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May 22, 2018, 10:52:29 PM

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Author Topic: Prosak's Funhouse of Amusement:Fanbased, Original, and picture plot's Ahead! MxF  (Read 1898 times)

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Offline ProsakTopic starter

(Note: Only mxf and maybe Futa x f. But only maybe. This is an expanded search. I have made these basic changes: A, I will play canon characters now. B, organized a bit more. C, added original pairings. And D, added plot's. No characters under 16. Any picture that may look any younger to you, is automatically 16 or older for plot.)


Hello, and good day to you all. I am Sharingan. And I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Here I have a list of plot's, and generic things I like. Including Picture Plots, and Fanbased Plots. My kink's vary widely, from vanilla, to some perversions. But not a whole lot. I am a literate male, and prefer to only play alongside Literate females. (No males or Futa. I may, play futa.) My preferred level's of smut and plot are, 60 percent plot, and 50 percent smut. Or, 50 50. I will never abandon you, and ask that you do the same. I wont nag you for responses either, and ask the same cutesy as well. I will wright two to four paragraph's, all the way to eight or ten! I also ask the same in return. I hope you enjoy, and if you see anything you like, please pm me. If not, and you have an idea. Please pm me. Also, Only pm me. No posting here. For organizational sake. But for a list of my kink's and Preferences. Please visit my f list, within my signature!

Don't Look Away! My cravings Lay Here!

Mass effect!
Female Hawk from Dragon age
Nightstalker's: Felicia and or Morigan!

Picture cravings: I really crave  one of these girls. Anything involving them will earn my eternal gratitude. (Some may be NSFW)

A demon, or Dark Elf girl. Maybe a Succubus? !!! *****
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Monster Hunters: !!! *****] (Both please! 1 is fine.)

My General Cravings are, yet not required:
Succubuss, vampires. Demoness, aliens. any form of predatory or dangerous non human.
School setting'd/School girls.

Fan's rejoice! Fan based pairings ahead!

Mass Effect:
Canon characters I like are
Liara: *
Miranda: *
Tali: *
Edi: *
Fem Shepherd*

I play:
Male Shepherd
Mordin*** (I just love him. He is just the very model of a scientist salarian!)

OcxOc: Races I prefer are
Asari *
Synthetic AI (Like edi.) *
Human of coarse.

Dragon Age:
Characters I would like are
Morigan: *
Female Hawk: *

I play:
Male Hawk
Varick Tethras*

Oc x Oc
Fade demon: *
Good fade spirit: *
Female qunari? (I dont know. Maybe we can do something sexy with it.  )

Canon, you:
Demon huntress*
Female monk*

Demon Hunter

Oc xOC:
We can create our own classes if we want! *

Game Of Thrones: this one is one of those things where I must say no canon characters. Lol, all to good. So good that I dare not screw with them. So, I will prefer some kind of Oc pairing.

Highschol of The Dead:* This would be like our own little version. Not in the canon world at all, and no canon characters. Only thing that stay's is the premise, and idea. We create our own plot and characters. I would love to make this one into more of a group rp. So if you know anyone interested. Then we can possibly make it a group effort. Mind you, I will prefer girls only to join us. And would only accept one other guy. But that is a maybe.


Metro 2033
Gears Of War
Dead Or Alive
Final Fantasy (Or fantasy plot.)
Red dead (Or cowboy rp.)

Dc heroes/villains
Marvel heroes/villains

Darker then Black
Ghost Hunt

Pairings... Generic... Blah!... Great for plot building though!

Supernatural creatures
Supernatural creature x human
Demon's (I like demon women. ;) )
Puppy girl/boy x human
Puppy boy x puppy girl
Neko boy/girl x human

School girl x bad boy
School girl x nerd
Student x teacher (Female prefered but can play role.)

Modern Fantasy
Scifi Fantasy
Sci fi
Modern (Not my fave. But if good plot, I will do.)

Etc (Just ask)

Allow my pictures to ensnare the senses!

These are all pictures that I would love to incorporate into an rp. Feel free to contact me about any of them. (One or two is meant for harems.) And yes, my main craving currently is Harems. So if your willing to play multiple girls that would be amazing.


I dont neccesarily want you to play the girl in this pic. She can be whoever you want. I just like the idea of an action epic. Much like Conan. (And bad ass women are pretty sexy. ;)

Neko's: Most NSFW


Demon's and Sucubi: Most NSFW][url=][/url]

Dog girl's: Most NSFW

Here is a cg collection

Plot's!? Plot's?! My kingdom for a plot!

Here is where my plot's reside. Original, all of them. Anything fan based is done entirely in collaboration. All plot's are subject to change, at request's, opinions, and ideas.

The queen of Hell: A young wizard, still trying to understand magic. Still trying to learn, and grow as a magician. Made a grave mistake. He accidentally, summoned the queen of hell herself. Binding her to him, and him to her. She is now stuck in this mortal realm. Incapable of commanding her armies, or of killing the man whom has unwittingly imprisoned her here. Now, her enemies vie for her throne. And seek to kill her in her moment of weakness, All a while, the wizard tries to break the spell, and free them from each other. But, what if he doesn't want her gone? What if... He wants her to stay? And, what if she wants to keep him as well? All thoughts they cant even consider. As they are ruthlessly attacked and hunted. While at the same time, a war between earth and hell looms over the horizon.

Vampire rp: Vampire male, x Female human.: In the year 2015. The creatures of myth and legend are proven to be real. It was not some scientist, it was not some video on you tube. No... It was the total destruction and enslavement of mankind. For years, vampires led a war. To have the total control o mankind. Taking away technology, and luxuries. Until, that years later. We lived practically in a mid evil nightmare. Old city's stand as ruins. Forbidden to go through. Cursed, and haunted. Humans making villages, and obeying their vampiric masters. Werewolf's, being peon's as well... But, recently it is rumored that a resistance has started. That, there are those who appose the vampires. But, as exciting an idea that can be. You, do not care. Your more worried about making end's meat, and surviving. Working as a bar maid, and owner... But, that night everything changed. It happened so fast. The vampires, who came into your business. They tried to use you, drink your blood. But, before they can. A mysterious man, killed them with ease. Asking for nothing more then a place to sleep... The next night. He left. With no good by's. Not even giving you the chance to thank him. But, you decide that he is somehow intertwined into your own destiny. And, without anything else in mind. You follow the strange man... (I will alow you to make her however you wish. But, I do requet but not require. That you are at least willing to play multiple characters. At least as Npc's. I was hoping you can play the main character but also the young girl, he turned years ago. She is obsessed with him.)

The Harrowing: FOR NOW, TAKEN: Unbeknownst to those of the mortal realm. The realms of heaven, and hell stay in a thin and fragile peace. thousands of years ago, the current Prime evil, and king of hell made a treaty of peace. Seeing the destruction, and devastation their ever lasting war has brought upon each other. And to man. But, the king is nearing the end of his life span. And, his daughter must marry, and crown the next Prime evil. But, to her dismay none of her suites would even begin to uphold the peace her father tried so hard to uphold. She knew, none had enough common sense, to even begin to understand what a war would do to their people. Hell, still has not recovered fully from the last Sin war. Seeing no other option, she demands a Harrowing. All her potential mates must fight, kill, and compete in a deadly competition. Performing task's, and quests in order to be crowned king. Only the last one standing can live as a king. The princess looks to the world. Searching, for the child of her old friend. A warrior, whom was loyal to the princess ever since the second Sin War started. But, denounced her title, and went to the mortal world. To live out a life with her human husband. It has been eighteen years since then. Aeris died giving birth, to the nephilem. Whom the princess will bring to be her chosen champion. And king. To compete, and to win. But, this Nephilem does not know of his true potential. Does not know what he is. And is currently stuck in his mortal coil. Therefor, there is lot's of preparation. And lot's to be done before the Harrowing begins at a years time. (For this, she can be switch, or MAYBE sub. But I was hoping for a dom, top female.)

Death? Or the beginning?: You, are dead. Yes, dead. Just yesterday, you were living your school life, when it happened... A sacrifice. The ultimate death. To give ones life for another to live.  Because of this, you have been chosen. You, and two other's.  To be shinigami. To help the restless spirit's of the world find peace. And, to rid the world of demons. Each of us were bestowed powers. Unique to us. And, given mission, after mission to write the wrongs done in this world. But, how unfair. Why did you have to die? To be left with no one else. But two men, you dont even know, and an angel... But, at least your given a purpose.
Man 1:
Man 2:

Finale! Pictures I really really like! NSFW: Every single one. I really really want to see a character based off of it. None of the Ideas I add need to be applied. Just as long as they are somehow used. I love the women in this picture! She is so seductive, and hot. Yet hot tempered as well. I was thinking she can be a teacher, or maybe a Succubuss? More then anything a vampire? She would also be GREAT, for my Harrowing plot. Who knows. I just REALLY want to incorporate her into an rp. But, here is an idea none the less. I dont care, if you dont like the plot. Just as long as we some how use her as a, witty, charming, seductive, aggressive, and terrifying women.

He was, a nerd. Sort of... He played games, and hung out with his friends. And did, what every normal 16-18 year old does. But, his life began to change... When he met her... His new teacher... She seemed great at first! Beautiful. Hot tempered. She was charming, and can control any man she desired. With fear, or temptation. Some how even women as well. And, one day after school... She seduced him. Showing him his first time... But was also a night he regretted. And rejoiced. Ever since then, she took him in. She took him into her secret, dark little world. And, for better or for worse. He is forever hers. (She can be vampire, or Witch. Maybe a werewolf? Either way. She is a temptress, and a seducer. Is she sub, dom? Top, bottom? Does not matter. As long as she is witty, charming, seductive, aggressive, and terrifying. And anything else you want in between.

(Or anything with her!)
 He, is a hunter. A killer of monster's and evil creatures. Ever since he was a young boy. His uncle raised him, to hunt all manner of beast's. Ever since, he lost his parent's, and his sister. Today, he has stacked a hefty amount of kills. And, has fought his way onto every demons shit list. But, he has met one, that is his match. And, maybe she can change his perspective on some things? Maybe she can help him fight off the legions of hell. And, possibly even save, the world?

The Wolf Queen:
I see her as some kind of queen. A wolf queen, if you will. Since she is a wolf/dog girl. Maybe a tribal leader?  I see her as a total top, who vies and fights for power over he mates.

She is so cute, yet sexy. A nice submissive for a role play some time.

Network AI
I see her as an Ai. Which maybe escaped from a government lab? Maybe she is used for top secret missions? Maybe for a scifi role play? Maybe mass effect?
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Added Vampire Male, x Human female plot. Edited craving's. Added picture list for demon's, and Sucubi. Also, Harrowing has been taken, and is for now no longer a plot I will use until I deem otherwise.