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Author Topic: Melding of Wicked Minds... RP Search Thread ( FxM, MxM, FxFxM, MXFXM, FxF )  (Read 534 times)

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Offline xwickedsmilesxTopic starter

Please refer to my o&o for the mean time to learn a bit about me.

First off a bit on me...

I'm female and have a job. Now a job means I'm not on 24/7 but I am off Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays every week so on those days I'm more likely to post back rabidly. On others I'll reply maybe once or twice possibly not at all. I try to not let more than a day pass between replies but lately it's been as long as my whole work week sometimes ( Wednesday - Saturday ). SO that being said I am a dedicated rper but I understand if you don't have the patients and I thank you for your time. Give me bumps!


 I like story, I love plot twist, and I enjoy ideas that are out of the box. I provide these and I would like if you provide some too. I am also not the type of person to just up and leave if something I don't like happens. If am iffy about an idea or something you posted I will ask you about it I hope you do the same for me so we can have a good time together.


 I like getting to know the people I play with especially since I am doing a lot of one on one vrs group rp until I get my real internet back. ( Which also leads to why I don't post so much during the week while I work cause it's harder for me to get online ) So I'll probably do a lot of occ talk or message you through the gaia chat system if your on it. If you prefer not to that's cool too I won't stop an rp because of that.

Where will we rp...?

I can do this rp in a private thread, pm, email or on an instant messenger.

Post here or pm me if your interested and we can talk more about it or jump right into it.

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Plots and Ideas.
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2013, 12:23:05 PM »
Still editing I'll have my plots uniform and with a legend soon.

Beauty and The Beast
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
So for the rp idea I have...

I want to start off by saying though this is a beauty and the beast idea it's not based off of the Disney version. This idea is not completely mine so I really don't have a preference for how it turns out in the 'end' so I won't be completely leading the story. This rp has lots of characters! As I said the idea was started between me and a friend that has fallen off the face of the interwebs. I've been itching to rp this idea but he's been gone so long I'm starting a new.


Beauty - ME
Prince but Beast under curse - You
Two house servants that are actively seen and heard from.
The Nanny human female but Owl under curse - Me!
The Butler and Teacher human male but cat under curse - You!
( You also have the option of playing both servants but I would prefer play at least one.)

Sub My characters:
Beauty's Brother
Beauty's Grandmother
The Princess: Once betrothed to the prince before he was cursed. ( optional )

Sub Your Characters:
The King: Your father
The Princess: Your sister ( optional )

Small Parts: Played by Either as needed.
The Kings Guards: They surround the forest.
The Villagers
Other servants of the castle: Rarely seen because the Prince as eaten so many of them.
The Witch: This old man is the one who Originally laid the curse on the Prince and his servants.


There is an Evil Forest outside of my village where The Abandoned Prince lives. Everyone know's the King disowned his son some years ago since then he was moved into once as the summer host to the royal family it's called the dark castle now... So often the one king's guard who patrol's the forest keeping others away from his son will ride down into town with a new letter demanding another village male. This time that letter came for my little brother. He is only 13 I could not let him face the cruelty of the prince. Only one man has ever returned from that castle and he returned so gone with madness he had to be locked away. The others? The worst was assumed... I would not let my brother be next so in the mid of night I slipped into the forest and fought my way through it's dangers until I arrived at the castle to offer myself in his place.

What I found inside lead me to believe I was in a dream that I had missed my footing and fallen that I was simply dreaming that my journey through the Forest had lead me to the Dark Castle. A owl and Cat that spoke to me warned me of the dangers of being here urged me back to the village where I belonged. I refused demanded as insane as it was to see the prince so that he could be reasoned with. My shouts brought me exactly what I asked for The Abandoned Prince made his appearance but he was no longer a man but not an animal I could recognize either. The words that came to mind were Beast, Monster, and Demon. I screamed, screamed until I realized the sound would change this situation none that I was face to face with the reason only one mad man returned to our village. I could have ran but I knew it would only mean that my brother would be dragged here in the morning. I could not have it happened I forced myself to calm I could tell the prince was not a patient being. I explained as quickly as I could why I had come.

He refused me demanding my brother and like the other two directed me to return where I belonged. I could not I insisted again even reached the point of shouting. So unwise he was on my faster than lighting struck, he threatened to have me for dinner the next night as he dragged me down into the dungeons throwing me into a cell where no light dare touch and locking me there. Fear crept back into me and I screamed and screamed as I heard him scrape his way back up the staircase. When It was clear that no one could hear me and there was no one coming back to save me I fell into dead silence laying there in the darkness wondering if all the others had been in this cell too... if all those men had been eaten as well.

I didn't know when it happened but I fell asleep and when I woke again the door to the cell was open. Their was a lantern hanging in the hall now and I used it's glow to find my way to the stairs. As I climbed them I realized that it was day light I broke into a run dashing through the area following the path I remember being dragged through it wasn't so difficult the castle was so unkept I could follow the tracks left in the dirt across the floor. Entering the main room where I had put up my brave stand the night before I found no one but the smell of eggs and bread cooking lead me to the kitchen were a man and woman sat across from one another in hushed conversation. Those voices... they were the same as the cat and owl. I knew what happened I had indeed bumped my head at some point last night I must have been barely conscious when they found me I had turned my whole experience into this insane dream no wonder they locked me away. I laughed suddenly alerting the two to my presence as I felt my head for the damaged area. I didn't find it and my laughter died off as confusion clouded my thoughts.

"If your assuming some sort of dream or illusion." The woman said with a sharp tone her eyes just as cruel and cold as that owl's had been. "You are mistaken, this castle is cursed. The knights have an Escort waiting they will ride you back to town and pick up your brother at that time."

A bit more on the story...

This will work as my opening post however I will not write in first person for the rest of the rp. I just liked the way it sounded for the plot. The way the curse works is on the three days and nights of the full moon the curse is lifted and the servants and Prince are in human form. Which is why only once a month there is a man demanded from the village. It is the servant's hope they can explain the situation and rules before the third night's end and the curse returns. The village is rewarded richly for 'aiding' the prince. Though the Royal family never visits the area anymore so The King doesn't know how little they are doing to help. The knights that patrol the forest never enter the castle grounds unless summoned and keep most everyone out but do not report to the king. Knights on this duty usually take it instead of punishment that would otherwise cause them to loose their knighthood or be put to death. In other words they are scummy guys. The villagers have no idea of the curse but assume that the prince is a monster in a human sense of the word. My character is 19 the prince is suppose to be 20-24 year old and the two servants are mid 30's and are his most loyal as well as his favorites thus why he hasn't eaten them. However, he still doesn't treat them to kindly.

The prince himself isn't evil he's just very spoiled and now also very bitter and short tempered. Becoming the beast has caused him to become more and more instinctual/primal over the years as well. My character is hard headed, free spirited, and a mother hen. To say the least they are not going to get along and I like that drama. Of course you will have freedoms in changing the prince's personality and image and if the ages bother you we can adjust them as well. Anything else that you want to know you can ask this is all I can think of for the moment. If you like I can do a follow up post but I hope there is enough here for you to start off.

Love Trap, Betrayal at it's best.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
am very interested in starting a rp with a small group. In fact I am looking at four people at this moment. Maybe more characters to be added if someone else can see reason too.

The idea:

I don't know what time I'd like to set it in I suppose that is something left to popular vote.

Medieval setting - The characters for this would be two princess maybe sisters who have love for the same man. The older is married to him clearly cares for him but is also very vain and selfish so her feelings are lost to him. The younger someone who secretly loves him and he shares his affection in her meeting with her in secret or trying to depending where the rp starts. There will be two male characters. Clearly the prince married to older sister whom wants the younger and another male who is either another prince betrothed to the younger sister or could be even a stable boy, knight, king, what have you. This second male will know about the affair between the younger sister and the married prince his interest could lie in the younger girl for personal reasons or the older sister for reasons of material gain or even personal reasons if you want to go there.

Modern setting - In this one the two girls could be friends or sisters and the vain girl could be married or dating the first male. It will follow the same idea the girl has interest in her lover but she's too wound up in herself to show clear affections to him. He's interest are slowly turned to her friend/sister again depending where the rp starts they start or already have been meeting behind the vain ones back. Again there will be a second male, best friend/brother/ or even stranger to the first male who knows the situation and is trying to alter it for his own gain what ever his intentions are.

In either setting I would like to play the vain first female, I know it's a shock I don't want to play the main character in my own roleplay, go figure. ^ - ^ So please tell me if it strikes your interest or if there is anything you think I should add.

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Couplings and Sparks
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2013, 12:23:23 PM »
This too will soon have a legend and more information.

Drive Me Crazy!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I am craving an odd couple rp. I want two characters that just don't get along or want to be together but can't due to society or their own private reasons things that would just drive a person crazy. If you have suggestions I'm open as for plots we can come up with one together or we can just make characters and go for it.

Example of Couplings
Roles are completely up to you I do not have a preference to which I play unless it's bold.

-Boss x Employee
-Cop x Robber
-High Class x Lower Class
-Royalty x Peasant/knight/Servant
-Angel x Demon
-Jock/prep x Goth/loser
-Band member x groupie/fan
-Family member x Family member
-Married x best friend / spouses best friend / neighbor / another married person

Looking For A big Bad Wolf
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For now I am looking into a specific pairing witch/wolf. Now I want to be the witch leaving you the role of wolf. You can be a werewolf, demon wolf, a wolf spirit, whatever pleases you as long as you have a human form as well as a beast form. I'm not shy so I'll play with both your sides so don't worry about that. ^ . ~ Also I play lots of settings be them highly magical or no one really knows magic exist future, past, present.

Now as for the idea behind the pairing I am flexible there but a few are:

-Arranged Marriage-
   †A sign of peace between a pack and a coven
   †A means of making a power couple for a run of position in a political magical world.
   †Ancient tradition of some sort still carried on in the modern age. This one the two could be clueless to the fact leading up to the week or even the day of the event.

-Power plays-
   †One character claims the other through spell or pact or purchasing or this and that.
   †One character is indebted to the other. Saving of a life, owing money, ruler/servent, bodyguard, stuff like that
   †One is blackmailed by the other. This can include one finding out about the others secret in a world where magic isn't known about.
   †In a higher fantasy setting say that there is a tournament where two champions fight for their pacts/coven amusement and the looser is gifted to the winner. This could also work in the arranged marriage.

   †Boy meets Girl just your everyday relationship between two characters.
   †Romeo and Juliet. Coven and pack do not get along but these two fall in love anyways
   †Star-crossed lovers just the two fighting to be together against everyday odds like wolf/witch hate or extremes like the world ending. I just love drama.
   †Chance meeting. Some event brings them together and it can spring off from that either being connected at the hip from then on or actually hating each other and growing more accepting to one another over time.
   †School days. School romances at any level are always fun and lead to parings like emo/pop teachers/student two lonely kids or two regular kids or even two pop kids could also be hiding each others secret or dating in secret to avoid prejudice.

   †Quest nothing reeks rp like a quest that two adventures fall in love on.
   †Wars! Government up rising, spys, battles, aggressions. It's all fun.
   †Genetic or Mutant experiments. Say the two were once normal humans who were altered into the supernatural beings. This could spring into different ideas like them trying to escape a facility, they are willing participants and partners who are used as weapons, they are survivors of some kind of world war that mutated them. All sorts of fun.
   †wolf/witch vrs Larger threat. It happens all the time enemies going hand and hand into  battle with something that threatens both their existence.

-Accepting Plots-
   † If you had an idea spark up at the mention of wolf and witch shoot them my way.

I want to be a succubus!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I would like to play a succubus. Not like feeds off you once and you die kind or lay my eggs in your belly kind but like a nympo kind that makes everyone around her sex crazed too... well not everyone she'll be able to control that element.
Playing with normal humans or other supernatural beings will be fun.
I want to have some sort of plot! Don't have to think it up at first we can just start and it come about just want an on going thing.
I will consider playing with other people.
I can play nc dom/sub/switch.
I like modern settings but I will be willing to work in a medieval one as well.



The Long list of random pairings.

vampireXany other creature

I do school at any level, any setting, any time period, any type. (magical boarding school? HEllz Ya!)
and any other staff member you can think of.

Future: You'll have to work with me on it.

Medival: Um sure...
Masqurade, ball, betrothal, prisonar of war, kidnapped, anything you want
KnightxPage or squire (I forget what they're called)
Just about any other pair you can think of.

Element: Magic or whatever, sure...

Band: Hellz YA!
Any time period, any setting, any plot.
FanxFan (XD 
MemberxKidnapper (XD!)

Angel/Demon/any other creature:
Any time, any setting, any plot.
Angelxany other
Anyotherx Human

Kidnapping: okay

Fantasy: Hellz YA!

Pirate: HELLZ YA!
any time, any setting, any plot
Piratexland lover
Piratexlaw enforcement

some others,


Fruits Basket
Witch Hunter Robin
SailorMoon ( I know I'm such a loser)
GundamWing (Hellz YA!)
Penguin Brothers
Princess Ai
Hellsing ( :: droolz :: )
Under The Glass Moon
Tarot Cafe
Vampire Hunter D

Many others

Devil May Cry (Hellz YES!)
Kingdom Hearts 1.2 (Hellz YES!)
Dark Cloud ( XD 
Final Fantasy 8.9.10

Harry Potter: Hellz YA!
any time, any place, any plot
MAlfoyxAnyother effin Character! <333333333333 I'm craving this!
And basically any other character

Lost Souls: Hellz YA!
basically any paring. Any time, any place, any plot

Da Vinci Code: Meh okay.

can't really think of any others I've read at the moment.

Avatar: The Last Air Bender I know ghetto and shit but I love it
Supernatural ( Your Dean or an OC Winchester and I'm in it )
The Days (no one knows this one)
Dead Like Me

Pirates Of The Carribean
Final Fantasy
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« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2013, 12:24:35 PM »
Below are post that are too rps I've started or joined and that died so I want to retry you can pick up right behind this post.

Simple Kingdom Hearts Open
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Saluna took a deep breath taking in the landscape standing atop the watch tower of her town, the wind blew lifting her black ringlets into her face and tugged at her clothing, it was true beauty. Her eyes spotted something in the distance... it looked like rolling clouds of dust... it was to thick, to dark, to fast. She felt a sudden panic as it drew closer. Creatures, dark, shadow, horrific, and deformed creatures that she'd never seen the likes of before.

"Father!" She cried jumping from the tower's roof back onto the balcony, there came no reply. She hurried back inside and down the spiral stare case. "BROTHER!" She pleaded louder but by time she'd reached the bottom landing she was shrouded in darkness. It' had taken her... or so she'd thought. A light from with in her traveled from her chest the length of of arm and settled in her hand. There it took form, becoming a tool, a weapon, a key, a keyblade.

Again she was on the landing with the weapon in her hand, it was black silver and gold. The handle ornate and surrounded her hand the end looped and pointed as if the golden sun, inside a star that was black, and a round that black star curved a crescent moon of silver. The shadows now appeared, showing themselves in the light of the weapon, some how she knew it had the power to destroy them...

Saluna awoke, she was somewhere unfamiliar. Quickly she stood only to slump against the wall, there seemed to be no one else here. "What...?" The last thing she remembered... the blade it helped her destroy the heartless.. but where was it now... where was she now... She needed to find someone else, gathering her strength she forced herself to move through the strange city.

Simple Start too a combining of a Vampire and Werewolf High School
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Saluna was practically skipping circles around Alezander as the followed the main enterance to the school. She was giggling and chattering about everything that came to mind and Alex was doing his best to pretend as if he didn't know her and she was just some annoying wolf trying to press his buttons.

Well he didn't have to try very hard Salu was good about pressing buttons but then again it was probably her childlike, naive attitude that did that. He opened his mouth baring his fangs and hissing at her which caused her to slow to a stop and look at him as if broken hearted for only a split second before she figured it was a game and perked up again slapping him on the shoulder and then taking off running.

Alex however would not follow, he also refused to look around to see if he was drawing attention. He just continued on into the main building to find his schedule room, and get settled before he would have to deal with any sort of fights or awkward confrontations.

It took Saluna a while before it was clear that she was not being chased by Alex, she frowned slowing to a stop and realizing not only was she concerned about her friendship with the others falling to shambles just when she thought they would be spending so much time together. She was also lost, in a new school, in some strange hallway, and after a quick look out the window possibly on the second floor. She have a small whimper and set off in a clueless wonder pondering if her and Alex needed to sit down and have a real talk.

Simple Start to a Teenage Idol attending a Public High School
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Salista sighed pushing back short hair so blond it was practically white only to have it fall in front of her crystal blue eyes again. She hated that Saluna had chosen to attend public school she could imagine the group waiting for them screaming and shouting like manics because being the idiot that she was the girl across from her legally changed her name to her stage name and now all the students were well aware that they were coming... She herself to had recently changed her name to Salista to match the sister theme that Salu desired. They pretty much just had each other in the end anyways. Saluna could read the others mind so easily even though she never seemed to express any emotions. "We'll be fine." She said twirling her fingers in her curly candy red hair "It's the first day it'll die down after that." She said moving on to smooth out her short gathered pink skirt and pull up at her white stockings. Salista's eyes set in a straight stare as if to say are you stupid? But Saluna just ignored it letting the bliss of real world surround her and block out the daggers of her assistant's eyes. "Besides I sing dark stuff high schoolers can't love me as much as they do some pop sun shine and daisy girl." Salu added waggling her finger at the other. Her blouse was white lace with puffed shoulders Salista never understood her doll like style just as Saluna never got her need to dress as if she was a street person with her green cargo pants matching long sleeve mesh top under a bright yellow tank top and all that insanity around her hips belts and straps and pouches its a wonder her pants stayed up."We're here." Saluna said giving the girl a smile as she was first to exit something that made Salista madder then anything else. If Alis was not out first then Salu would get mobbed and she knew this but still every chance she got to weasel out before hand she took. Alis jumped out as quick as she could to try and get between Salu and the crowd but it was too late and they were on her around her laughing and screaming and everything else the over excited did. Salista sighed heavy she half wanted to leave the other there to let her learn her lesson. Saluna tried her best to keep a smile and answer what she could people were starting to pull and bother and she didn't know what to do with them all they kept demanding she sing this song or that and join this club and wanted to know what class she was in. Soon enough before even Salista could save her school teachers were sweeping both girls through the bunch and into the main office.

Adam and Eve (Sci-fi)
possible looks for eve

This is about these two androids. A male and a female. The male was created first and while the female was being made the project was adopted by a government agency so the male was re-outfitted for battle. It's kind of weird because it was a co created idea so I'm kind of fuzzy on all the details of where it's suppose to go so sorry if it's kind of odd. Anyways the male is trained for battle and the female is held behind and developed slower. However the male is captured and reprogrammed by an enemy nation. So the female is sent out to fetch him she's also now battle ready. Of course he might not understand or remember her he'd be completely convinced that she's crazy or a spy or something of that nature. Now these androids are meant to replicate humans so in the original idea he didn't even know he was cybernetic just thought he was stronger, faster, smarter kind of deal so so far he's not used any of his built in weapons just standard human ones which he's super deadly with. It's kind of crazy Now the original project was to see if two artificial life forms could create a third life so that's why a male and female. ALSO because they are made so human like they are actually growing beings however eventually they are programed to stop aging. So she'd be younger than he is also part of the original idea that can be changed as well.[/color]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her pet name was Project Eve his was Project Adam. Their actual names a serial numbers from their patents in the us. Though as she was now on a formal mission she was given a real name and all the official paperwork to back it up as well. "Hi I'm Alystira Craven." It was a name she'd chosen herself from movies she'd been able to watch before she and her other half were taken up by government funding. Before everything became about weapons, combat, and strategy she looked at herself in the mirror she barely appeared to be over 18 in truth she was closer to 30 years in the making and many many more than that in research. She tried a lighter voice and even smiled this time. "Hi I'm Alystira Craven." She was drawn by man that propped himself in the door way of the bathroom.

"Don't practice to hard you shouldn't be interacting with that many people." He said his grey eyes piercing hers in the mirrors reflection. She turned to face him picking up a brush and starting on the pink tresses. He wasn't being condescending or short with her just concerned over her excitement like a father would. She was a logical being she understood the nature of her release from the compound was not a free for all but he'd designed and programed her to be kind, free spirited, to cater to others before herself, and many other traits he thought a mother should have. So naturally she had a personality that needed to be around others. "It's very important that you bring him back it's been three years who knows what kind of damages he might have or what kind of software glitches could have occurred." He sighed and the worry written on his face aged him even more. He was only in his 50s but his hair was already completely silver and his eyes the palest of blues creating that gray look. His skin was alabaster her was clearly a sort of albino but she never questioned his genetics. He'd created both Adam and Eve to appear as if genetically related to him. Another thing she didn't much understand he cared for them as if they were indeed his offspring, one time she'd heard he'd had a family. He never spoke of them and again she never asked.

"I understand, I will not waste time." She said finishing with the pale pink mane then tying in back into a single pony tail. His face light up with a bright smile. "There's a good girl, now go update the mission briefing before we send you off on your own." He said giving her head a pat then exited as swiftly as he arrived. She sighed this time returning to her 'room' if she could even call it that. She remembered before all of this military stuff she had a room that had things that would be stimulating to her age group toys and such as she grew so did the items she was allowed to play with. Now however she had the basics not even photos were allotted to her the 'bed' was a reclining chair that allowed her to connect to the computer systems. While she slept she was uploaded with data from matters as little as the weather forecast to high priority information such as location of under cover agents, military operatives, and other such information that would allow her to be shipped off at a moments notice. She never was though only ever prepped this was her first mission and she was running it solo and only because no other team ever sent for recovery had returned.

Hours had passed and she was stepping off a plane she was in a city still in the states it was reported he was here she didn't know why but she could easily guess it wasn't leisure related though he was supposedly being put up in a 5 star hotel. She could assume it was to throw others off no one expected that someone staying at such a resort style establishment was here to murder someone. From what they had gathered he was doing such a thing now working as an assassin she made her way through the hotel not bothering with anyone and no one bothered with her she headed to search the common areas even though she didn't think he might be here. After all it was a lead if he was indeed else where something or someone here could point her in the right direction.

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