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Started by Galactic Druid, May 19, 2013, 06:37:14 PM

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Galactic Druid

I'm trying to find an old story that I wrote that I no longer have bookmarked, because I want to check on a few details in the character I had for it. The problem is, I apparently have no idea how to use the search feature for E. The title of the game I'm looking for is "Off The Record", and I can't remember if I put it in LHS or Extreme Solos (Big difference, I know, but someone of my games end up in EX because they have non-sexual death and violence, while the smut still falls into LHS category). Anyway, typing 'Off The Record' into the search box brings up every recent post that used the word 'the' in it, so I'm understandibly having a hard time locating it. Is there any way for me to refine the search a little?
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Can you remember the character name?  You could try a search for all posts including <character name> by you.

Galactic Druid

Good idea! I really doubt anyone else has a character named 8F, so that should do! Thanks Kythia!
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Depending on how old the post was, the search feature may still have problems finding it.  Posts more recent than a certain point cannot be searched at the present time (and will likely remain so until the new CMS is done).  You might have better luck going to your own post history (through your profile) and paging through your posts or topics that you've started.  (Alternatively, if your partner wrote the opening post, you may have to hit 'topics started' from their profile.)

(Edit:  Found it. )
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Galactic Druid

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Also, if you ever have a problem finding a thread again... If you started the thread, you can go to Show all posts in your profile and switch to Topics and it should be listed there.

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