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April 18, 2021, 11:37:25 am

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Author Topic: Paradise Island (Harem building/Non-con/other elements) M x F plot  (Read 604 times)

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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

An older craving of mine that I decided to dust off, retool and send it out again in the hopes of finding a partner. The following is a preface attached to the last few story threads to detail the kinds of things I will be interested in with this game which will feature a good amount of smut, but more importantly to me, is how these women deal with being held prisoner on the Island and forced into a Harem.

 Mild to Extreme Non/Consensual

By this I mean forced encounters. It can be as varied as Kidnapping to a more brutal encounter. My tastes lately lean towards the milder Non/Con, or 'pseudo-non/con' as some of us call it. That sort of Non/Con involves, for me, a slower, more sensual, erotic form of torment and assault. Imagine his hands on you, running over your body, you're bound so you squirm and writhe, but his hands keep moving. You wish it wouldn't feel so good, God, why does it feel so good and so terrible at the same time! The thought runs rampant through your mind like an errant, unstoppable locomotive. It's a slow, measured, careful assault, as much on the mind, the soul, as it the body. Wonderful stuff when done right, by both parties.

    Sometimes Naive/Innocent characters

Read further, I -love- naive, innocent partners. This does not mean stupid, it does not mean a mind blowing imbecile. It means that she is naive, gullable, sometimes tricked by her lack of knowledge in certain situations. It can be reasoned out quite simply, from an Elf Maiden wandered into a human settlement on her own, having no ideas of human laws, customs, and traditions. Lecherous guards notice her, she looks shy, timid, staring around at the towering stone buildings with wide eyed awe and wonderment. The approach and begin to accost her, accusing of breaking some law that they more than likely made up on the spot and haul her off to some unknown, dark prison. Further things await, what will happen? -That- is the sort of scenario that I mean. I reiterate, Naive, innocent, but she does not need to be played or perceived as stupid, merely cast of her element, out of her comfort zone where she is prone to the cunning desire of lecherous men.

    Buxom, Busty, Curvy Women

I like my women with curves that you'd need a sport's car with a fine tuned steering system to navigate properly. This can range to the plumper side, quite easily, but all I really ask for here is a decent sized bust, shapely hips, a rounded, almost heart shaped bottom. Think Jessica Rabbit here, for the general shape, to varying or lesser degrees, as per -your- own tastes. Not a requirement, just something I enjoy as part of my fantasy play. I'm not asking for insanely outrageous figures and measurements here, but think of your classic bombshell. The hourglass shape. In real life I appreciate and find all sorts of women attractive, in roleplay, I find slight exaggerations on both sides to be fun, i.e. well endowed, well sculpted women and -men-.

For a more detailed list and a deeper look into what I enjoy, look into my ons and offs which are listed under my RP preferences here on the site as well or just ask me personally.

The general premise is that in this world which I am imagining as a blend of sci-fi and fantasy (only in the fact that certain levels of technology of present, driven and powered through magic) there exists a powerful, wealthy, and quite bored man who has gone to great lengths and personal expense to purchase a  remote tropical island and turn into a paradise. He's basically constructed his own palatial grounds and the equivalent of a modern day Luxury Spa or Resort in the middle of a remote tropical jungle island. The Palace that he has constructed contains every amenity and luxury service you can imagine. The sole purpose of this island paradise is to allow this wealthy Lord to attract the most beautiful shapely women in the world that have attracted his attention in some fashion or another. Perhaps he scry's for them, perhaps they might be famous, the reasoning can be different and vary for every new character introduced into the scenario. He then proceeds to send out invitations to every beautiful woman that captures his attention, customizing each invitation to best lure the prospective to the Island and into his clutches.

Ahead is a character sample, and this is merely an example, something to show who in this world he might've been taken notice of and just how varied the blend of sci-fi and fantasy setting backgrounds can be which is the huge draw for me. This allows for literally -any- character to be brought into the mix that interests us both.

This first character (which again is merely a suggestion) is a elf maiden who was born quite unlike her waif-like kin. She grew up busty, voluptuous and shapely rather than slender, delicate and elfin like her kin. Because of those attributes, in this world she has become a starlet. A famous actress who uses her looks to get famous through B movie roles (think Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry-esque late night Skinimax movies here). Because of that she was the first to catch Raven's attention through her sultry, seductive sex scenes in her multiple movies. In real life, however, she a bit shy, naive, even demure and not like her on screen character. She accepts the invitation, glad to have a chance for a vacation on a secluded island away from the leering eyes of her fans. Little does she know what Raven has in store for her though. I see this story featuring impregnation, dom/sub relationship, forced non/con (and what I mean here is a slow forced seduction on Raven's part, making her want it, making her want him, making her squeal and moan against her will) sex toys, and any other kink we can think to throw into this story. From there, if the initial relationship gets a little stale and we want to try something different, you can make a new character that will arrive at the Island. There does not need to be, nor do I ask for there to be any multiple characters played at the same time, lesbian interactions, any of that required though I wont say no if you ask for it specifically. The characters will each be kept in different rooms, locked away from each other with only interactions going on between Raven and each girl as he forms a harem from the characters you create for him.

And there you one possible concept out of many. That character (again because I've heard this when listing this idea before) is not a requirement. Merely an example, one possibility of many, many that exist. I'd even prefer it if you came up with your own idea, but if you want to use her as a guideline, please do so.

Now there would be a lot more to be added here as well as he trains and slowly plans to impregnate and breed her and these women as he captures them and places them into the harem he is building.  Perhaps he would allow for guards, servants, people he has to bribe to keep quiet and so forth to be involved with the women, while taking measures to insure that they aren't able to be seeded by these men. This would allow me to bring in NPC's as well, if you desired it, if not it could center entirely around the Lord and the varying women. The point here is that this scenario is sculpted purposely to suit a wide range of play style and tastes.

These are just a few instances of what I had in mind here, please, feel free to contact me and let me what you think if you're interested at all in this idea.

I like this idea because it provides a -lot- of potential for fun and indulging any and every kink we can think up for the hapless captives. Also, it saves itself from running out of steam to quickly because the moment one pair becomes a little old together a new female character can be introduced and an entire new sort of relationship begins while he also has to balance his time between each of the women as the harem grows in size.

Any way, if you enjoyed the concept, if it interests you even if you might want to suggest changes, please feel free to PM me and we will discuss it.