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October 29, 2020, 09:25:32 AM

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Author Topic: Ideas In The Night  (Read 772 times)

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Offline PartOfTheNightTopic starter

Ideas In The Night
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:29:43 PM »
I'm Part and i'd like to take this moment to thank you for reading this. I've not very good with coming up with random ideas unless prompted. (such as being given a setting or a particular pairing or even just knowing what gender you wish to play) All is well though! My muse has spoken (i've looked through things and the ideas almost literally hit me) and now i've my own ideas. It certainly beats looking through others request threads and being sadly disappointed when the one i like is already taken.

Currently I only have a few ideas, so bare with me please

On A Hunt

My basic idea was a witch hunter (around mid 20's to 30's preferably) has been hunting a very infamous witch. He/She has been hunting her for a very long time, along with many others. This particular witch hunter has managed to come upon her dwelling. Only to find that, despite her infamy and power, she's very young (between 16 and 19... i'll take your preference into consideration). At this point it can go a few ways.

  • She casts a spell on him, making him her personal sex toy (least wanted)
  • He legitimately falls in love with her
  • He has plans of using her (sex or using her magic for revenge or something)

With this I'm willing to play the witch or the hunter but i'd most prefer the witch.

At The Ball

I generally love the idea of a masquerade ball. A lot of ideas can come from this and i'm willing to hear you out if you have any lovely little spin-offs, but my main idea for this was a vampire ball. There's so many things i'd be willing to try with this.

  • Vampire(me)/Human(you)
  • Human(me)/Vampire(you)
  • Vampire/Vampire

Vamp/Vamp more than likely would be obvious. I'd be willing to add a human in there for a group rp if anyone shows interest. Vampire/Human the human would be food provider (obviously blood involved) and the vampire would take an interest in that particular "item on the menu". (I feel sick and twisted just for typing that)

I'm also willing to do a human or fae ball. Any variation of, really. I just love the idea of being able to be something that you're not (or being able to show your true colors for a fae mingling in human society maybe?). Can you guess my favorite holiday? ;D

Check In Or Check Out?

A library themed idea. Again, this can go many ways. Perhaps you're a book worm who comes into the library every day and the librarian takes an interest in you? Or you were dragged to the library once by your friend and decided it was time you started reading in order to see more of the gorgeous librarian. Maybe you're the librarian and i'm just a nerdy girl with a lust for the erotic section and you decide, one day, to help me live out the things i read. Feel free to come at me with ideas!

Dry Land

I don't really have any scenes set out but i'd love to do a prohibition-era type story. :-) If you're interested, we can talk things out and figure up a nice scene.

Feel free to check out my O/Os and PM me or post here if you're interested in something. I currently have 13 no stories going but i've noticed that people post slow enough for me to have quite a few and still be able to keep up. (the ability to read multiple books and differentiate between each of them is an exquisite talent) And i'm becoming a bit stretched out. If you'd like to sample my current workings, they're listed in my O/Os.

I won't outright turn you down if you wish to collaborate something, I'll simply begin a waiting list.
« Last Edit: July 27, 2014, 06:46:19 PM by PartOfTheNight »

Offline ZephySempai

Hey, Night.

Name's Zephyros, and I just came across your post here. I'm interested in your Hunt theme and would love to play that out with you as I've had an idea of such a story awhile back, yet never got a chance to develop it.

As you can probably guess by my Avatar, I'm pretty in to anime/videogames, but I don't have any trouble taking on a more realistic writing style either, so if you accept me as your partner, don't hesitate to let me know which you prefer.

The character I have in mind for this setting would be a hunter, 23-25 years old, who uses a Mythril Blue claymore as a primary weapon, but isn't a stranger to a crossbow, either. He has a heavy past, which has left many scars on his soul, and he most readily accepts his fate as an outcast whose never known the warmth and kindness of people.

To compensate, and to make a living, he has become a well-known bounty hunter. First, he started his career by hunting down wanted criminals, but as his skills increased he became bored with hunting normal people, so he also became a bounty hunter. His most renown hunt was slaying an ancient vampire said to be one of the most powerful in existence. After such a hunt, he is well-known for being one of the most dangerous mortals alive, which grants him much more negative attention, rather than positive. He regularly has a lot of run-ins with people and monsters alike who want his head, and his title, on a pike. He has a bitter view on the world and many of it inhabitants. His heart has grown hard from bloodshed and his trust has withered. The most meaningful contact he has now are with those who want to see him dead.

Yet even so, he unconsciously clings on to the hope that, eventually, he will find some stronger meaning to his life. His soul yearns to discover any sign of light in this now bleak world, and hopefully, he will find a reason to fight in order to make the world a better place.

Let me know what you think, and if there are any changes you'd like me to make I'll do my best to integrate them.

Offline PartOfTheNightTopic starter

That's really sweet. :-) He's just a teddy bear that needs the right cuddle buddy. I just know it. Also i'm sending a PM your way to iron out some details and set it up.

Offline PartOfTheNightTopic starter

UPDATED: not so tiny red text at the bottom... *twitch*

Offline PartOfTheNightTopic starter

Re: Ideas In The Night
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2014, 06:49:58 PM »
Updated the bottom paragraph and a bit of a bump since it's been over a year o.o