Seeing Ads Everywhere

Started by ReijiTabibito, May 22, 2013, 08:30:39 PM

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Just a quick question to the E gods and others - I've started seeing ad popups in relation to E.  I've got two on this new topic page - the double underlining of the words 'Start' and 'Preview' (the on that isn't the button).  Is this just because I ended up installing some sort of unwanted toolbar, or what?

And for the record, I'm using Firefox as my browser.

EDIT: Never mind.  I found the software that' causing the ad popups, it's not E.  Must have snuck in when I had to re-download my DVD burner program because a Windows 7 update made it incompatible with the OS...  >_<


Veks has made several posts about how it's neither desirable nor particularly profitable to put ads on E, so if you are ever seeing ads on Elliquiy it's likely due to adware. Especially if you're seeing browser hyperlinks where they weren't there before, or pop-ups. Vekseid has made a Resources for a Healthy Computer thread that is worth checking out.