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May 20, 2018, 04:45:36 PM

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Author Topic: Castle besieged! Defended by warrior maidens, princesses, priestesses, oh my!  (Read 453 times)

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Offline HymenBreacherTopic starter

Warning : Roleplay involves NC/forced/rape elements.

Thanks for your interest.  It has been maybe a year or more since I had advertised here for roleplays.  Two partners simultaneously had to stop due to rl emergencies, so I have 1 or 2 spots open all of a sudden.  Normally my games are qute involved and long, but right now I'm looking for a change of pace.  Please reading on if you are interested.

I'm looking to do a plot-light/smut-heavy type fantasy based roleplay.  Basically the story involves a castle being besieged by her enemies.  The castle will be defended by a whole bunch of beautiful warrior maidens, priestesses, princesses, acolytes, etc.  The enemies are greedy and lust driven (can be human or humanoid or monstrous).  In short, the roleplay will focus on the ordeals of the fallen defenders, one or two at a time.  No one single character will be the sole focus of the story (this is negotiable), and this smut-heavy roleplay will have my partner and I experiencing the last stand, the fall, the rape or gang rape of these beautiful ladies.  After their ordeals are explored, we move on to the next, and to the next, until we have had our fill.

If you enjoy playing multiple characters and playing their fall from grace and violations, then this is for you.  As must be obvious by now, I'm not looking for any deep plot, cosmic meanings or cleverness.  But I DO require my partners to be descriptive.  A single short paragraph is too little, several is much better.  I'll try to curb my usual style because I write a LOT.  I may not be able to completely stop this but you are not obligated to match my posting length, given a reasonable minimum.

If you are still reading this, there are two things I want out of this.  First, the castle will be defended by females only (reasons will be in the plot or can be discussed).  They are all gorgeous, and I'm sure looking at my forum handle you can guess that they are all virgins.  In fact, they are all totally untouched and pure.  Second, if you really enjoy having your characters dressed up beautifully, then this is perfect.  I want each and every single girl to be beautifully attired, silk, satin and lace inside and out.  Their outfits can be enchanted so a blouse can be worn instead of ugly bulky plate armor (although some warrior maidens may still choose to wear such outside).  They will be all wearing skirts and HIGH HEELS.  I love those, and these are the two things I want to get out of this story.

If you are interested, please feel free to go through my O/o and see whether or not I'm compatible with you.  I'm quite flexible and barring the two things I stated I'm looking for, everything from plot to characters to naughties are up for discussion/negotitations.  Basically we play one or two girls out over a number of turns, then turn the page and move on.

I'm available to play over forum PM and email.  YIM is possible but only if you aren't a very slow typist.  And lastly, I want to stress that while I'm not looking for a lot of plot here, this doesn't mean the roleplay turns are brief.  I require my partners to be descriptive and if you are intrigued by this please send me a message.

Offline HymenBreacherTopic starter

Want to clear up something.  There were some confusion as to the method of play I wish for this game.  When I said "forum PM and email" I meant the PM system within the forum as well as email, not forum posts and PM and email.

Sorry about the unclear wordings.

Offline HymenBreacherTopic starter

Update : Looking for 1 more partner for this.