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Author Topic: Rachel/Ted's Stories to Make  (Read 890 times)

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Rachel/Ted's Stories to Make
« on: May 29, 2013, 01:05:15 am »
Lately I've been expanding my horizons on what I'm comfortable with on Role-Plays through one-shots and just socializing. However I'm reaching a point where I realize I want to start creating pregnancy stories again, and jotting down any story ideas I get. So I'm making this thread for just that purpose, and also because I have a new story I want to start hopefully somewhere in the next month.

(no title quite yet) - A pregnancy journey

My pregnancy stories have fallen into busy territory recently. As those of you know that know me I like to role play in some way, shape, or form that involves pregnancy. And I'd like to start another story that lasts much longer. I've had several stories get quite delayed unfortunately, and so on this story request, I am making a specific request for a lot of dedication. Please only put yourself forward for this RP if you are almost absolutely certain you are not going to have any delays or occurring changes that will cause you to stop writing for this story indefinitely.

That groundwork aside, this story was an idea spun up between Elina and myself. We brainstormed about it even though she cannot at the moment dedicate herself to any other stories. She gave me her permission to put this story out there though.

It is likely to be a one-on-one story, however there could be the inclusion of others in the story, more on that later.

Based in modern times, it's about a couple that's expecting their first child. The initial worries, nausea and troubles of the first trimester are well behind them. However as the wife's body begins to expand in the second trimester, she faces the unfortunate worries and feelings of feeling ugly and not being in touch with her sexual side more than ever. Her slightly conservative upbringing kept her from experimenting or looking into too many things sexually. And so as she feels sexually unappealing now, she also faces an inability to see too many ways in which she can enjoy sex in this uncomfortable and awkward time for her and her body.

Her husband however feels differently. He explored sex much earlier than his wife and is committed to finding ways to help his wife not only feel appealing again, but ultimately in helping her open up a sexuality in her pregnancy she never would have found otherwise. The husband wishes to do this to ensure that the next pregnancy would be a bit more delightful and less worrisome for his wife regarding her body and how she feels in confidence.

Now Elina originally came up with that concept and she and I both started coming up with various scenarios in which the husband can attempt to help his wife. It was one of those ideas and brainstorming sessions where before we were done talking about it, I said, "I really really want to write this." And I want to share some of the brainstormed ideas already with all of you, so I'm putting some of the discussion she and I had in here as well.

Brainstormed scenarios for this story.
The following is an exchange of messages (some parts cut) between Elina and I.

Elina: Married couple, she gets pregnant, and as her body starts getting bigger, she starts feeling bad about herself.  As she pulls away emotionally and becomes more distant and conservative, he sees he needs to do something to make her see how beautiful she actually is.  And so he starts over-sexualizing her throughout the pregnancy.  Basically, an exploration and renewal of her self-perception.  Depending on your interests, you could take this in different directions:
- D/s
- Threesome, where he recruits a friend to help her feel good
- Exhibitionism
- Or just the two of them exploring her body
- Anal if vaginal is restricted during the pregnancy
- etc.

Me: The idea of getting a friend involved, intentionally or unintentionally sounds like a lot of fun. And perhaps it'd also open up the sexuality of the wife more than ever before, realizing she'd like the idea of something like a three way at some point or another. And so if the character has that reservation in their life and though the couple has been close for the few years they've been married and have shared their sexuality, the wife never got out of her shell until this pregnancy with the help of her spouse.

Elina: Yeah.  And you could take even that in different directions.  Would the husband be present?  I can see a scene with him helping her mount his friend since she's too big to move around easily. Maybe the friend approached the husband, and husband knows that his wife has a crush on his buddy so he goes fishing for a weekend.

Me: And did the husband tell the wife that something like this would be okay? Would she feel horrible, setting things backwards in her confidence, happiness, and sexuality after sleeping with the friend while her husband was gone? Being raised conservatively that'd be expected of course. But the husband would likely let her know it was planned.

Elina: Maybe he leaves her a note that he wants her to do it.  If you like F/F, it could even incorporate that.  "I love you, Rachel.  I've asked
Jenna to come over and spend the weekend with you.  She's bringing a gift - remember that it's from me." 

And it could be sex toys or something.  And if you want it as a one shot, then maybe Jenna's had a baby a few months ago and is lactating, so you get the pregnant body and the lactating one into one scene. Maybe her best friend from college moves in with the couple, and they all fall in love with each other.  Wife's pregnant, and then they work on getting the friend pregnant.

Now I'm not saying all of the variables in this brainstorm have to be used. We'd be laying it on a bit too thick there if one did. However there's a lot of ideas there, and even potential for appearances of extra characters, extra writers. But I want to be sure the people I get involved in this story are here for the long haul and that they're fitting for the role.

For whoever will be playing the wife, I'd prefer that she have some experience with pregnancy to add a dose of realism to it. It's not a requirement, but a preference. And the thing missing to this brainstorm is the complications. There could be problems with the baby later in the pregnancy requiring the restriction of sex, undoing all the work. Or there could simply be the conservative nature of the wife fighting back if a third party is involved. I want this to not just be a one-shot of fun or enjoyment. I'd like this to be a story, a journey, and I'd very much like to see it reach completion.

If you're at all interested in this story, even as a remote or smaller character, please PM me, or add me on Yahoo instant messenger. I will likely have many questions for you just to be sure you're going to write well with me. Please don't take it personally, I just want to write and collaborate this story to a very length level.
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