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Author Topic: Sub F looking for Dom M or F to play M for plot oriented ideas.  (Read 2230 times)

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Offline ChiarraTopic starter

First, before I go into the details of this request thread, I just want to lay down some rules and my no's.


1.  Please have good spelling and grammar.
2.  I do not like one liners, and though I understand the occasional one.
3.  Please tell me if you would like to drop the rp or are going to be away for a while, I will do the same in return.
4.  If you are losing interest, maybe we could try to make it more interesting, if not then I thank you for your time on the rp that was dropped.


I do not do anything with bestiality, same sex, torture that deals with a sexual nature, incest, and scat.

I would prefer that if a true rape scene happens, that it fades to black.  I have come to realize that playing these out tends to get me down and I don't really feel like rping anymore, so please, fade to black.  I am however, okay with playing non con scenes where she takes pleasure from what he is doing to her but hates that she is.

For a more detailed on's/off's page click here

Other than that, if you have any questions about something, feel free to ask and I will answer honestly.

Now, on to everything else ^_^.  A couple of side notes: 1.  Red = Craving and 2.  I am not limited to what is on this thread.

Pairings: (Bold I play)
Dragon (Who I perfer to be able to change to human form)/Maiden
Dragon slayer/Maiden who was rescued from a dragon

1. Arranged Marriage
2. Beauty and the Beast
3. Cinderella
4. Little Red Riding Hood

1. Medieval
2. Medieval/fantasy
3. Modern/fantasy
4. Modern (if the plot is interesting enough)

1.   Your character (a dragon which I prefer to a have a human form) has been terrorizing my character's village and in an attempt to stop him, since she is a trained fighter, goes to his cave to fight him off.  He of course is much stronger and finds her meager attempts amusing, so he decides to keep her.

2.  Set in either a medieval or medieval fantasy setting, my character has an arranged marriage with someone who is very abusive.  After being brutally beaten, she manages to escape with the help of some servants.  Though, with her injuries, she's not able to get far and collapses in the woods.  That's when your character comes in, rescuing mine and what not.  I plan for this to be romance, with him protecting her from the abusive man who will come after her.  (I know this is fleshed out, but willing to change, add, modify with anyone interested)

3.  Two lovers, cursed for all eternity.  He's cursed to live forever, immortal.  She dies every time they kiss.   Every time she reincarnates, she doesn't remember anything about him, who he is, what he looks like, nothing.  Yet fate brings them together sooner or later, no matter how hard he tries to avoid her and when they do kiss, she remembers everything immediately after the kiss and right before she dies.  The only way to break the curse, get her to remember before they kiss and kill the witch.  The only problem is that this is not only getting her to remember, but the witch has practically vanished into thin air.

4.  A mermaid is captured and taken to a science facility to be studied.  You character is the one assigned to monitor my character and observe her behavior.  Whether or not your character felt bad for doing this to her in the beginning, he will soon feel bad for her and will want to take her away from the facility, but can he let her go? (wanting this to go in the light section please.  Romance)

5.  A mermaid washes up on shore unconscious and is still unconscious and with her legs, naked, and injured when your character comes across her.  He sees her and picks her up, intending to take her home and take care of her and inquire about what had happened to her when she wakes up only to find she can't speak and it seems that she doesn't even understand him.  (Again, light, romance, and can take place in either Medieval or Modern time period.)

6.  I'm thinking that my character could be the daughter of a nobleman who rules over a seaside village that gets attacked by vikings.  Unable to recover from the latest attack, the noblemen sends a plea to the leader of the raids to stop the pillaging and in exchange he gives his eldest daughter's hand in marriage to him.

7.  The same idea really, but a different take on it.  Two kingdoms have been at war for centuries.  Finally, the two decide to end it and make peace by joining their houses.  The eldest daughter gets sent overseas to marry the Viking king's eldest son.

8.  A girl is kidnapped by a viking while they are raiding her village to be a domestic slave and a romance may spark later on.

9.  This will take place more in the medieval time period, can be more realistic medieval or fantastical medieval.  A soldier is wounded badly and a healer is sent for him.  She tends to his needs, whether he wants her aid or not, until he is healed enough to go back to combat, but will he return for her?  This would be in the light solos, and my intention is a romance would develop between the two.

10.  I was thinking that my character, who is human and knows hardly anything of the fae, could possibly have an arranged marriage with a fae of the summer court for whatever reason and is kidnapped by a fae of the winter court, for a reason we could work out.  I'm thinking along the lines of holding the wedding off as long as they can since it's supposed to happen before the summer solstice.  She of course then falls in love with the winter fae who took her.  Soon after, the summer court takes her back and she is forced to marry the summer court prince as planned.  Then her love comes to try and take her back.  Okay, so this is a bit fleshed out, but we certainly don't have to do it this way lol

11.  A prince and his maid are secretly in love, but he has to choose to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom or his love and war.

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New pairing and 10th plot added.

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Re: Sub F looking for Dom M for plot oriented ideas.
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Re: Sub F looking for Dom M for plot oriented ideas.
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Wait so no name calling just straight up "mmm you like this don't you?"

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Re: Sub F looking for Dom M or F to play M for plot oriented ideas.
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New Inspiration picture added.  Number 27

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Re: Sub F looking for Dom M or F to play M for plot oriented ideas.
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New plot added, number 11.