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Author Topic: Spell is looking for RP's (M for F characters!)  (Read 974 times)

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Spell is looking for RP's (M for F characters!)
« on: May 19, 2013, 03:17:07 pm »
First of all, if you are interested in an RP plot, please PM me I'd like to keep the thread a bit organized wherever possible.

Also, if I was plotting an RP with you, and you didn't hear from me or you didn't reply anymore, hit me up on PM again, chances are I may have lost it after a huge inbox sweep Q.Q

I'm open to your ideas as well of course! So if you want to write out any plot with me, feel free to message me!
More to be added on that later.

Currently Really craving a League of Legends and/or a Persona 4 RP!

Original Plots

Succubus Contract
Roll the Dice - Magical Game!
The Dark Girl
Witch Hunt
Next Door Porn Star
Groupie Sisters
Girl of his Dreams
Glamour and Glitz
Right Hand of Crime
War of Anarchists
Chained to Fate
Vampire Charm
Season of The Witch
Caught In The Game
The Mansion
League Of Legends

Fan Based Plot Ideas

The After-school Activities of Suzumiya Haruhi
Gideon Graves VS The Power Of Love
Dragon Age: Morrigan's Quest


General Pairings

Character Pairings

Original Plots

Succubus Contract/Angels Grace [Light Exotic/Light Human/Extreme])
Imagine a man, who basically is a social outcast. He plays games all day, never leaves the house, and is unsuccessful with girls because he just is not that experienced with them. An Otaku/Nerd to the bone, he has wishes for a better life, a nice girlfriend, a fancy car, a lot of money, a true dreamer. Thinking days of wanting to change, he finds a website with a link, clicking it shows him an advertisement, an opportunity to change his life in just the way he wants it. Despite knowing it's probably a hoax to get his money, he clicks it. A few days later a contract arrives in the mail, asking him to sign it and send it back. The second his signs it, your character, a succibus or succibi,( whatever floats your boat), appears and takes the contract, granting the guy three wishes in return for his soul, he accepts, knowing there is no way of having a better life at all if he does not accept the contract.

I'm looking for a bit of a '"Tsundere'' if you wish. Playful and seductive but not outright mean in short. This could work as a long shot or a one shot, depending on the wishes.

Alternately, the story could be changed with the same guy, but with an Angelic being trying to make his life better, taking a human disguise as she pities him.

Roll The Dice! -Magic Game [Light Human/NC Human/Extreme]
In this game, we follow two characters, two childhood friends who live together, sharing an apartment. One day they receive a parcel, having been elected to Beta-test a new game. What they receive are two six-sided die, one black, one white, and a notebook displaying the number 1 to 6 with boxes next to the numbers to write something in. The instruction manual says that both need such a notebook, and thus two are included. The player who will roll first needs to write 6 different things that might happen to the other, this can be pretty much anything, from raking off his/her underwear to standing on ones head, anything is possible, one thing needs to be written in each box, and afterwards give the die a roll. At this point, the two players are dragged into the magical game, in a separate dimension, where the things that are written in the boxes will become reality, with no escaping it. For example, if a player has written in box number three. ''Opposing player will take off shirt'' and rolls a three, that will happen. There are some restrictions though.

- Actions should be physically possible
- No writing the same thing in all six boxes
- Once an action has happened, that action cannot be written again, instead, the player needs to write a new action in the box that just came true, the other 5 actions will carry over.

The instruction manual comes with some extra rules. Players have 10 points each. At the end of each roll, the game decides how much points the rolling player gets for having his/her action come true. Then, after the add of points is revealed, the rolling player throws the white die, to see how much is deducted from his/her total score.

For example.

Player A Rolls the aforementioned example of taking off shirt. Player has 10 points. After Player B takes off shirt, game decides Player A gets 5 points. Player A then rolls the second die and rolls a Six. Player A's point total is now 9.

Whoever reaches 25 points first, loses the game.

I'm looking for a female character for this one, with a VERY active imagination to make this one work, preferable one that has little limits, as this game can become quite creative. PM me for discussion!

This could be extended by the use of variations of other games of course.

Witch Hunt [Light Human/Light Exotic/Extreme]
In an dark time where witches are hunted because of posessing magical powers of all shapes and sorts, King Zathlus has committed the witch hunts, rewarding any person who can bring the essence of a witch, her heart to a king will be handsomely rewarded. This led the witches to be murdered in a rapid pace, their magic being a little ineffective to countless people swarming at them the same time. Witches are found rather easily, because their magic grants them a eye color unlike ever seen, variating from yellow, to crimson red, to even a kaleidoscope of eyes. Witches are therefore constantly on the run and hide from warriors, thieves, goblins, dragons, the undead, anything that could have a use for a witch's essence, which can give immortality. Your character is one of these witches, being hunted down and finding her way to a shack in the forest, but tis not empty, for a young healer rests there, my character, who is only all to bored with his life and decides to join the witch on her escape and her future goals.

What I'm looking for here is a big adventure, facing all sorts of demons of hell, heavens, mythical creatures, the sky is the limit here. This would probably be played in either Extreme, Exotic or light, depending on discussions with the partner. I'm looking for a fairly literate role-player here, who can appreciate a nice adventure.

The Dark Girl. [Extreme]
First of all, no sparkly vampires. Thank you. ^^

For this plot imagine a modern setting, where in a class there is a girl. She has a rather dark and moody personality, also dresses like that. She dresses in Gothic/Emo/Metal attire(Refer to my avatar if you are confused about this) and is usually reserved to herself. She is quite attractive in her own way, though people shy away from her, as rumors go that she lives in a morgue, goes to graveyards, the lot like that. One day, my character, a fairly average guy, decent looks, a little bit of a nerd and a pessimist, gets paired with this girl, for some sort of class project. They talk, spend time with each other, and eventually he gets intrigued by her, wanting to know more about her. It seems the rumors are true about her going to graveyards and lives in a morgue, but it seems that isn't the only thing. It seems as if she also goes through some darker things, drinking blood, Ouija Boards, sexual rituals to summon demons, etc etc. Yet he does not shy away, slowly falling into her world and falling for her.

While I prefer for her to be human, the story could easily be adapted to her being a vampire of some sorts.

I am looking for someone to roleplay the girl, who can work with the plot together with me and hopefully make this a long lasting story. Minor bloodplay would perhaps be involved depending on Partner's wishes. The max would be some small cuts and blood-drinking.

Next Door Porn-Star [Light Human/NC Human]
A lovely woman, in her late teen/early twenties has to make a little bit of extra money, so she registers for an online pornographic community, and takes pictures of herself, and the lot, and uploads them to the site. This way, she makes a little bit of extra money. Her next-door neighbor, a young man who is a little bit of a recluse, finds out about his neighbors extra activities. One day, she happens to drop by his house just for socializing purposes, and asks if she can use his laptop, as her internet connection was shut down due to a misunderstanding. As she browses and updates her social websites and the lot, she stumbles across his bookmarks and finds her profile on the pron-site bookmarked. How will she respond when she finds out that her neighbor has been lusting after her?

Groupie Sisters [Light Human]
First of all, this RP needs to have the partner doubling, unless more players are interested in this one, or if one knows someone else who wants to play along. I can actually start a small group RP on this one then, but most likely this RP would require the female doubling.

A typical scenario. Two sisters go to a concert of '"Enter Random Band here''. Both sisters have the hots for one of the band members, and instead of competing for him, they actually decide to try to win him over together. After all, why would one sister only get the possible fame and glory when you can both enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and the famous? They seduce the band member, and instead of being just a one night thing, he invites them to go along the rest of the tour, and from there on the story is pretty much open and go a multitude of ways.

Girl Of His Dreams[Light Human/Light Exotic]
Imagine a young man, with sleeping problems. He suffers from chronic insomnia, so the doctor finally decides to give him strong sleeping pills. The first time he takes them, he begins having dreams, for the first time in his life. In this dream, he meets a girl, she is pretty much perfect to him, and they start to talk, only to get interrupted by his awakening again. Gradually, he begins seeing more and more of her in his dreams, and in the end, he cannot see the difference between the real world and his dreams as he has absolutely fallen in love with the girl in his dreams. This could go a lot of ways depending on discussions, and of course, since it's a dream world, a lot of genre's could fit into this.

Glamour and Glitz[Light Human]
This one is a very simple idea, but one that could prove for a lot of fun. This one could go multiple ways. Imagine either the male or female being the heir of some multi-billion company, and as a result he or she decides to party it up and life the lifestyle of the rich and the famous, with plenty of money, drugs, alcohol and sex. The other player could be also some sort of rich young adult/tell, or the other character could be someone that is randomly bumped into at a night club, and the two hit it off. Basically what I'm looking for is a simple RP of the lifestyle of the rich and the famous. :P

Right hand of Crime[Light Human or Extreme]
Imagine in modern days, there are crime organizations everywhere, one bigger then the other, one more lethal then the other. In the largest organization, which basically controls a few nations the big shot dies. This leaves his young, nineteen, twenty-ish son/daughter in position to rule the crime syndicate, with shady dealings, robberies, kidnapping, etc etc etc. But next to every ruler is a strong person to rule beside him/her. In this case it could be a distant cousin, sister or brother (Which could possibly make this an incest one), childhood friends, heck, even the mentor of the new boss is possible. This one again could go multiple ways, so PM details are obviously needed. (Note, I am NOT looking for a bulky female of some sorts here, I'm more looking for a femme fatale)

War of Anarchists[Light Human or Extreme]
This idea suddenly popped up into my mind while listening to Sum41. Imagine today's youth/young adults, embracing anarchy, and starting out a worldwide war against the governments everywhere. Wanting to live without rules and without any oppression, they fight, and in large numbers that an actual war is spawning worldwide, with the anarchists fighting with whatever they can get their hands on. Rejection of governments, politics, rules, everything that is made to oppress people is seen as a target for the anarchists worldwide, with casualties for both sides. Anyone branded an anarchist is treated like an outcast, they aren't allowed into cities, houses, are denied the basic human rights, as if they were not persons at all. It's kinda hard to explain in such a short bit, but imagine massive rule breaking, destruction, fun, excitement, and a punk/punk-ish scene and the struggle of a massive battle that seems pointless, but means so much more.  in this one

Chained to Fate [Light Human or Extreme]
A variation of the '"Witch Hunt'' Rp, Imagine a medieval time where witches were quite present and of course, hunted on because they were creations of the devil, so to speak. Templars would be set out to hunt those witches, and kill them, being the only kind of warrior brave enough  to ignore all myths of them being ''Lucifer's Pawns'' and hunt them down. Templars are highly respected, and skillful warriors, so imagine when when new inexperienced templar finds a witch, and chases after her, only to land in a spell where the two have to forced to stay close to each other! Together, they must find a way to survive all the troubles coming their way, like other Templars, mythical beasts and other threats, while finding a way to break the spell that was cast on them. Obviously, I would be playing the young, new inexperienced templar, and I need someone to play the witch who will be bound to said templar. With binding, I mean that they cannot go too far from each other, or they both will die. I'm looking more towards a fantasy-like adventure with this one here, just as ''Witch Hunt''

Vampire Charm [Light Exotic][/b]
This basically could be in pretty much any setting, but I have been craving a rather dark romance between a female vampire and a male human. What I was thinking was that the Female vampire here is a vampire who can resist the sun, but still doesn't really like being in sunlight. Having a rather dark persona, she has more enemies then friends of course, at which she meets my character, a mysterious guy, unknown to her. She finds herself drawn to him and vice versa, but as it turns out she isn't only drawn to him as a person, but also his blood.

I'm leaving this one open on purpose, what I'm looking for is a dark romance with a female vampire, any setting or time, etc. PM me to plot something out! The vampire could easily be replaced by a witch by the way

Season Of The Witch [Light Exotic]
This one could be based in a modern or a medieval setting, based on how the plot is discussed. 

Imagine that a little amount of the females on Earth have the potential to become witches, and when a red moon shines in the sky, that potential becomes reality. Witches around the world are tasked with a the task of gathering various material in order to conduct a dark ritual. What that ritual is, they do not know themselves. All they know is that they have to fufill the task of completeing the dark ritual, and they only have so little time to do so before their power wanes and they cannot perform the ritual anymore.

Unfortunately for them when that same red moon shines, a very few amount of males are granted the power to stop these witches, they can stop these witches by various means, sealing them, or killing them. In return, a witch can seal a Templar's power as well. So when a Templar and a Witch find each other, how will their cat-and-mouse game unfold?

Caught In The Game [Light Exotic]
What if games, and in particular, MMO's were so well developed that one could be placed in a virtual reality, and literally feel like the character they are playing, each and every feeling and movement of the character would also be the feeling and movements of the player itself. A place full of fantasy where there are no laws, and no restrictions. What will happen when two players will find each other and get closer in the game world? Will they become intimate in the game, and will that develop towards the world away from the computer as well?

The Mansion [Light Exotic]
You are hereby invited to a private socializing event at the Blackwood Mansion, the forthcoming full moon.

 This event will be hosted with a select number of people, carefully hand-picked,, some of which may have an impact on your life, others you will never forget again. Please do note that this is a private invitation, and thus, only the intended person may enter the Mansion with their invite, if for any reason you are not the person for whom this invite is intended to, then we kindly request you to hand the invitation to the rightful owner.

 The event will take a week. You are, as always, required to come alone, with the invitation, and of course your personal belongings and other items you may deem necessary. Accomadation, food and drinks are of course all attended for, and should you require anything in the Mansion during your stay, please do note so on your conformation letter.

Yours Truly, Florian Blackwood

The recipients of the letter knew that this was no simple social meeting however. No, the social events hosted at the Blackwood mansion were different.... Yet no one knew about the Blackwood Mansion and what happened there except for the people who were invited. And the people who did never  tell what happened in said mansion. It seemed like a secret organization, only a handful of people being selected for meeting that the owner, Florian Blackwood hosted.

The event that were hosted there were not entirely of the socializing kind, but more of the lustful was a place where people, and sometimes supernatural beings would be completely isolated from the rest of the world, from their family, lovers, worries, to do whatever they wanted, with whoever they wanted. The married man who's wife just was not sexual enough, he would feel at home in the Mansion. The Witch who wanted to escape her troubles for a while, she was also welcome in the Mansion...the Demon who just wanted pleasure for a week....

The Mansion had everything, all kinds of food, a room for every accomodation, inclusing a ridiculously large bath, bedrooms in all kinds of shapes, sizes and styles, even a basement with various sexual equipment.

Everyone who wanted to escape reality for a week and just enjoy life...for those the Mansion and its ''Social events'' were made.

This RP is set in a Victorian/Gothic setting/world, mixed with supernatural. Demons, witches, elves and the lot are very very real, but are secluded from the humans, the mansion is the only place where they come together. Think Corsets/Coats and Tophats, that kind of setting.

League Of Legends [Light Exotic]
I have been craving an RP within the world of the league of Legends. This could go several ways, either two champions hitting it off after their fights on the battlegrounds, or either a summoner and a champions. With lots of attractive male a female champions out there, I'm sure there are a lot of things possible!

Fan Based Plots

The After-school Activities of Suzumiya Haruhi. [Light Exotic]
Basically as the title says, I would be interested in starting an RP in the Suzumiya Haruhi world, where I am looking for someone to play as Suzumiya and perhaps Mikuru, Yuki and other females. I would be taking part of main lead male, namely Kyon/John Smith and playing at Koizumi Itsuki or other male characters if needed. Basically, this RP could go anywhere, as Suzumiya has powers rivaling a deity which she is unaware of, it would mean that all kinds of plots and stories could be created granted if the person who plays Suzumiya has an active imagination. Knowledge of the world and being up to date with the anime/books is always a plus. =)

The setting would still be in Japan and in/around their school, though obviously this is debatable for the above mentioned reason, the time would be about a year after the SOS-Dan is formed, somewhat after summer holiday.

As for plot/story, I do like if we both steer this story as Suzumiya has these powers, so I would like plot ideas to come from us BOTH, though the one playing Suzumiya would have a slightly more dominant role in creating the story. Because of that, I'm quite willing to create the actual RP in any section, whether it be Light, Bondage, or even Extreme depending on your likings, all is possible, you just need to discuss with me.

I will be posting from Kyon points of view mostly, and describing things from his perspective, similarly to the stories, as he is the ''Storyteller'' of the Story Haruhi and Kyon create.

Gideon Graves VS The Power Of Love
This one is for the Scott Pilgrim fans. Imagine Gideon Graves, after being defeated by Scott he falls into a depression. The entire league of Evil-Exes defeated, he merely produces records and owns various clubs around the world. But the purpose in life is lacking, he felt empty. One night at the Chaos Theatre, a new girl appears, and she approaches Graves. Basically, this one could go anywhere, I just felt like playing Graves in the Scott Pilgrim universe. ;D

Dragon: Age: Morrigan's Quest
I'm looking for a little ''What-If'' story with this one here, and knowledge of the Dragon Age world is needed, What if the Original Grey Warden did not survive the Joining?  What if only Alistair and Morrigan were left because of the attack on Weisshaupt? How would their relationship unforld if they did not meet any other companions? Basically I am looking for a re-enactment of the Dragon-Age game. :P It's also possible to create an OC and have Alistair and the rest be absent.

I'm looking for a Pokemon  RP, any kind of RP really, could be trainerXpokemon, trainerxtrainer, anything really, I have really been craving a RP in this universe!

EDIT: Have had a really nice RP pairing of Champion x New Young Ditzy trainer once, I would love to recreate that one!

General Pairings and Settings

Devil May Cry
Death Note
Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu
Dragon Age
Rosario + Vampire
Scott Pilgrim
Anything Marvel
Grand Theft Auto

Generic Pairings:

Artist x Fan
Artist x Groupie
Bandmember x Fellow Bandmember
Fan x Pornstar
Neighbor x Neighbor
Human x Angel
Human x Succubus
Human x Monstergirl

Character Pairings:
Gideon Graves x OC

More to be added as time passes.
If you have an idea for another RP or pairing, don't hesitate to ask me, the worst you can get from me is a ''No, Thank You.''

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Re: Spell is looking for RP's (M for F characters!)
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2013, 06:39:40 pm »
Bump for December! Still looking for people to write with, Craving a Goth Girl/Persona 4/League RP! If you've started plotting with me or started an RP with me but I havn't written you back, PM me! I';ve lost a LOT of Data unfortunately =<