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Author Topic: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!  (Read 941 times)

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Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

It's been quite a while since I've had a craving to do an FxF Roleplay but for the past couple of days I've had some ideas for FxF roleplays and have been craving some good solid stories with FxF pairings. Note some of the plots in mind will be more plot then smut while others are an even mix of both based off of characters in them. I ask that my partner can at least give me a paragraph per post I'm not going to be mad if I get shorter posts as long as it moves the story along just please don't give me any one liners. OK Now onto some pairings and plots Anything in BOLD is what I'm craving the most and character's in red are the ones I want to play. Also I do not care what gender you are in real life as long as you can pay a female role I will be happy.

The L Word

Harry Potter

Orange is The New Black
Alex Vause/OC
Chapman/Alex Vause

The Hunger Games
Katniss/Johanna Mason
Johanna Mason/OC
OC Tribute/OC Mentor
OC Tribute/OC Tribute
OC Mentor/OC Mentor

Real Life

Celebrity Pairings
Tegan Quin/Lindsey Byrnes
Tegan Quin/OC
Tegan Quin/Hayley Williams
Sara Quin/OC
Kate Moennig/Sara Quin
Kate Moennig/Jennifer Lawrence
Kate Moennig/OC
Kate Moennig/Leisha Hailey
Ruby Rose/Lindsey Lohan
Ruby Rose/Rachel Shelley
Rachel Shelley/OC
Ruby Rose/Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie/OC
Angeina Jolie/Drew Barrymore
Helena Bonham Carter/OC
Emma Watson/Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Watson/OC
Emma Watson/Tegan Quin

(More Celebrity pairings coming soon! I'm open to plots for the pairings listed above. Would love anything involving Tegan & Sara Quin or Kate Moennig right now haha XD)

Plot Ideas
On My Level-Shane/OC-The L Word- A new face shows up at the Planet and Alice is interested so she pursues the young woman in an attempt to get a date. Alice gets her date and the two sleep together then Alice wakes up alone the next morning. Upset and slightly hurt she confides in Shane who later confronts the woman about Alice. Shane quickly finds that she has met someone who is exactly like her, she doesn't do relationships. The two become friends and eventually move in together after a while to split the costs of rent. Alice eventually becomes friends with the newcomer after their encounter and everyone starts hanging out. After a while Alice notices something different about Shane, she hasn't been hitting on anyone or trying to even sleep with any women like she usually does and every time her new friend is seen with another woman Shane leaves looking upset. Alice eventually asks Shane what's going on and Shane admits that she has a thing for the new woman in the group Shane makes Alice swear she won't say anything but Alice tells one person in the group and eventually it gets back to the newcomer. Things get a bit awkward for a while between Shane and the new woman, Shane not wanting to admit that she likes her and the new woman not wanting to tell Shane she knows about her feelings. This is only a starter I would like to add more with my partner if anyone is interested. Also Alice will most likely be played by me as well unless my partner wants to take up the role or we can go back and forth taking turns playing her.

It's OK to be More Then Friends-Shane/Alice- Alice has been looking for the perfect woman or man to sweep her off her feet and the luck she has been having with that isn't so great. Lately all Alice can do is mope around and complain at points about how lonely she feels all the time. Shane likes to poke fun at her and tell her that she doesn't need a relationship she just needs to get laid. It's not uncommon for people to see Alice and Shane poke fun at each other every now and then but it starts to become a daily routine with the two. All of their friends notice it and wonder what the hell is going on with the two. Deep down Alice likes Shane but would never admit it, Shane doesn't know exactly how she feels about Alice and definitely has no idea that Alice even likes her more then a friend. The two are invited to a little get together at Bette and Tina's where everyone decides to go for a swim in the pool. Alice unintentionally starts to flirt with Shane and everyone can see it but Shane. While drying off and changing in the bathroom Alice gets walked in on. Normally she wouldn't mind Shane coming in and sharing the bathroom but after discovering her feelings for the woman Alice gets nervous, she tries to hide it but Shane can tell something is wrong and starts to ask questions.

Trying Something New-Alice/OC- Alice meets a woman at a local nightclub while out with friends and she falls completely head over heels for her. The two hit it off right away and start dating they don't sleep together for a while because the woman has a secret she is afraid to let Alice in on. Alice begins to want her more and more and eventually decides to ask why they haven't had sex yet, she feels insecure and wonders if it's her that's the problem. Eventually her new love interest let's her in on a little secret and that's that she is into BDSM and was unsure of how Alice felt about that so she never made a move towards anything sexual. Alice loves her so she is willing to do anything to keep her so she let's her know that she's alright with trying something new even though she's slightly nervous about it all.

I Can't Love You Because I Have to Kill You-Assassin/Target- Riku is an assassin for hire most people go to her to take care of people they don't want around. Most call her with targets that owe them money or that have slept with their husbands or wives she also gets a lot of business from different gangs. She lives in an apartment complex filled will mainly young people who just moved out of their parents houses and started school at the local university. Normally Riku doesn't associate with anyone due to her profession but one day she comes across a young woman in the laundry room and the two strike up a conversation. A few weeks down the line after the two become friends Riku gets a package it's contents tell her who her next hit will be and that is the young woman she has become friends with. The young woman's family except for her younger brother Ethan have already been murdered by Riku's affiliates now it's up to Riku to take out her new friend and her younger brother. Instead Riku runs taking the young woman and her brother with her the three are put into extreme danger and Riku is wanted dead for turning on her people.

A Place for my Head -Orange is the New Black- Alex Vause/OC- A new inmate is brought into Litchfield who has been sentenced to 5 years for assault and battery. The woman is young, 18 years old to be exact. Before coming to prison she had no family and while growing up the streets became her home. She learned to fight, steal, and sell drugs to survive, she loves no one and cares for no one. When she enters Litchfield she has a hard time right off the bat, she's small and the other inmates see her as weak and a lot of them gang up on her. After witnessing the young woman getting beat up and pushed around in unfair fights Alex and a few others decide to step in. After Alex helps the young woman she snaps and tells Alex she doesn't need her help even though deep down she knows she does. Alex knows better and continues to watch over the young woman despite the fact that she gets snapped at every time she does. The new inmate isn't used to anyone actually giving a shit about her so she's scared and doesn't know how to react to Alex's help and naturally pushes her away. Can Alex make her come around? I would be playing the OC in this RP and I would like someone who has watched the show and that knows Alex's character to play her. I am open for any and all ideas for this particular plot and I would love to discuss it with anyone willing to play the character.

More to be added soon!
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Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Bump for added pairings More Plots coming soon!

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2013, 05:16:25 PM »
Bump because I haven't in like 3 months

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Re: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2013, 11:11:05 AM »
Bump for new pairings and plot

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2013, 01:24:22 PM »
bumping this, looking for some 1x1s

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Re: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2014, 02:13:14 PM »
Bumping for the month, need more 1x1's

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Re: FxF Role Plays 1x1 Seeking Females or Males that can play female roles!
« Reply #6 on: December 10, 2014, 03:02:30 PM »
Bump. Still looking :)