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Author Topic: Prurient Plots and Perversions  (Read 488 times)

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Prurient Plots and Perversions
« on: May 21, 2013, 12:03:40 AM »
Welcome, [you], to the home of piece's plots, and thank you for coming. I hope you will find something to whet your appetites.

If you find a plot outline that interests you, please send me a PM. I would like to keep this thread as clean as possible.

This thread is an ongoing work in progress. I will add new ideas as they come to me and as I have a chance to flesh them out. I am also perfectly happy to hear your plot ideas, if you feel you have one that may interest me.

Any names I use for characters in a particular plot outline are there for the sake of simplicity in laying out a story idea. If we are writing a story together, I have no desire to dictate character names to my writing partner.

Child of the Serpent
Tags: Demon/human, M x f, Heavy sexual content, Public, Dub-Con, Humiliation, Slavery

Inspiration - NSFW

She was born under the sign of the Serpent, and that was the beginning of her troubles. Those born beneath the Serpent were outcasts. Her parents were ostracized for the simple fact of her existence. They tried to support her and maintain their lives in the village, but she was the anchor pulling them down. As she grew older, she came to understand the pain her parents lived through having her as their daughter, and she tried to run away.

She was only twelve, and she didn't make it far. A town magistrate found her scrounging for food in an alley, and he took her into custody. He was brutal in his means, and when he returned her to her parents, he returned a bloody and broken little girl. Her parents, in spite of everything, had loved her, and her father turned on the magistrate. It ended in tragedy, with both her mother and father lying dead, their blood staining the magistrate's dagger. She was left, sobbing and alone, in the home that had belonged to her parents.

Her curse followed her, and the house was confiscated, and she was turned out onto the streets. None of the townsfolk wanted anything to do with a daughter of the Serpent. Scrounging for what she could find, sleeping where there was space, lying in the kennels and styes and stables through the winter, she managed to survive. And the years past. The child of the Serpent grew into a beautiful young woman, though it was hard to tell from the dirt that was ever her closest companion.

This, too, proved to be a curse. Many of the men in the village, spurned after a night of drink by their prim and proper wives, would think nothing of taking her, be she willing or not, to sate their lusts, should they chance upon her. Often, she thought of leaving, but she knew enough to know that it would be the same in any town, and she knew no other life than this.

One day, everything changed. A demon had come to the town, cowing the population with his bestial appearance and his power. Such things were not unknown in the kingdom, particularly in towns close to the untamed wilderness, but it had never happened here. The demon's demands upon the town were simple. They would offer him one of their number, female and virginal, and they would never set foot in his domain. With no choice but capitulation or slaughter, the townsfolk readily agreed. But the ruling council and magistrates came up with a plan to try and dupe the mighty demon. Why give him one of their cherished daughters, when there was a daughter of the Serpent in their midst?

She was no virgin, having been taken many times against her will over the years, but they all felt it was the best plan. And so she was rounded up, to be delivered. But the demon was not fooled. She had no maidenhead to offer him. But for the first time, she found something she might be able to do to get her revenge upon all those who had scorned her and murdered her parents. Perhaps she could offer herself to this great, ugly, powerful demon in exchange for his help in finding that revenge.

Born and Bred
Tags: F x f, Heavy story line, Heavy sexual content, Slavery, D/s...

The rattling of chains cut through the background noise of hushed conversations as the first slave was brought to the stage to be auctioned. Around her throat was a simple metal collar with a single amethyst gemstone embedded in it. Not for decoration, but for control. Every slave in the auction was similarly outfitted. The collars were enchanted, the gemstones attuned to the owner of a slave, allowing a great degree of control with but a few spoken words.

In the Tyrean Empire, slavery was common, but such collars were far less so. Each one required the dedicated effort of a powerful mage, and so were used only for the most exotic of slaves, and by only the richest of owners. The fact that every slave at the auction was so adorned was a testament to the power and wealth of the potential buyers.

They had all gathered in the wake of the untimely demise of another powerful and influential lord in the Imperial Court. Most of his lands had been reclaimed by the Empress, but his slaves had been gathered after his death, and were now to be auctioned away. Most were exceptionally beautiful women destined for service in the harem. There were occasional men, successful gladiators. And then there was Jolhanna.

She had been born and bred into her bondage. Her late, unlamented lord had been an ambitious and ruthless man, and had begun training some select slaves as spies and assassins as well as concubines. But very few, if any, of his fellows at court had been aware of this. The majority of the nobility would have called for the destruction of any such slaves if they had known. And now she was trapped, and up for sale to the highest bidder. She could only hope that none of the potential buyers were aware of her special skills.

Her mind was keen and quick, and she was a tall, lithe woman. Well versed in the arts of fighting and fucking. When she had learned of her lord's death, her first thought had been to run. But she knew such a thing was foolish, for the collar upon her throat would make her easy to track down. Now she waited with the other slaves, her fate to be decided by another.

Will her new owner be unaware of her talents, thinking her no more than a toy for the harem? Or will her skills be found out, and put to use aiding the intrigues of her new owner?

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