Raven's Seduction's seductive ideas! ((F looking for M characters!))

Started by Obsidian Isolabella, May 19, 2013, 02:15:34 AM

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Obsidian Isolabella

Welcome to Raven's Seduction's seductive ideas!
WARNING: Prepare to be tempted and tantatilized by the enticing stories ahead!

To those who might have seen my other thread that was open for a while, this is a newer one that I'm opening because I had closed the others since I hadn't been sure I wanted to start any new stories. But, lately, I've found myself wanting a few more stories than I actually have and mostly of certain types. I've been currently craving a lot of fantasy ideas as well as trying some more Master/slave ideas.

Please respond to any ideas that you wish to write with me via private messaging! Anyone who responds here in this thread probably will not get a reply since I will likely only check this thread to take down or put up ideas!

I would also appreciate it if any potential partners would take a look at my O/o's since I will most definitely do the same for any potential partners! Thank you and onto the ideas! ;)

~+~Plot Goodies~+~

A Dark, Cold World

Soooo... for any guys(or gals!) who read this, I'm not that big of a comic book girl. I haven't really read much up on the Marvel comic's, but I tend to enjoy the movies. Comic's have always been harder for me to get into than books or movies. But! With that said! I'm really looking for something different to kind of get my creative juices flowing more. I feel like I've been writing the same thing over and over again, so I am looking for an RP based off of the movies 'Thor' with the main male character being Loki. Thor is gorgeous and all, but I love Loki's cunning mastermind ways. ;)

I don't have anything specific in mind for this, but be warned that I want something plot-oriented. It doesn't mean that it has to be without sexy seduction, but I don't want it to be all smut.

Part of my idea for this story is that I would be playing some kind of evil Valkyrie or female warrior. I prefer Valkyrie's because I think they are awesome, but I can work with just a female warrior. What I am thinking, though, is that this evil Valkyrie or female warrior comes to Asgard with every intention on punishing Odin or perhaps Thor for something they've done. Perhaps killed a sister of hers, or harmed a beloved leader. Something along those lines which she is intent on avenging. But, she gets captured by a great deal of the guards after a fierce fight, leaving herself slightly bloodied and weary, only to find that Loki has cunningly taken over Asgard. Perhaps the two could come to some kind of arrangement to find Thor on Earth and punish him. Or, it could be that she's his captive, and forces her to do his bidding.

But, I really want it to be plot focused, so keep that in mind. And for any new possible partners looking at my profile or this thread, you might want to be aware that I tend to put a lot of detail, and I write a lot for most posts. I'd say 2-3 is my minimum with 5-8 being my maximum in paragraphs per post depending on the circumstances and how inspired I am.

Knowledge is Dangerous

In this story I would like to incorporate a lot of elements of the supernatural world. Vampires, lycans, witches, demons, shapeshifters, and even Valkyrie's. So be prepared that any partner of mine for this specific story might have to throw in their share of NPC's along with the main male character.

For humans, finding the elusive "one" who is destined for the other has become a myth and romantic idea for dreamers. This was something that a young historian and mythologist was certain of. After learning so much about so many cultures and never truly finding epic love stories amongst amazing histories of vast wide-spread cultures she had become quite certain that true love was fiction which belonged in songs, stories, and movies.

Little did she know that there was an untouched and unspoiled hidden world that thrived amongst humans. This hidden world went entirely unnoticed by humans unless they were discovered through horrific accidents. And suddenly, those crazy myths and legends world wide of mythological creatures dwelling in vast remote corners all around the world became dizzyingly real. After discovering a legendary book left by an ancient civilization which was altogether unindentified this young mythologist suddenly became the target of many evil beings that dwelled in this hidden world. Not unlike the world she knew it had its good and bad that fought for centuries beneath the noses of humans.

The knowledge she soon possesses is dangerous as creatures that blend in with humans become aware of her dangerous knowledge. Bounty hunters and mercenaries are sent out to capture her with the intent of torture and murder.

It is only because of one incredible creature (can be lycan, vampire, demon or shapeshifter) that she is saved within the humid tropical rainforests of South America. But, she starts to question whether she was truly saved or was she just brought from frying pan straight into the fire? This bizarrely handsome man seems to be different from other handsome human men and she soon discovers that he is nothing at all earthly. And even more shocking is that she is his destined mate.

With her being such a fragile creature in his world, he works to protect her as they are relentlessly pursued, and fights his bestial urges to claim his rightful mate. But when she falls into the clutches of nearly dying and being tortured things begin to change drastically.

Obsidian Isolabella

Obsidian Isolabella

Obsidian Isolabella

Obsidian Isolabella

Annndddddd, the story I just added last night is now officially taken.

Obsidian Isolabella

Obsidian Isolabella