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May 20, 2018, 09:31:29 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for literate, RP Partner for Harry Potter, gen romance, etc. [F for M]  (Read 531 times)

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Offline rockstar217Topic starter

Pretty simple request, really. I'm looking to pick up a couple of new games. Typically, I stick to original, non fandom plots that are heavy in story and not just about the smut. Right now, I'm really craving some Marauders' Era Harry Potter games, but if that's not your thing, not a problem.

I'm looking for a M (character. Can be played by anyone, provided it's done so convincingly) who is willing to have a plot and write out relatively lengthy replies. I don't need 1k words in a post, but more than a sentence or two, if you please.  Take a look at my previous posts to get an idea. The more you write, the more I will respond with and I expect the same in return. Right now, I would prefer to play either a sub or an equal partner in a mutual relationship, but the right person can definitely convince me otherwise. For more details, check my O/O or Rabbit Hole linked in my sig.

1. A Situational Romance: Severus Snape has loved Lily since the moment he laid eyes on her. Then, it was more innocent, but as they have aged, it has become clear that Severus wants no one else for the rest of his life. Now that she has started showing an interest in Potter, however, he has to come up with a plan to make Lily notice, and forgive, him. Forging a relationship with another student in their year seems like the perfect way to show to her that he's changed... And maybe make her jealous in the process. [Pairing: Snape / OC]

2. Coming to Terms: Remus has always been the quiet, bookish friend -- fully content to stand behind his much more boisterous friends and let them take center stage, while he operates in the background, unnoticed. While this lifestyle usually suited Remus just fine, it also meant that he went largely unnoticed in his romantic endeavors... Especially once James stole the girl he loved right out from under his nose.  [Pairing: Remus / Lily]
note: i have always been a Remus / Sirius shipper, once they've left Hogwarts. I can easily see this becoming the reason why Remus turns to Sirius and their relationship could develop from there. So, potential MxM with Remus / Sirius.

3. Young Wizard Tournament: AU Trio Era. During Harry & co.'s fourth year at Hogwarts, Dumbledore wants to promote school unity between the entire Wizarding World. Bringing wizards from varying schools worldwide together at Hogwarts, they compete for the title of Young Wizard Champion. There are more potential champions, so there are more challenges and more chances to form alliances among themselves. Our characters would be 17 year-old 6th years who were childhood friends, sorted into different houses but able to remain friends regardless of social stigmas. Each are chosen as the champion from their house and form an unbeatable alliance from the start. Caught up in the moment of a win for their first challenge, our characters share a kiss and realize that maybe there's something more to their relationship than a strong friendship.
note: this is an old plot that can go many ways. please include a bit about who you want your character to be -- house, personality, etc. -- if you are interested in this one. i'm more than willing to play this game with multiple people, since there is such a huge variation in what can happen. all i ask is that you play a male character, OC preferred, but canon character is okay, so long as they are 6th years when Harry is a 4th]

4. Any Gryffindor / Slytherin forbidden romance plot
note: this is one that can be played with multiple people, but i have one idea that ties very well into #3 above as well...]

Non-Fandom Based
1. Zombie Apocalypse: It's been a bad year for the flu. Or at least that's what the media's been reporting as the explanation for the epidemic of illness that's been sweeping the state. Everyone tries to ignore it and go on with their day-to-day lives -- work, school, relationships, having fun... But then people start dying. The media panics the public, as they are wont to do, and before the real danger even starts everyone drives the country into an apocalyptic state. Store shelves are empty, doors and windows are boarded up, and the streets look like a ghost town -- save the brave few who don't subscribe to the media's madness and attempt to continue about their every day lives. They're the first ones to realize that something actually is wrong. Something far more serious than anyone could have ever imagined.

Death is typically a permanent state of being, but not this time. Now the emergency is real. Military units are dispatched and men with large padded suits are patrolling the streets nonstop, large guns in hand. They aren't there to help the public, however. They're just there to contain this as best they can. To stop it from spreading to the capital where it can do some "legitimate damage." But what about the uninfected, still living among the dead, dying, and reanimated? What is to happen to us...

2. A handful of romance plots. New neighbors, nerd / popular student, boss / employee... Shoot me an idea and we can brainstorm together.


Either PM me or reply here if you're interested!
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Offline rockstar217Topic starter

*massive bump*
Updated what was here and added a few new things.
I'm recently staging a comeback here after an almost-two-year hiatus. Thought I'd push my thread back up into the realm of the living.

Offline Asphodel Terrarium

I apologise, I play as a Hufflepuff. Unless, you can arrange something then?