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Author Topic: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW  (Read 1230 times)

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Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« on: May 17, 2013, 07:46:02 AM »

The Elvin maidens Adventure

Long after the fall of her people, and seeing the rise of other nations, she had decided she would no longer hide hidden in the depths of the enchanted forest. Her people had been known for there restorative abilities and endurance. But no one had ever tested it out. Until one day she finds herself cornered be a large orc male. Seeking a new plaything, and today he had just gotten lucky.


The forever moon

Something strange happened when she was heading home from a night class. The mood held high when it should be retreating for the coming dawn. AS her world enters eternal night, and those effected by the moon are lost to the animal craving need to breed.


To Satisfy to serve

Once a month her parents leave for a week, which means she must come back from her journey to take care of the farm. She gets there a day late or so she though, but turns out her parents had left a little earlier, due to wanting a few days alone. So she takes this chance to make round upon their vast property ensuring things are all in order. She finds that most the females are in hiding.  She soon discovers just to the reason to why they were hiding.

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2013, 01:02:01 PM »

To break Her

 She is a witch in training who is sent out to collect herbs, and other ingredients required for a spell. She spent the afternoon traveling and finds herself targeted by beast like humanoids (orcs,ogres, trolls, centaurs, minotaur,lizard men etc) Turns out her mistress had saw her gaining power and wanted to put an end to it by paying of some of these creatures to break her mind.

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2013, 11:35:50 AM »
Widow Whore
A widow is left taking care of the farm. Left with little to survive on. And it wasn't easy for a woman in this era, so she did the one thing she wanted never to do. To whore herself out to the locals, the travelers, of different cultures and races, even species.


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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2013, 03:06:25 PM »
In a Monsters world.

Based in a post apocalypse era. the land over taken by the earth. Great cities falling, leaving everything just so primal. You play a being(your choice, and is extremely well equipped) Who is one of the few men living outside Safe Havens. small communities built of human, and other races to protect them from the wilds and the many heat crazed monster girls. Some rough with their men, some gentle. But each after one thing. To be filled, covered and satisfied by a nice huge cock and giant loads. I will play the females monsters.

or you can play a human based being who can shift his form, and alter his cock. Also could be rather dominate putting the girls in there place :P
Some monster girls that interest me.

(note all characters I play are of legal age of 19. Some may look younger, but they are monsters who forms are like that or simply under developed.

Also more coming.

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2013, 05:39:44 AM »
So something really different. Though i am sure would be really fun.

A complete feral rp. though they can talk to one another and human beings cannot understand them though in this land there is no humans. Only beasts, and creatures.

Searching for Answers (blue Jay) my character (red one) Being main male who travels with her. Dominant over her after there meeting. Likes to whore her own to gain information. (main male is red, my character the blue one.
well basically I play a blue jay gryphon  who is pretty young still though legal age mind you. Maybe a size of a great dane in height. And the only one of the blue jay line. Unsure how or why she is what she is, and never knowing her parents she sets off in search of answers. Meeting a cardinal based who is last of his own line. Together traveling through wild lands untouched by man kind.  He of course is much larger then she is. in all sense.

Anyways this will come with us both play more creatures. Both wanting answers about who they are, where they are from and what happened to their race. But in order to find the way they have to dominate or submit to creatures of other races (many included in that list i sent) i play random females, and u the males, we can rotate or co join the rolls of the others. Like first male then female. or a pair  who your character doms the female, and i play her and the males dom my girl. Or both both eager to find out the truth of who they are willingly do things to learn what they can.

They could also play around with each other. Both having high stamina, both having unique abilities. him huge loads. while she retains her tightness.  (rathlos) (Lagaicrus)
Canine ideas:


Large feline:

Other creatures:
creature watching from the mountains, could be a servant of the higher being.

Found the ones i originally was seeking for: (bi sea creatures  (size of cock compared to hole.....Yet will be playing the bluejay Gryphon.

Some possible kinks
maybe water sports on the female
cum inflation. size difference
story line
Large unique cocks
and more

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2013, 09:06:58 AM »
Captured for pleasure

She was a scavenger for her people.constantly looking for supplies and other things that could aid them. With a run of bad luck and returning home with nothing the leader of her flock tells her to leave and not to return unless she comes back with something of use. upset she takes to the skies and coming down near a watering hole. sitting on a rock mulling over what she should do. she doesn't hear the big gator who's turf she landed on sneak up on her and demands payment to use this watering whole.
Don't need no one but claiming you anyways

A proud and ruthless hunter, who only depended on himself finds himself attracted to something completely opposite of himself. A young female wolf who found herself lost in his lands. After being driven off her own lands.


Frozen Heaven and Hells Hound

Both cast down into the world of ruin, Man kind had long lost the rights to the earth allowing mother nature to reclaim it. She from the high heavens, stripped of her wings, and he Satan demonic hound both find themselves in a land where they have to depend on one another to survive. Or else lose themselves in the realm of purgatory.

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #7 on: May 23, 2013, 09:04:30 AM »
All in name of science

You are a scientist/warlock (preferably none human)  and you would do anything in the name of your passion. Being one of the few males that survived the apocalypse he takes it upon himself to see to it to document all the earths new found creatures. Collecting materials from them to study upon. But the materials don't come freely. There's something the females want. And its the seed of a male.  A strong and dominant one in fact, to ensure the survival of there young and their race as they try to produce males for their people.

Scales (lavender mer scale) (Auqamarine mer scale) (emerald scale) (serpents scale) (darkness scale) (draken scale of earth) (draken scale of fire)

Slime (snow slime) (grey sludge 9 (purple slime (toxic)) (water slime) (algea /green slime) (purple slime)

Pollen and spores (pollen) (pollen or spores )

Essence/elemental (draken ore)  (same as above) (water essences

Fur/hair  -lock of elven L(Light hair)  -Lock of elven D(Dark hair)  (coon tail hair) (wool or cotton) (feline hair)

Nectar/Secretions/other liquids (Sly nectar) (succabus honey(cum)) (honey) (Vampire blood)

Other stuff (hoof clippings)

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Re: Fantasy, and more Odd requests pics NSFW
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2013, 09:45:08 AM »
Her Boyfriend That came from beneath.

As a child she was always told there was nothing in her closet or nothing beneath her bed. And for years she tried to believe that. Despite what she heard. Her parents would tell her it was the cat or the mice in the walls or some lame ass excuse to she believed. Now nineteen and all grown upand all moved out,  she still had to tell herself that monsters weren't real. that was until one night. When he came out. A handsome man, or monster, or combination of both, crawled out from beneath her bed. She wanted to think it all was a dream, or figment of her over active imagination. But it soon all became real. Not only was he real, he was skilled in bed, and well equipped.

Their love affair happens for months. And she begins to see changes in herself. As little by little she becomes his forever mate. And she will soon be with him in his world. He has tried to tell her this. But she had simply laughed, and shrugged it off. But now it is very real. But she wasn't sure if she really should worry about it. She loved him after all, and the things he can do to her body that she has never experienced before.