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May 26, 2018, 06:26:18 PM

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Author Topic: Mordred and Morgan (Arthurian Legend, Long Term, M/M, Story Oriented)  (Read 407 times)

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Offline YaoiRolePlayTopic starter

This is based on Arthurian Legend. We have characters that are based on the characters but are different. Think of it like Merlin or Smallville, something based on folklore characters but have their own identities as well.

My character is Morgan Fearrington. He has a long and tragic backstory (I've played him before, I'll go into it more if you're interested), but long story short he hates all things non-magical because the kingdom around him has been trying to destroy all things magic in a massive witch hunt. Morgan lives in the forest on his own, always going naked as he has no need for clothes. The only time he dons clothes is when he goes into a town for something. He is an extremely powerful magic user, one of the most powerful in the world, having spent his entire life dedicated to the pursuit of magic, but developing the darker magic in particular because of his hatred for the non-magical world. Morgan has many abilities, but one is his ability to keep himself looking like a young and beautiful boy (16-18) even though he is well into his 30s. He does this to entice people to come into his forest and rape/kill/steal from people. He does only rape males that he finds particularly good looking. He also does it so that people will underestimate him. A young boy coming towards you doesn't look nearly as intimidating does it? When he was much younger, Morgan was raped himself by a fairy that also supported his hatred of all non-magical people. He himself has no knowledge of the event, but a child suddenly appeared and he raised the boy which is where you come in.

He named the child Mordred and soon learned that he was much more powerful than his father. The boy was able to do things as a child that Morgan wasn't able to do until he was much older. Morgan periodically brought Mordred into the city to watch executions of magical people, which were regularly carried out in the name of the king, to foster the boy's hatred of all things non-magical as well. Mordred grew up loving his father who was the only person he knew. They share a very deep love for each other that goes beyond any other feelings Morgan has. He would gladly die for the boy, though he doubts it would ever come to that considering how powerful the two of them are. The one thing Morgan does try to keep from his son is the fact that he is more powerful than his father. Despite how much he loves him, Morgan doesn't want Mordred to know that just in case he ever betrayed his father. The two of them have also been having sex for quite awhile, Morgan teaching his son in the ways of sex. Mordred has never really been frightened or resistant to this, and has quite enjoyed it, even more than he lets on. Morgan has also taken his son out on his trips to rape people, to show him what it means to dominate the non-magic people of the world. Mordred seems to quite enjoy that feeling of power.

Song inspiration:
Mordred's Lullaby- Lyrics

The story itself will be about the father and son relationship and how it develops. The two will recruit other magical creatures to fight against the non-magical people culminating in an all out war to try to destroy the non-magical world. The other characters in this world are based on recognizable characters from folklore like Aladdin or Cinderella. Thus we can create any characters we wish or even try to recruit others to play with us later on.

I do want a long term commitment. This is something I want to develop. I also don't want one sentence/paragraph posts. Since, you know, it's a story oriented game. Be advised that if you dislike incest or rape, this is not the story for you. If you do like those and fantasy settings, this story is definitely for you.
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