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May 20, 2018, 02:53:38 PM

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Author Topic: Rio's looking for some new stories! Come on in (Male character for any)  (Read 237 times)

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Hello and good evening to everyone.  Thank you for stopping by.  Just a few quick facts about me and then I will get into what you all came for and that of course the plots and ideas.  I can play either gender, herms, futas, or likely anything else that you might come up with.  I even have a demonic character that can change gender as well as have as many sets of genitals or tentacles that he needs at the time.  I can play dominant or submissive, but I do have a lean towards submissive.  If you are looking for a harsh and violent dom, please don't ask.  I just can't do it.  As for sexuality and kinks, I can go almost anywhere with the hard limit of scat, watersports and vore.  Other than that, please feel free to ask.

Now then, onto the ideas.....


1.  The Protector.  Fantasy Genre.  My character (MC).  I would play a powerful type of character who is large in stature.  It could be demon, human, bioman, or anything else that might spark either of our fancies.  As to leave many details open to discussion or to discover in story itself, I will be brief about MC.  MC will quite simply be horrible to everyone around him with the exception of your character.  Winning battles, defeating overwhelming odds, and being difficult to be around in general, most people do not enjoy his company. 

Idea 1 for this character (Romance) - YC has been under the protection of mine since she was young.  This would likely be better for a demon or mythical creature on my part or both sides.   The back story of your character is up to you but I do request that she is in a position of power or influence.  MC would play the stout protector and thinks of you as not much more than just that, the one he is to protect.  YC has fallen in love with MC over the years and wants to explore those feelings.  Romance between our kinds (can be demon/human or other dynamic) is forbidden which makes things even harder for YC, not to mention that nobody likes MC. 

Idea 2 for this character (MC Submissive) - YC is in a position of power, wealth and privileged.  YC is not afraid to flaunt those things and is considered by many to be a the bad kind of rich person.  When YC receives MC (circumstances can be discussed), YC begins to exert that new power over the people around YC, using MC to put down anyone that challenges.  Social obligations are not the only place that YC takes advantage of the new prize, also using MC for any and all sexual or kinky things that YC can think of.  MC of course does not question the commands....

Idea 3 for this character (MC Dominant) - Once more YC would be in a position of power, though for this one YC would be new to it.  The extra roles and responsibilities are far to much and YC starts to loose control of things.  Turning to a mythical source, YC ends up bringing forth MC.  This will likely be an accident.  Seeing quite an opportunity, MC decides to use this new relationship to earn YC's trust and affection before turning that affection into submission and take all YC has to MC's own.

2.  The Darkness - His name is Kallen.  Kallen is a jet black demon who is genderless, or so everyone believes but since he identifies himself that way, Kallen prefers to identify as male.  His body has the form of a normal male, but oh my is it a special body.  Though he cannot shift into other true "forms", Kallen can change parts of his body to whatever shape or in some cases body parts that he requires, as well as having the ability to sprout as many other parts that he requires.  Needless to say, Kallen tends to be involved in more smut related stories but I am more than happy to use him in any way that sounds interesting.

Idea 1 for Kallen (Submissive) - Kallen has been captured by a collector (YC) and remains bound to obey any and all commands from YC or anyone that you give power to.  Though Kallen does not understand how it is happening, it is.  YC will use him in all purposes of life and this can be taken in many different directions.  This will likely be more of a GM type of role and will require other characters.  He could be used as a pure slave to cater to YC every need and desire or it could be used to collect more treasures or take some kind of power and keep it.

3.  The Twins -  The premise here is simple, incest between Twins and siblings.  I don't care for involving parents but we can involve other people of the same age.  Also please note that I prefer this to be with furry characters.  I had a couple of these going before my hiatus, so I know that I will enjoy them but I will be limiting the number of them that I take

Idea 1 (Blackmail) - You would play a pair of twins or a single older sibling to me.  You would catch my character doing something that is terrible (No drugs please) and something that I would never want our parents to find out.  Using this as blackmail, YC would start to take advantage of mine.  This could start off innocently or go right into something that is smutty, but I do ask that it is somewhat realistic.  Someone blackmailing their younger sibling or twin would not just be like "Hey lets screw".  The general idea here is that MC would hate the idea of the more naughty things that we were doing but eventually becomes very attached to YC and devote to them to the point that MC will do anything with anyone to make YC smile.