Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (Fandom/comedy, looking for F player)

Started by godfang, May 18, 2013, 12:47:45 AM

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First of all, i would like to say, that if you have never read the webcomic, you're missing out on what i sincerely believe to be the best geek comic of all time. Here is the link if you want to read it.

The Agency

Have you ever played a video game or watched a movie where the main character is a big beefy guy whose sole skill is wreaking havoc? Of course you have. That just described most video games and/or movies. But what does a Kratos do when the gods of Olympus are dead? What does Duke Nukem do when all the aliens are gone (other than wait for his next overdelayed, underdeveloped game), surely they do not have the capacity to hold down a regular job, or start their own bussiness, so what do they do?

They come to The Agency. Run by Commander Badass, a man from the future Navy TIAL (TIme Air Land Sea) who is tasked in travelling to the past and help these video game characters  adjust to real life.  From helping Kratos (God of War) find work in an electronic store, to aiding Duke Nukem in dealing with his severe emotional issues, fighting off a disease  outbreak that turns all men into Bishounen version of themselves and even dealing with Marv (Sin City) work out his women problem, Commander Badass does it all.

Through all this craziness, Badass is still a wonderful father to his two kids who lives with his divorced wife. He always makes time for them and never fails to be there to spend time with them. All in all, he's a standup guy. Truly a man's man and devout follower of Brandao (a future religion that worships Marlon Brando as the ultimate Masculine Figure).

Now, the commander is tasked in helping out another Agency, one that supports overtly sexualized female characters. Be it counseling Tifa Lockhart (FF7) on dealing with failed romances, or helping Lara Croft out with her problems with the law from all the tomb raiding, The commander will no doubt attract alot of female attention, and perhaps it's about time he gets back in the Dating scene.

What I'm Looking For
-A female Player, preferably one who follows the webcomic
-Someone who is willing to play multiple characters, canon and oc
-Someone who wants a nice mix of comedy and light hearted eroticism

What i will provide
-Multiple Canon characters (Badass, Jared, Snake, Kratos etc)

Hopefully there's someone out there who will be willing to give this a shot!