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Author Topic: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)  (Read 2538 times)

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Online IrishWolf

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #50 on: June 03, 2013, 02:53:26 PM »
Alright Chloris, how does this look?

Name: Osip Voloshin, real name Aleksei Denikin 
Age: 32
Species/Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual preferences: Heterosexuality, dominate with a thing for bondage
Appearance: Aleksei is a shining example of a Suvorovain male. Standing just a few inches short of six feet, he is bandy-legged from a life time in the saddle, with a proud stare. His hair, what little he has on his head and in his flowing mustache, is naturally a fair blond but he has recently taken to dying it a pitch black. His face is somewhat angler but still good looking to most, with sharp blue yes, which are always watching. No scars mar his face but his arms are crisscrossed with old wounds, standing out against his lightly tanned skin. Calluses on his palm and strong wrists mark him was a swordsmen, with rough finger tips the sign of an archer but he currently explains those away as coming from manhandling wooden barrels and holding reins.
Personality: Like most of his kind, Aleksei finds it hard to trust those who are not Suvorovain but it has been known to happen. Its not that he thinks everyone is lying or trying to trick him, its just that their not of the people.He just can't rely on them, to go out of their way, like his fellow Suvorovains would, to help him. As a hunter of men, he is both patient and dogged in his pursuit, with a cold burning anger. However, outside of his hunts he tends to relax, enjoying a taste for strong drink and willing women.
Country of origin: Suvorovain Remnants

The Suvorovains are an interesting people. They are both nomadic, traveling the world in family bands (although lone wanders aren't uncommon) and tied to the land of their birth. No matter where they roam, they are always drawn back to the either one of the two islands in the Northern Sea, laying above the great Eastern continent. There are few settlements but what there are, focus on the production of rare liquors, most noticeably, Ice Wines. These are sold to the visiting bands and very rarely to outside merchants, visiting the islands, should the strangers bare a letter of introduction from a Suvorovain.

When not acting as wandering merchants, Suvorovain bands often hire out as mercenaries, serving as cavalry archers or lancers, mounted on massive dogs.They prefer to charge  Both men and women of a band are trained to fight, so that they can defend the wagons but it is a disparate band that chooses to let their women serve as hired soldiers. As a rule, each warrior carries a reflex bow or nine foot lances, with a shashka and a straight bladed knife.

Suvorovain men dress in wide, baggy trousers, which are tucked into calf high boots, with loose fitting blouse like shirts. Sashes wrap around their waists, holding up trousers and pinning down the bottom of their shirts. Young and middle aged men trim their facial hair into long, flowing mustaches, as only elders grow beards but no matter what age, they all shave their heads, save for lock of hair in the front. Women wear the same style of blouse with skirts, which are always divided for riding and long, uncut braids. 

According to their oral histories, the Suvorovains once ruled a large empire, which was ripped apart by civil war and then truly ripped apart by magical weapons and powerful magic users, which sank nearly all of their lands beneath the waves, leaving only the two islands behind. It is said that wizards who destroyed their realm, created the several breeds of massive and incredibly loyal dogs, to carry the remnants through their roaming. Wither the stories are the truth, it is very hard to steal the riding dogs of the Suvorovains, even as pups. Most have at least four dogs, if not more and only outcasts go without the thousand pound canine companions.
Skills: Dog riding, archery, tracking, swordsmanship
Profession: Bounty Hunter but currently posing as a trader in spirits
Character goal: To lay low until the family of his latest bounty either give up or until he gets close to the lord offering the bounty.
Background: Like so many others, Aleksei was born into a wandering band of traders. As a child, he learned to ride almost before he could walk and was quick to pick up on the stories of his people. His father and uncles taught him to shoot a bow from dog back and how to weld the slightly curved shashka. As a teen, he rode as an outrider for the band and was learning the art of deal making, up until the age of sixteen. Unfortunately, half way through his sixteenth year, the band was set upon by bandits in the night. Most of his family was either slain or scattered to the winds by the time the fighting was over, with their wagons burned. Most of their goods were either carried off or destroyed in the flames.

Gathered several injured dogs, he roamed in the wilderness for several days before finding his way to a nearby village. Luckily, the villains did not have family in the village, so his life was spared from a knife in the dark. Recovering from his own wounds, he returned to the site where his family's wagons still lay as burnt out husks, recovering a bow, his father's sword and as many arrows as he could find. Using the noses of his pack, he tracked down several of the bandits, killing them and carrying their bodies to the villages in the area, receiving rewards for their heads.

Without his family or their goods, Aleksei took to a new profession, bounty hunting. In the sixteen years since, he has tracked down scores of wanted men, sometimes returning them alive for justice and sometimes returning with a head. His latest hunt, hasn't gone as well as it could. Oh he managed to track down the man and killed him but what he didn't know, was that he killed the target within sight of his family's patriarch, his very large family's patriarch. For the past several weeks, he's been the hunted for once, hounded by men out to kill him. He's slain a handful but it only seemed to enrage his pursuers even more. Luckily, he was able to come across a traveling band of Suvorovains, who gave him a wagon load of spirits, to help hide him and even offered him shelter among them. He refused, not wanting to draw killers down on the family but took the gift of the wagon, pretending to be a lone merchant to throw off pursuit.
What you are looking for: Just some fun and a great story

Offline ChlorisTopic starter

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #51 on: June 04, 2013, 01:27:29 PM »
Finn MacKenna: A walking, traveling library can be pretty interesting. I had an NPC with a close role in mind here as well, just in case, but apparently now, accident can happen to that NPC! Which is nice. I'll just ask that you put in an actual age, and precise in his appearance section if there is any strong difference between his looks and his date of birth. Which can be pretty large, considering what some rituals can do!

Drake Valentine: Perfectly understandable. Do have fun in the game that has the luck to count you amongst its players! And thanks for the heads up.

Dashenka: Your character can work pretty neatly on her own. And if there aren't many females involved, so be it. You're free to keep your slave girl alone... So to speak.

Sussurus: Your questions are quite welcome, along with your interest!
It would indeed make sense for a trader to have her own wagon.
The main beasts of burden are horses and oxes in the areas the game will start in. Various others, including camels, elephants, or mammoths are more relevant to other parts of the world, but here, the horse reigns as king. If you have a specific proposal in mind though, I'd be happy to hear it.
There are plenty of other trade routes. The Long Road is one of the very few that basically goes around the entire known world. But there are many, many other trade routes involving going from a coast to another, joining big cities and smaller towns, or going across countries.
Finally, there isn't currently a definitive list of countries set. So you're welcome to invent your own, or pick one that exists in another character's sheet!

IrishWolf: A solid character. I like him already. And his mustache too.

Now, to kick it towards the next step, here it is: the OOC thread! For all your general discussion needs. And somewhat redundant with this current threads, because obviously I don't know how to differentiate threads properly. :P

Offline Sussurus

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #52 on: June 06, 2013, 12:12:17 PM »
Name: Vivian Saltseller
Age: 27
Species/Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual preferences: Bisexual, prone to brief but passionate affairs rather than long-term relationships.
Appearance: Five feet tall, warm golden skin, black hair worn short.
Personality: Friendly, eager to see new sights, will try anything once.
Country of origin: TBD
Skills: Good at reading people, skilled at math, reasonably good shot with a crossbow.
Profession: Trader.
Character goal: Vivian has a driving curiosity about other places and peoples. She also enjoys the game of buying and selling that makes up her livelihood.
Background: Vivian is the daughter of a pair of merchants. She started a shop similar to theirs in the next town over, but eventually grew restless. She sold the shop and bought a wagon and a pair of horses, and has been on the road ever since.
What you are looking for: Vivian's goals are my goals, really. Let's go see the world!

Offline ChlorisTopic starter

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #53 on: June 06, 2013, 04:24:27 PM »
Seems like a perfectly acceptable character. Simple and effective. Fits a good role in the game. Regarding her country of origin, it could be pretty much anything so you can wait for someone and get in the same country. Limits fragmentation.

Offline Mist

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #54 on: September 01, 2013, 02:31:27 PM »
So, It would appear as though this has lost a bit of steam or has moved somewhere else.  I'm very interested and would like to know if there is even still a game happening at all still before I up and create my character sheet.


Online IrishWolf

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #55 on: September 01, 2013, 02:37:03 PM »
Are you a necromancer?

Just kidding Mist. Well we did get an OOC and an IC thread open but I was only one to post and    Chloris, the game master hasn't been on the site since the end of June. So this game is rather dead.

Offline ElCapitan

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #56 on: September 01, 2013, 03:36:02 PM »
Pity, I read through all that and got excited.  Maybe it can be resurrected?

Online IrishWolf

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #57 on: September 01, 2013, 03:45:24 PM »
Hmmm, well I have regretted not getting to use Aleksei much, however this is Chloris's universe and even though it looks like he has left for good, I wouldn't be comfortable using it without his permission.

Offline raptorlady80

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #58 on: September 03, 2013, 02:29:32 PM »
Name: Nadya Jaelle
Age: 22
Species/Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual preferences: heretosexuality with a tad bit of bicurious nature when drinking heavily. 
Ons: Strong men who can handle a strong natured woman.  Likes light s&m (giving and receiving) but nothing too extreme.   
Offs: Child abuse, slavery
Appearance: Jet black medium length hair, black eyes as dark as the deepest night and olive tinged yet pale skin.  She is always bedecked in wristfuls of bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings, you name it she loves it.  She favors the typical gypsy woman attire, flowing full skirts, off the shoulder blouses enhancing her curvaceous figure. 
Personality: A spitfire when angered however very funloving most of the time.  She tends to be very seductive and sensual in her mannerisms.  She is extremely protective of her freedom.  She's extremely superstitious as well.
Country of origin: (I don't know the countries - couldn't find the reference material or I've overlooked something)  I'm thinking something similar to eastern europe.
Skills: Jeweler, Jewelry/Gemstone appraisals, Dancing and Divination (is there room for that?), herbalism
Profession: She is a Jewelry merchant and also fortune teller by trade.
Background: She grew up in a gypsy outpost that resided in the outskirts of a valley town.  She was born breech and sadly the birthing process killed her mother.  Subsequently she was said to be unlucky by the rest of the superstitious folk.  To make things even worse for the babe, she was born with a caul covering her face. Trying to save the family stigma, her grandmother taught her the ways of divination and herbalism.  Her father crafted the finest pieces of jewelry and knew how to best cut and polish valuable gemstones.  Growing up with an unlucky association contributed to her fiery nature.  She was treated with fear and loathing, and she rebelled many times when others tried trample on her ego.  From a very early age, she learned that men often-times couldn't refuse her charms though as she was a very pretty girl turned woman.  It wasn't long before she'd go into the town and flirt with the boys and men in the village as well as with those in her outpost in order to get whatever things would make her feel happy.  Eventually, she attracted the eyes of a married townsman and began having a secret affair with him.  But as with most small towns, secrets are hard to keep hidden and he eventually cast her out of his life when his wife found out.  During this time a blight came through and started affecting small farms and quickly there were whispered rumors that she was practicing witchery and was cursing the town due to the breakup.  The wife of the townsman was the loudest accuser and soon even the whole outpost got caught up in the hysteria.  She was forced to leave the only home and people she ever knew in order to not be burned for witchcraft.
What you are looking for: I really enjoy the fantasy setting and am having a blast at attempting to tell a story via my characters.  I hope all looks ok and that I may join in the game.  This looks very much like my kind of environment to game in.  I'm looking for others to collaborate with and to read and participate in an awesome story.  Quite frankly I'm interested also in learning how to be a better writer as it's not my strong suit lol.

Offline Mist

Re: The Long Road (NC human, Freeform)
« Reply #59 on: September 04, 2013, 05:20:36 PM »
Well, If he doesn't make an appearance shortly, I think we could handle creating something similar by committee.  I'll try shooting him a PM first though.