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Author Topic: Lovitoz's RP Requests  (Read 331 times)

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Lovitoz's RP Requests
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:26:27 AM »
Alright so I'm going to try an keep the plots short, last time my long plots didn't work out. I'll temporarily name the characters as Jane and Jon for the sake of the plots explanation.

Sword Art Online (Anime) M for F

Plot: This RP will take a place a couple of months after the start of SAO. Jane has been hunting for Jon for a long time now. In the early days of the game Jane and Jon had been in a guild together, her brothers were the leaders of the guild. Everything was going well in the guild and they were quickly becoming one of the top guilds around SAO. Everything seemed to go swimmingly until one day her brother's were gone, survivors told her that they had been killed by Jon. She did not know Jon and had never spoken to him before this event, but nevertheless she wanted revenge for her brother's deaths. It was never made clear to her why Jon had betrayed the guild and although it bothered her, it would not stop her from avenging her brothers. All she had to do was get close to him, maybe play the part of the damsel in distress in a dungeon when he is in the vicinity. There were a lot of ways for her to meet him

-That's that, I will be playing the part of Jon and you the part of Jane. She would not want to kill Jon right off the bat but instead wait for her opportunity, since Jon does not know her it will be easy to get close to him. As for whether or not she actually kill him, it will be up to you. Their time together will make her fond of him and him of her, she will battle with herself and maybe even delay assassinating him. In the end it will all come down to one moment where she can either forgive him or take vengeance.

AssassinxPersonal Bodyguard (Modern Setting)

Plot:A disgraced slave/bodyguard is now on sale on the black market. The reason? Her previous master had been assassinated in his own bed with her at his side, to let a Master die was an automatic death penalty for any bodyguard in the underworld. If she had been just any ordinary slave it might have been true but she was different. He fighting prowess was legendary among those in the underworld, so much so that many sought out to buy her from her Master but all had been turned down. Raised since Childhood to be a perfect bodyguard, her Master's and Mistress's either sold her to someone else or died of old age and was merely passed down to the next of kin. Not only that but her beauty was something that most could not put into words, one had to see her to understand her beauty. Even then, she could not erase the fact that her previous master had been murdered in the same bed that she was in.

Her deceased Master's family now owned her and were trying to sell her off to anyone that would take her, hoping that her fame would bring them a substantial amount of money. Yet they were to be proven wrong as her pride and sense of honor had driven away potential (sleazy) customers away and he negative attitude against her current Master's had made things even worse, causing them to lock her up in a dark and damp room for days on end surviving only on bread and water. Today was to be her last chance because today was the "Flea Market" day that only came about once a year for any who were a part of organized crime or just filthy rich. If she did not present herself well and failed to be sold that day she was promised by her current Masters that she would be sold to a whore house, a fate worse than death for any warrior. Even with her trying to change her demeanor and a harshly discounted price, it seems that no one was willing to pay for a disgraced bodyguard.

-Well that's it, this is where my character jumps in. He will play the part as the assassin, his being there is definitely no coincidence and I expect for them to have some conflict as he seems a bit more nonchalant than what a normal assassin would be. Apart from that I plan on having the RP steer to finding her Master/Lover's killers. As to who? I still haven't decided yet but along the way he will bring her along on more than a couple of missions

Note: I do have more ideas but have yet to refine them properly, but I'll keep updating this thread with new ideas every once in awhile. If you got any questions just PM me.  Anyway hope to hear from you :D
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Re: Lovitoz's RP Requests
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 01:44:51 AM »
Hi, I've had my interest piqued by your idea for a plot here. I'll pop you a PM too, so I can ask all my questions and so forth.

Offline LovitozTopic starter

Re: Lovitoz's RP Requests
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2013, 03:40:55 AM »
Bumping this with a new rp plot!