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Started by Jester, May 17, 2013, 06:57:42 AM

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This is a thread for women who love their Orcs. These Orcs are not necessarily evil or scary but they are big, strong, green and thick dicked.

Each of these stories is based in Urgtown which is at the base of the northern mountain range. It is a border town and the majority of the occupants are Orc.

1. The Merchants Wife

The Merchant and his wife had just opened up store in the predominantly Orc town of Urgtown. With just a few weeks of fantastic business the Merchant soon realises that more than just a few of their male customers are fascinated by his beautiful wife.

The merchant is always up for a spot of business and soon realises he could make a lot of money by whoring his beautiful wife out whilst also watching her be a slut for the Orc men. As long as he can watch and join in.

2. The Diplomats Daughter

The Diplomat travels far and wide to ensure that all of the races in the Kingdom are happy and continue to serve the King. This latest trip he has taken his daughter along with him. She is bethrothed to marry an Elven Prince but before they arrive they must stay a few days in Urgtown to keep the Orcs happy.

The Princess is bored and likes to flirt with the young men of court. She does not realise though that it will only take one fat orc cock to ruin her for Elf or man..... What woll the Elven Prince do when he realises the Orc Court ruined his bride?

3. Half Orc Breeder

The Orcs are keen to improve relations between Humans and Orcs and they think that by introducing a Half Orc race that will become easier.  So the Orc Lords send out requests for young fertile human women to come to Urgtown with the sole purpose of fucking and breeding...... Before too long thousands of women are volunteering for the few positions.........

4. The Female Adventurer

She was young and strong but she knew she inexperienced. That was why she had travelled to Urgtown in order to make use of their training programme.

She needed to build up her strength and learn how to fight but also she had to learn how to survive the rough hard fucking she would receive from the various nasty races out in the real world. She would learn swordplay and tracking and various other skills but the main training would be regular rapes by Orc, Troll and giant.... until she can take them all.