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May 23, 2018, 12:12:16 PM

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Author Topic: Yaoi Japan Private College Feminization Submission Xdressing Lactation...  (Read 703 times)

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Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Hi everyone

I am looking for a person to join an existing game to slot into the place taken by a departing player.

The character you'll play is already in place but can be made your own, only 9 posts have been written for him so he's easily changed and developed anew.

The game is set in Japan (with some minor language use and minor customs, on the simple level of: Hai! Onegai, arigato, gomenasai, -san, -chan, -sensei, respecting elders and social superiors, etc). If anime and Japanese is not your thing, do not worry I can give plenty of guidance.

The RP is based on an anime comedy series called "Princess, Princess". It was a light story about cross-dressing but we are taking the basic idea and turning it into a darker more kinky, BDSMy, slavery RP.

Its set in an all-boys private school.

All the boys and male teachers are gay (well its a hentai anime, what did you expect).

Your character is male aged 16.

He is forced to cross dress.

He suffers forced feminisation.

He will experience gender bending.

He'll grow breasts.

He will submit.

He will experience BDSM, bondage, lactation/milking and cock-and-ball bondage.

He will be dominated by older boys and teachers (including a couple of elderly teachers).

He will experience enemas and you need to enjoy RPing them (but without the messy unsavoury details which I always exclude because I don't like scat either).

He will enjoy lots of m/m oral and anal and giving oral sex will be one of the most common duties of the Princesses.

He will be forced to submit to N/C sex with animals later on at the school kennels and stables.

For the last reason the game is in the extreme section.


At a prestigious all-boys school in a remote lakeside location in a northern prefecture of Japan, each year a few of the cutest, most feminine boys with the sweetest characters are selected to be "Princesses". They dress as girls, undergo body transformation with drugs and training, and by means of a credit or token system, those boys who do well in school in tests or assignments or make the best effort in class may make use of the Princesses bodies for sexual gratification. A reward system in other words.

Three force-feminized boys share a dorm suite and are dominated by a series of many NPC older boys and teachers, the school doctor, etc; there's also the interesting dynamic between the three of them as well given that only 1 of the three is gay when the story begins and only 1 other has experienced any cross-dressing.

Eventually the story will get darker and the Princesses will suffer more and more extreme abuse ending in rape by animals at the school stables and kennels.

Posts so far have been written in the first person past tense and are each several hundred words to a couple of thousand long. We'd prefer this trend to continue though we'd also be okay with a writer who used third person perspective as well.

I am the GM of the game and I'm writing for all the NPCs. Please PM me if you are interested.

Thank you for reading.

Offline HaibaneTopic starter

Thank you very much to everyone who showed an interest in this game. The character has now been taken.