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May 20, 2018, 03:04:44 PM

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Author Topic: Players for the Brennus RP: Heroes of New Sorea wanted!  (Read 353 times)

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Offline Tieshaunn TannerTopic starter

Players for the Brennus RP: Heroes of New Sorea wanted!
« on: May 20, 2013, 08:49:31 PM »
In 1993, the unstoppable Desolation-in-Light, a metahuman who surpasses all others, destroyed the South African city of Sorea.

In 2002, a team of geologists discovered extensive deposits of both gold ore and petroleum beneath the crater of Sorea. Soon, the local government in charge of the area asked for American assistance in order to rebuild the city and protect it against the ever present threat of Sovereign, the metahuman dictator who ruled most of Africa.

A team of gadgeteers and other metahumans with appropriate powers constructed a new city standing on massive pillars that reached down into the earth. They filled the crater itself with water, making the city look like it swam on water. This city, named New Sorea and opened for free immigration in 2010, soon became the place of an incredible economic boom as the deposits beneath the city attracted various corporations, talented individuals and fortune seekers from all corners of the world, creating a truly mutlicultural city.

Now, New Sorea stands as a shining example of human perseverance, the constructive capabilities of metahumans and a new economic miracle, as the success of New Sorea also revitalized the surrounding country.

Unfortunately, this success also attracted many unsavory characters, chief among whom is a new branch of the Black Panther supervillain group, the white supremacist Foresters and, most recently, the mysterious organization only known as 'Shade'. Now, after two years of largely unsuccessful attempts to fight corruption and crime, the local government has requested help from the United Heroes, who have dispatched Severance, a seasoned hero, to organize the local heroic metahuman population into a fighting force.

Due to the lack of metahuman muscle, Severance has decided to throw both teenage and adult superheroes into one group until such a time as their ranks grow enough to create a Junior division.

You are these first heroes recruited by Severance. Whether you were born around New Sorea or have just moved there, you have, for whatever reason, decided to be a hero and joined the fight against the numerically superior supervillains and criminals. Your adventure starts on August 1st of the year 2012, in the middle of spring.


This RP uses the Mutants & Masterminds 3E rules. You only need the Hero's Handbook to play, though I would also recommend the Power Profiles, as they both give good suggestions as well as clarify some questions left open or unclear by the core rules. You can find the core rules under

As this is a rather dark setting, everything goes, though I'll ask you to remember that here at least, you are supposed to be the heroes - which doesn't mean that you have to be perfect.

The ratio of story, combat and sexual content is supposed to be about 6:3:1. However, we all know the difference between theory and practice...

Please pay attention to proper spelling and grammar. You won't be kicked out just for making the occasional mistakes, but repeated attrocious writing may lead to you having to rewrite your posts before they will be accepted.

Proper etiquette is mandatory! Be nice and you'll be treated nicely as well!

Character Creation

Please send a short description of your character concept to me via elliquy messaging. We will discuss it, then you can fill out one of the electronic character sheets you can find for free online and send it to me via e-mail. We will send them around until your character is ready and satisfies both you and the needs of the story.

Starting Power Level is 10 and you get 150 Power Points.

Further Information

This RP is based on my web novel "Brennus", which you can find in my wordpress-blog (link in my signature). You should at least read the "Introduction to Metahuman Studies" chapter, specifically parts 2 & 3, as they discuss the most crucial rules of how metahuman powers are classified in my setting and how powers are aquired. To fully enjoy this RP, you'll need to start from the beginning and follow the story as it progresses, as many elements of the main series will be touched upon in this RP. The RP itself is not canon, though parts of it may become part of the main storyline.
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