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Author Topic: Couple idea's of interest  (Read 694 times)

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Couple idea's of interest
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:26:54 am »
Hello all, new to E and this is my first post as I seek role-play success here. I am about to list 2 ideas that have been on my mind most as of late but of course am always for mixing and matching along with creating or filling other ideas too. Please feel free to PM, instant message or email me if you would like to get to know me better. As far as role-plays go I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and like for plays to move at a smooth quick pace. I do not believe in post length restrictions and minimums as all roles/scenes/setting require different responses throughout a play. Again, these are just a couple of ideas I have had recently and would love for someone to help me fulfill either of them.

1.   Young and Fun.

This is idea is focused around two young couples and its focus can be mixed and matched as to which 2 players are to be used during each play (or of course can take turns playing all 4). Cole and Sammi have been together for years but have always had a long distant relationship due to Cole’s slightly older age and having headed off to college 2 full years ahead of Sammi and in a different state than her. Cole, 24, having just acquired his Master’s degree has always been hard working and determined. He knew the path he needed to take to reach his objectives and was willing to make a long-term commitment to Sammi during their time apart. Like any couple (especially those in long distant relationships) they have always had their fair share of fights but in the end things were always resolved. Sammi, 21, remains in college, working toward becoming a nurse, a job she anxiously awaits and loves every moment caring for others. Sammi is a sweetheart and comes from a family of all girls, her being the youngest. A true country girl with a great heart, body and mind of fun. With Cole and Sammi’s relationship having mostly been long distant the messages and conversations they engage in cover a variety of topics, including sex, which due to the nature of being apart the majority of the time has brought about some interesting topics. At this point in time it’s only fitting to introduce the second couple- Trevor and Nikki. Trevor, also 24, long time friend of Cole’s went a different route after high school and went straight to the workforce. Trevor has always been a party guy, a good-natured, fun-loving guy who is rather blunt and straight to the point. He is the type of guy who can chit chat with anyone, but his passion lies in the outdoors around secluded woods where he can enjoy a favorite beer and kick back to a relaxing fire. His long-time girlfriend Nikki, 23, is also mutual friends with both Cole and Sammi. Nikki gave junior college a shot but it simply was not for her. Her pleasing looks, dedication and work ethic have always helped her land jobs, but has yet to find that one meaningful position she could see herself doing for the rest of her life. Trevor and Nikki  have lived together in various apartments around the 4’s (both couples) hometown, but recently just settled into a small apartment that sits on the side of a small lake about 20 minutes or so from the small dying hometown.

   The background of the story is like this, a few years ago during one of the holiday breaks the 4 of them were hanging out at one of Trevor and Nikki’s apartment. Alcohol and hanging out was on the agenda but of course for the guys having 2 attractive young women to their disposal much more was always brewing. One night those brewing thoughts came to fruition and the couples engaged in an interesting switch of partners. Now, this initial switch was nothing all out but clothing came off and pleasure was had by all involved. Since that night, the two couples have engaged in several other nights of similar activities, however, Cole’s education has always limited just how much all 4 of them could get together. Of course there were visits made by both couples here and there but nothing weekly was ever the norm. Another twist to the situation was Nikki. The other 3 (Cole, Sammi and Trevor) seemed to always be on the same page as far as things went sexually. Nikki, however, was always considered a wild card and there were always nights that things could have taken place but for whatever reason her mind was not with it, limiting the group to casual hangouts. This of course bothered both guys, having 2 attractive girls who were willing to have fun both together and with opposite partners was the most ideal situation imaginable. Both girls brought differences in bodies to both guys (Sammi- chest, Nikki- ass) and both loved the ability to enjoy these differences when the setting allowed. Nikki could be all out fun, even being the initiator some nights or she could be reserved and downright awkward others. It was her image she was concerned about most, because of course all the hanging out together both couples did lead to speculation amongst their friends but no one ever had any hard proof that this type of fun was occurring. Due to Nikki’s resistance Cole and Sammi with their distant relationship would discuss this matter at length. Cole had grew very fond of seeing Sammi interact with Trevor throughout these fun nights (pretty much everything took place except full on switching sex between the two sets of couples) and he wanted more. As the two talked, their fantasies were revealed. Cole loved seeing Sammi enjoy during the drunken escapades they were fortunate to engage in when Nikki permitted. Sammi relished them as well, having such a sexual connection with Trevor; she craved for his experienced touch but only from a physical perspective. Nikki’s sometimes frequent difficultness had caused the 3 to become irritated to the thought of wasting open possibilities for fun, and the 3 with Coles permission of course began engaging in small acts on their own without Nikki involved. Cole of course was jealous that things were lopsided but couldn’t resist the image of sharing his stunning girlfriend with Trevor if the opportunity arose. The 3 of them had kept intact the initial unspoken agreement and Sammi would only engage in oral activities during this time with Trevor but that didn’t mean more wasn’t thought about and discussed with Cole. At this point, Trevor and Nikki would have their own discussions (but alcohol would need to be involved) about potentially wanting a 3 some for themselves. Trevor would bring this about while after a night of drinking together ( as it’s the only way Nikki seemed to allow open discussion of the topic) but while they would engage in fun with one another he would mention possibly adding someone else into things in which the frequent first name out of Nikki’s mouth would be “like Sammi,” much to his pleasure he remained calm in response but given the recent solo fun he had engaged in with the other couple he could only hope to one day get both Sammi and Nikki in his bed together.

For the first time in many years summer was approaching and Cole’s schedule was at the moment free. He had not spent more than a few weeks at a time at home in years. Sammi was of course ecstatic to have her boyfriend coming home for an entire 3 months. Cole and Trevor had of course already began the scheming, hoping to enjoy the lake side apartment as much as Trevor and Nikki’s schedule would allow, both of course hoping for some extracurricular fun along the way. Yes, the summer of 2013 was about to get underway and for the first time in a longtime both couples were going to be living 20 minutes within each other. 
Seeking- Someone to fulfill the main role of Trevor (or for bi angle Nikki as the main character is acceptable as well) as I aim to play Sammi. Being able to flexibly play Nikki and Cole when appropriate is preferred.

First Couple- Cole and Sammi

Second Couple- Trevor and Nikki

2. Emily's new home

Family life:

Emily comes from a very stable family having grown up just south of the ‘burgh. The daughter of a high school math teacher and varsity head football coach, Emily has grown to love all sports and even covered teams while in college obtaining her degree. Her mother is prenatal nurse at Pittsburgh’s well-known Children’s hospital. Emily has one younger brother, who still lives at home. She is very close with all of her family which is why she elected to stay close by during her college years but since obtaining her degree she is starting to realize she needs to branch out in order to find success.

College Years:

Emily has always loved the city of Pittsburgh and equally the closeness of her hometown and family. When she was not busy with schoolwork or with her job following and writing about athletic teams she spent time on weekends at home with her family. She was always focused on making the right people happy and strengthening her connections on campus. She was always a hit on-campus amongst her friends, especially the guys- given her natural attractive look and her love for the city’s sports teams. Like most during their college years, Emily had her handful of boyfriends here and there but what made her different was the seriousness in which her relationships were, or lacked for the best term. She kept even her most serious relationship “friendly” and never got in too deep. Emily graduated with high honors: Summa Cum Laude, but the only job offer she received after graduation was for a low-level fashion blog in the city of Pittsburgh.

Emily’s Summer:
Having grown up and went to school in the city she loved, Emily was set on staying in Pittsburgh for good. Like any girl she was having the time of her life, having received her degree, weather was turning for the summer season, her family and closest friends were right nearby. There was one major flaw however; she didn’t yet have that dream job. She had applied everywhere in the city, and though well-qualified places were just not hiring. She was frustrated and ready for something new…something different. The job market had forced Emily into a unique situation and one she had never been in before. Her parent’s insisted she try applying to other cities across the country, knowing she could easily get the job of her dreams in another city, she refused. After graduation she moved back in with her parents and had started her own blog, as something to help her deal with her current frustrated situation. Some days she would write a lot, others only a statement. She would write about the weather, politics, her daily events and yes, of course…sports. It wasn’t until early May that one of her good childhood friends came to her with an idea for her summer….until she could find a job. Her friend, Jon, came from a wealthy family and had a family cottage/house on a small lake located in Southwestern New York, just north of the Pennsylvania border. Jon, who had given college a try found out quickly it was not for him and instead remained in town working under his father to earn a living. His idea for Emily was to move up to the family’s cottage on the lake to get away from her current life, to start new. It would only be for the nice summer months, as Northern PA/Southern NY is the snow capital of the world. The cottage was nothing special, pictures Jon showed her showed as much. It was a basic 2 story lakefront house around a small lake town. The house hadn’t seen any kind of major renovation since the 70’s but it was a functioning structure with plenty of rooms, kitchen, furniture, bikes, kayaks, fire pit and a dock to enjoy. The more they discussed, the more Emily grew with the idea, she could still blog, search for jobs, enjoy peace and quiet, gather her thoughts and envision her future. The summer of 2013 could be hers, to lay around, blog, tan, enjoy the outdoors and the small lake and its town all at a minimal cost to Jon’s family who welcomed a long-term tenant at the house, so that his father wouldn’t have to make many frequent trips that direction, to prepare for their annual 4th of July celebration, etc. The recent graduate was set on the idea, and couldn’t wait to arrive to Lakeside!

Seeking: Ideas and roles for residents of Lakeside, NY of all ages and occupations, neighbors, etc.

Emily Mitchell

Summer for Sisters (incest/Bi)

Nicole, 22, was the middle sister, Jo, 21, the youngest in a family of three. All the boys in the town were drawn to them for their natural beauty and pleasing bodies. Nicole’s semester at college had just ended as she was set to head into her 5th year as a super senior. Jo had lost herself a year in school as well when she transferred back home after the traumatic event of losing their father in a freak accident just 1 year ago. Their oldest sister has just accepted a full time job, moved out and is living in the nearby city with her boyfriend who neither sister is particularly fond of. The girls are from a small town and live on a simple dead end, dirt, country road. With their father now gone, mother working a full time job, and the oldest sister having moved out, the girls are responsible for the upkeep of the house during the summer months. The house is situated on a good amount of land, with a big yard and lots of woods. Tasks such as opening and maintaining the pool, keeping the lawn mowed, and general house chores as well as maintaining their part-time jobs for some cash are even more essential now. With their mother moving to a full time job since the accident, it was going to be Nicole and Jo’s responsibility to help maintain the house during the summer months since both were home. During their time together both open up a bit more to each other and  discuss everything from boys to college experiences they have faced, but with it just being the 2 of them together most of the time their bond would grow stronger.
Seeking someone to play the middle sister Nicole. She has her handful of boyfriends and fun but with the last controlling one she has hit a wall and only currently seeks to be friends with guys.

Neighbor Fling

Diane, a middle aged widow is set to retire from the states school system where she worked for several years as an aide. Of her two children, her daughter was recently married and has moved away from the area, her youngest son just graduated college and has moved back home to continue the job search. Diane was married for several years to a successful engineer who acquired a rare disease and passed away a few years ago. With her husband’s success she chose to work in the school system to give her something to do, while enjoying summers off. Money is a non-factor as she and her kids are well off. With her retirement approaching she is considering leaving the small community in which the house is located and moving closer to her daughter, whose career is just starting to take off. Her son is looking to break into the job market but hasn’t had much success. A longtime neighborhood friend of her sons is also back at home. The houses sit directly across the street from one another and both boys are in the job market after having graduated from school, moving back in to cut expenses as they search. Diane being neighborly is trying to give the boys as much work she can while also paying some on the side (tending the lawn, routine summer maintenance on the house, preparing/maintaining the pool, etc). Joe, the neighbor and longtime friend of her son hasn’t been around much during his college years as he went to school much further away than most. There is a relatively decent change in people of the course of 4-5 years but Joe and the rest of the group of friends would always joke to the son about how attractive his mom was. This was always done in playful banter but Diane was a good-looking mother and had tried to keep herself in shape and with the times as much as possible. Over the course of the last few years she had started dating some, but every attempt was fizzled out as a connection always failed between her and her date, perhaps it was because of her kids or for other reasons but things never worked out. Joe, had actually been in a long-term relationship with a girl from the hometown area during his college years and Diane knew the girl and her family, always having thought very high of her and even wishing that her son, long ago, would have given the shot at dating her but things just didn’t work out. Anyways, the summer months are approaching; Diane is having much more contact with the longtime neighbor Joe, could the age difference really be what Diane was seeking?
Seeking someone to play the neighbor, Joe. Could develop into something strictly physical or more if desired. Also, possibility of adding in Joe’s gf to the mix if desired as well.

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Re: Couple idea's of interest
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Added Summer for Sisters

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Re: Couple idea's of interest
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Added Neighbor Fling