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Author Topic: Tales From the Black Stallion Tavern  (Read 509 times)

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Offline Kay TanaTopic starter

Tales From the Black Stallion Tavern
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:05:44 am »
I need a party of five (one spot is already filled) for a 'High Fantasy'/ save the world, D&Desque rp of my own invention. Standard races and classes apply, but I'm open to negotiating. Everyone will start at a 'low level' and we'll progress from there. That means low level equipment and abilities. Of course anyone genre savvy knows loot will be better than standard stuff anyway.
As GM I will of course control many NPCs, but this will be the one to stick with the group and will essentially be its leader.
Name: Arminas Numenesse (last name not used often)
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: N/A (The party can try all they want they don't stand a chance of anything happening.)
Race: Half Silver Dragon/ Half Human
Appearance: At 6'9" (counting his horns) Arminas makes a very good go at looking like the grim reaper when the hood of his cloak is up. Always seen wearing it, his dark cloak appears to have many pockets on the inside that you never know what he'll pull out from next. It also hides his wings folded tightly against his back. His scales have dulled with age and lost most of their lustrous silver color. His eyes have become a milky silver without any apparent iris. Can almost always be seen with his deadly scythe in hand and always at the ready.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Unknown (As GM i reserve the right to be able to do anything to pull your asses out of the fire)
Equipment: Dark hooded cloak and Scythe made from the back bone of a Half Red Dragon.

While I prefer characters to have bios if I did one for him it would ruin half the plot.
Pm me your character. DO NOT put it here. Any submitted here will be unlikely to be chosen as it would show you don't read and/or don't follow directions.

This will take part in the Light Exotic Small Groups area. I would also like to say that this will not be a sexual rp. IF for whatever reason something develops between two group members I have no problems with you taking it to PMs, but I will not have it cluttering up the thread. This may not be a very popular decision, but I've seen too many rps try to squeeze in a sexual element to appease players only to lose their original focus.

Don't worry about having any D&D experience as none of the mechanics will play a role. I'm mostly just using their monsters, items, and pantheon to supplement my own campaign.

Lastly, this will not be first come first serve. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like and take time to think through what kind of character you'd like to play. I will leave this up for a while, or until interest dies out, and will then pick my players from those submitted.

Offline Kay TanaTopic starter

Re: Tales From the Black Stallion Tavern
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2013, 05:21:18 pm »
No questions? Not even just to be curious?

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Re: Tales From the Black Stallion Tavern
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2013, 05:37:05 pm »
If you want my opinion, it's a bit of a mess. :\

Try editing your first post and cleaning it up a bit.

From the perspective of a writer and D&D player I would do a few things.

1.) Take out the GM-PC, it's not really important that people know about him in the first post. He's not really doing anything. He might be an important mover of plot, but you're kind of putting up your guy against everyone else's and that tends to put people off. So he doesn't need to be in the first post. 
2.) Start with a teaser blurb, stuff you can use to tantalize the free-form players you're aiming for. You don't have to give anything away.
3.) If you need to have a GM-PC in your first post use him to demonstrate the kind of character profile you want. Which, you're kind of doing, just separate it out and draw attention to it.
4.) Underneath that you should have a code-formatted profile. You can find it in the formatting options; it's the # symbol.

Code: [Select]

What this does is let you pre-format it for your players so they can cut and paste it into a PM for you. It saves them time.
They're some pretty basic techniques to spiff up your thread making it look like it spent a lot of time without spending a lot of time. :D

Hope that helps.