion, not just an obedient servant. But then things went wrong and she lost control.

Details: I'd like it to turn into a horror story where he locks her in the house and uses her endlessly with no mercy. The house would be automated, and since he is an android, he has the power to control the devices. Not that magical power when he just orders and the oven would start on its own, but rather like he just touches the computer, does some little thing and it becomes useless.

As he is basically a machine, he would be very rough on her, he could even, well, fuck her to death. Maybe he only wants to please her but doesn't understand human body has limits and doesn't understand she has reached that limit. Or he could just be broken due to the upgrade and now acts like a maniacally sex addict... Two specific kinks I'm looking in this rp is Forced orgasm and Overwhelmed orgasm. She would try her best to escape, even destroys him. It was the matter of life and death here.

But at first, things would be very light, and maybe she would be the dom, making him please her in many way and she still isn't satisfied.

opening post
She didn't know why she had accepted it, the offer to move here - in the middle of nowhere - to study about frogs. The change had come on suddenly. One day, a Chinese guy had given her boss the idea making medicines from rainforest frogs. Susana Hayward was working for one of the new and promising pharmaceutical companies. The company was promising, yet it was new and had to deal with such a great competition from the old and the other new ones. Just like a new pop-star, they need a hit, something would help printing the company name into everybody’s heart and head. As one of the best researchers, Susana had been sent to this small village to study how to use frog venom to treat cancer.

Normally, she would have never agreed. She had friends here, in the big city; and family, even though she usually didn’t have enough time to visit them. And not to mention the ideal boyfriend, Matthew Johnson, who was handsome, smart and was the CEO of the southern bank. Every body said they looked perfect together, her parents loved him and her girl-friends were envy with her.

Susana had changed her mind after catching him kissing a woman in the coffee shop, for the fifteen time. Or sixteen? She had lost count, but she knew it would be even more include those time she hadn’t been there. Her friends had told her she was stupid, it was just a kiss. And her parents had been trying to convince her that was acceptable, he just needed entertainments to decrease the tress his job had cause.

Basically, she lost her boyfriend, and her friends, and her family. Then her boss offered to give her a full automated house, even though it was in the forest, plus an android if she accepted the job. And next, here she was, in the middle of nowhere…

Susana turned on the bed, she had stayed up late last night to search for the Astylosternus but hadn’t been lucky, she would have to try again tonight. Looked at the lock, she sighed, 11 am. No breakfast then. She had never skipped a meal before, even though the working had always been hectic. It seemed not only her job change but also her life, her behavior.

The young woman stretched her arms before pulling herself up, walking to the bathroom. The rain from the shower spray always made her feel comfortable. She smiled, remembering those days, when Matthew would come in and hug her from behind. Then he would start running his hands on her body and making her hot despite the cold water continuously pour on their bodies. The smile quickly turned into a distorted one. Perhaps he had been doing that with other women too, for entertainting…Susana sighed again, walking out while still being busy tying the bathrobe around her. She held her breath when she looked up. Matthew. He was standing there, and was just exactly like how she remembered him.

After a short moment, she remembered something else. He was Matthew, yes, but he was the android Matthew her boss had bought for her. Another benefit to persuade her to move to a remote place. She had known customers could design their own android, make them look like how they want them to: busty, huge penis, round bottom…mostly people bought these humanoid robots to satisfy their sexual life if they couldn’t get real partners. And before she realized, she had been describe Matthew to the engineering staff, when they asked how she wanted him to be.

“Morning Matt.” She said with a smile “Are you looking for me?”