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Author Topic: F for m. Many plots inside - RL, Fantasy and furry  (Read 626 times)

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F for m. Many plots inside - RL, Fantasy and furry
« on: May 16, 2013, 04:11:47 pm »
Greetings one and all!

I welcome you fellow players of role...
Knights of English...
Wizards of words...
...And also local Furries...

Current Status: Only taking games over Email, pms and forums
Please email me at

Now would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)  These rules are for the benefit of us both. Gives you a feel of what Im looking for and it protects you, so if you did not read them and do not live up to my expectations...expect to be lost in limbo. You have been warned.
I will try and reply at least once a day.

Ideal Traits -

   Someone advanced in rping.
Can write least 2-3 per post with descriptive writing! Have a good grasp of English and grammar

  Creative with Characters, Plot ideas and twists.
Give them an appearance, a background, a past and a life.  No ‘His name is Bill and he wears red shoes’
Images are fine

  For a full list- 

- - - -- -       - - - -- -

Story Based Plots

Can be set in POTC universe

Medieval  or Modern - Can be set in POTC universe The Captain of the Final Whisper is the worlds most feared pirate and him and his crew stole a fortune. The Captain died of bad health and location of the treasure died with him and the ship and the crew disappeared. Word is spreading among pirates that his daughter is still alive and knows the location of the treasure. Its been a year since the rumour started and you have gained knowledge that she is currently residing in a small pirate town and you find her. After charming her into bed on your ship, you've set sail with her onboard. Unfortunately, you are not the only people looking for her and little do you know...there is a curse upon the treasure.
Can be pirates of the sea or sky.

Sci- Fi  You are a feared pirate with many bounty hunters after the billions on your head. You and your crew go through space pillaging government cargo vessels and other ships. Even been known to attack some planets for treasure/guns/money ect. Lately you’ve been having an affair with your Sharpshooter which you both either are trying to hide from the rest of the crew, causing alkward moments (eg: Shagging in the cockpit chair when someone walks in. Luckly the back of the chair is to the door) or is open freely to the crew with your acts (eg: Opening fucking in hallways ect)
One by one, each crazy mercenary is challenging your ship, each with its own crazy crew and abilities.

(Would like a sence of realism about this. Crews to be male dominated. No all female or mostly female crews please.)

Experiment 6063
Aliens have been watching our life for years and the result of it is numbered experiments, have created humans. Finally one has been a success and so much so, has slaughtered her masters and creators and sealed away in a pod. You have been sent into space to pick up this unidentified pod and bring it back to earth. She takes the first person who she saw once she came around from her coma is you, and you are now, is her new master.  Her memories are slowly returning and will be back to normal in a few days. She has the ability to bring earth to its knees, but she needs your command to do so. Will you hide her from the government or take earth into your own hands? She is apart of an even bigger Government scheme.

Fantasy Arranged Marriage
Possible non-human

The kingdom of Dunstarr had just repaired itself after a earthshattering war with another land. It's king has began building friendships and alliances with all settlements, tribes and kingdoms, to avoid such a war again.
The king reaches out to a tribe living in (the forest? Mountains? Hills?) and they accept his offer of peace....only if the princess weds the leaders son. The king accepts at his daughters dismay. The wedding happens at the castle, and then return home to the tribes settlement to consummate.
The son is due to become tribe leader any day now and it will bring new problems to the couple.
Others challenge him to take his place in power, as well as his honour and wife. There are attacks from other tribes and even monsters of the area...not to mention, a secret traitorous brother.

The tribe can be anything. I came up with a few ideas-

Dragon/Griffon/monster/Direwolf taming
Dragon/Wolf ect humanoid (Furry)

Some cuture idea could be that - They have no sence of shame or sin so public nudity is allowed as well as public lovemaking, for example

Hail My God
Expect - Horror, action and adventure. Mainly for Medieval Fantasy but can switch to Modern on request.
Non human male Deity wanted - Furry or Feral Beast

Its very basic but an overal overview of the plot is that the main religion of the world is worshiping Saint August. A person, gender and age unknown, is said to have once brought peace over the realm and his/her journey of world peace was all recorded in a book donated to the Church of August by an unknown, hooded individual. Anyway, thousands of years has passed since that day and the legend of August is now worshiped worldwide, hoping that one day the fabled Saint will return to the planet to bring back the peace he/she once brought to the world.

However, there is a rival church. The House of Aragos. It had long existed before August but since the 'teachings' of August were introdused, the House has somewhat been shunned. Aragos is the name of the 7 deities that exist along side the planet. Unlike the fabled August, these deities are able to desend onto the mortal plane as long as they bound to someone. In order for the beings spirit to be intertwined with the deities, he/she must sacrifice something. It cant be another person, a place or a must be something from ones own body. Sight, Taste, Emotion, Mortality ect. Once the pact is made, it is impossible to hurt eachother physicully and emotions are somewhat shared, or at least feel what the other is. The lesser being can share some of the deitys unearthly powers as long as the deity allows it. The pact can be broken at anytime with the consent of both, or can be forcefully broken by the Altar of Aragos, however done...the sacrifice is lost to the lesser being forever.

A great doctor resided in the biggest church of August. He was known throughout the world and proclaimed his gift was from August to help bring peace once more. However, the doctor was obbessed over death. If his gift was given to him by god, then why was he unable to heal everyone? In secret, the doctor studied the lost art of Necromancy and claimed to the world that August had given him the power to cure death itself. People from all over the world brought their dead to him and he resurected them one by one. However...he could only give life to the body as an empty vessle. He could not return the soul. Although the dead walked, that was all they remained. They still began to rot from the inside out but Doctor later proclaimed that he was infact August incarnet. He created sick and twisted beings from the parts of other animals and humans and brought life to them, claming that he had created another race or animal. The powers began to twist his soul and soon began to rise bones from the soil. He desended into Madness and retreated deep into the mountains where he contiues his sick obbsession, and his determined to bring peace to the world by taking away the living and bringing them back as mindless dead.

Naruto Rewrite
I would like to re-write the story in our own words. What I mean by this is -taking the current story, adding our own characters and changing the events to encorporate our characters- The rewrite is using the timeline of events as a guideline. The events, choices and outcomes of the story are up to us.

Im looking for someone to play Naruto for my Oc as a love interest and I shall do the same for a cannon for your OC.

Can have several starting points-

A) From leaving the Academy - Play through the Hidden Mist Mission
B) From the Start of the Chunin Exams - Play through each test
C) From the attack on Konoha - The fight with the Gaara.
D) Leaving with Jiraiya - To find Tsunade
E) The start of Shippuden - Returning after the 2 years away

(If choosing a starting point later in the story, we can always uses flashbacks to explain the events if we wanted to change them in anyway or wanted to play them out)

All ocs must have a Jutsu List and Chakra element.
Open for discussions. I already have a character in mind and im eager to use her!

Assassins Creed

A) To be set during Brotherhood
B) 2013 - No more Animus
C) Black Flag - (Based on new game coming out in Oct)

A) Brotherhood
 Im looking for someone to play either Ezio or an OC or both for this plot, as well as temps and other canons that will be shared with me. You will need two characters for this – A 2012 character and a 1500s character so yes...we will be using the animus.
It will start off with my character infultrating Abstergo to bust you out. You can have been there Long Term or Short Term. Anyway, my character frees you, killing security as we go. Our small team transports us to Italy to hide out inside a Theives Guild building, where we set up shop.
We will each take turns using the Animus and flirt and whatever else happens
The bleeding effect will happen here! So, they will take on their ansessors skills to join your fellow assassins against Abstergo!
(If you choose to be Desmond, this would be reversed to Desmond breaking my character out of Ubstergo)

Our 1500s characters would have been around during Brotherhood, so you can take some of events from the game and claim you were apart of it or working behind the scenes.
5 years after the events of Brotherhood, it has come to light that a new religious cult group is said to hold the Shroud of Eden, the cloth that has been in many hands including Mario and Giovanni Auditore, Jason(and the Argonauts) and even Jesus Christ.  It was taken from Cesare Borgia after his death and thus has spawned this cult. The Shroud has been used to heal wounds of varying severity, mending injuries ranging from stab wounds to birth defects. It speaks in an almost kind voice that constantly offers healing, and urges its users to not believe in their own frailty. However, it is also known to cause severe hallucinations, and in extreme cases, can also seem to tear a person from the inside out.
The leader of this cult has come to his knees to these hallucinations and believe the figure in them is a god called St.August. He built his own church and only the strongest of people are allowed to join, those who don’t are butchered in the name of August. Their name is quickly getting around Italy and their promises are luring people to join.
Missions and events are up to us to make up along the way
The years will work much like Assassins Creed 2 worked, jumping into random years that the events occured. (If we choose to have 2000 characters too for animus use) So as the two Assassins relationship blossoms, they could very well get married, have children or own a home...anything, between the years that nothing happens, so that is a possibilty for some character development.

B) No more Animus.
The year is 2013.
Little to the worlds knowledge, some of the world influential people are members of the Assassins Creed and those who gain power to stand on the pedestals of the world are Templars. The world is becoming a corrupt place. There is no better time to start a revolution, even if the people do not know who it is being lead by. Assassins - You are not alone. The world is on your side. Rise the people up, lead them and use it to complete your last missions. Assassinate the corrupt Bankers, Leaders and Politicians and take away their power - The Pieces of Eden. Give the power back to the people...   

This can be set in any country. Names of cities do not have to be real. Templars can be made up, does not have to be ACTUAL people...We will both play Assassins as our main characters and other character as and when we need them. The only actual people I would like to use is the Hackvatist group, Anonymous. They are the 'Assassins' of our modern world and would like to use them and their resent efforts to get people to protest and add them to our game.
Weapons will reflect the technology of our world.  The story will revolve around getting people to protest and stand up, while the Assassins kill and take the Pieces to prevent further Templars coming into power. Open to ideas and brainstorming. 

C) Black Flag
If you havent watched the new trailer for the game coming out in October, I suggest you should. Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - World Premiere Trailer

We dont really know anything about this yet, but I adore the concept of this game. I love pirates and to have Assassin pirates...makes me jizz my pants. Anyway, enough said.
We know little about the game...the things we do know are-
-The main character is Edward Kenway
-He owns a ship called The Jackdaw
-Its set in the Caribbean
-He is English

Now, knowing this....we do not have to stick to it. Ideally, all i require from you is an OC who behaves in the way Edward does in the trailer so...cocky, womanizing, skilled and awesome. He must be a captain of a ship, but he doesnt have to be called the same name, nor does the ship, nor does he need to look the same or have same nationality.
Animus is optional. We can have it..or not. I dont have a preference.
So story I hear you ask...well, I was thinking about basing it around a piece of eden, one that hasn't really been mentioned. We hear alot about the Apples, but what of the sword?
Arthur pulled it out of the stone to become king of England. Genghis Khan lead lead his armies with it. Joan of Arc became a Hero with it. But the Templars captured her and handed her to the English and the sword was taken. What of it now? Perhaps it came into possession of your character and he became hunted by the Templars for it, thus ending the Golden Age of Piracy as they hunted each and every pirate to find him.
I have my character created. She isnt an Assassin, but I would like you to make her one. She is a typical, street walker...or appears so anyway. She does partake in pleasures of the flesh, but it isnt for the usual reasons. She gathers information and or poisons people..depending on her clients needs. She has snuck aboard your ship, disguised as a man. You dont know that one of your crew is in fact, a woman out to kill you. (To add some humour) However, he doesn't like being around this particular man, it brings on feelings he usually gets for women. After finding this man, sneaking into his room and going through his maps, you finally realise that he is a woman...much to your relief. She has been hired to find out what you know of the sword, but you decide to use her for the very same thing and your partnership blossoms.

Sex Based Plots

The Debt
Modern Setting
(My character shall be human but yours may be of another race elf, demon, neko like ect, If you wish)

Since leaving education, you have managed to succeed highly in business. You have gained everything you wish with money, but have not yet gained a long term relationship.
You lost contact with your childhood friend during college, when she went off for a gap year and you stayed to study, before you had the chance to tell her how you felt about her. You gained information that her brother had racked up a huge debt for his gambling addiction and once the amount of money had finally sunk in, he took his own life, leaving your childhood friend and her family with the debt.
You bought the debt from the collection agency, totalling at $2.5 million. Having to sell everything she owned, your friend is soon to be made homeless. You provide her with her only solution.
Live with you and to pay off her debt, you pay her a sum of money every time you have her. This way, you hope she will fall in love with you.

I would also like the thought of something 'sparking' between them, something that happens like a simple touch, kiss or look that sometimes sudden sparks a passion between them and no matter where they are (home, his office, at the social functions, his car...anywhere) they must have eachother.

Obivously she'll be nervous and shy at first, but it will subside.

Looking for people to play actual Pokemon (preferred) or Pokemorphs for these plots
Realistic Genitalia is manatory (Even if we have to make up what it looks like. Excludes Barbs)
Max of 1-3 Pokemon per trainer

I have some Plots - Feel free to tell me yours or change mine

The Trainer
Shes making her away around the region, with her sights set on her badges needed to gain access to the League. However, her mind has been clouded by her confused feelings towards her pokemon. She has always loved her pokemon, but suddenly she is getting more and more curious of them and her feelings.
(This plot requires the pokemon to encourage her feelings on the first instance and it will go from there)

The Gym Leader
She is the Gym Leader of a city. She is well respected within the pokemon community, and often helps out and is apart of the citys council. As well as testing trainers and giving out badges, she also helps out with the police and Pokemon Rangers.
However, behind closed doors...she has a special relationship with her prized pokemon. Such a relationship is frowned upon, but she cannot give the same affections to anyone else.

The Travelers
Requires you to be a trainer with a max of 3 Pokemon. I will be a travel companion and carry one.

You've been traveling with a girl for a while. She is a Pokemon Artist and she draws your battles and other Pokemon. Shes become somewhat of a girlfriend/pleasure buddy during your travels and regularly take avantage of any alone time together or even times when you arent so alone. But this doesn't exclude your pokemon, you let them or even order them to take advantage of her too.

List of My preferred Pokemon and Adult Images

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dragonair - Dragonite -




Sawsbuck - Autumn or Winter

Warning - Adult Images. Use for inspiration and referral. Contains Bestiality 
Pokemon (+ trainers)

F x Zebstrika
M x Blaziken
F x Mightyena
M x Swampert
F x Ampharos
M x Lopunny
F x Latios
M x Luxray + Lopunny
F x Dragonite
M x Gardevoir
F x Suicune
M x Mienshao
F x Rapidash
M x Floatzel + Linoone
F x Blaziken

You are a business ma, you own a large company of whatever you want, and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife about a year ago, and you are looking for a new Personal Assistant for your top floor office. You interview one girl and give her the job. You have more interest in her than just her skills. You treat her as you please, weather that be, keeping her under your desk sometimes, or sexual torturing her or simply taking her when you want.
You begin to fall to fall for her and your usual sexual acts for fun evolves into acts of passion. You give her presents and even take her on holiday and business trips. But what happens when your wife/husband gets suspicious?
(Doesnt have to be office based - Could be a shop, hotel (abroad or at home) or even could be your maid or personal assistant.)

Secrets of a Beast Rider
Modern or Medieval
Feral beast / Furry needed - or shapeshifter

She's a famous mercenary, gets the job done one way or another, even if it isn't exactly to her customers specifications. She doesn't work alone. She has a riding beast with her which is more of a partner than a pet and in more ways than one.
During her time alone, they indulge in each other.

The beast must be feral or hybrid between feral and anthro. Can be a shapeshifter between anthro/feral/human ect.
Looking for a dragon, wolf, horse/winged, made up.
Can start from their first sexual encounter or already into the relationship.

Forbidden Passions
Modern Fantasy - Human x *Furry
*(Furry character needed)
In our modern world, there are humans and beasts(furries) that live side by side. However, Beasts are considered lesser beings by humans and are often treated badly. Often used as pets or used in fights, races or other things to bet on. Some even used as cheep labour. Relationships with these lesser beings are completely forbidden. She has been curious about them since her childhood but has ever really come into contact with them. Human males have never interested her as much as these male beasts do. One day, as normal as any other, one appears as she is walking home. He is tired, hungry and injured. She takes him home and her curiosity rises. He was cast off after losing at Underground fights, and deemed unfit for further competing. She takes him in and passes him off as her pet to the public. In reality... their relationship goes much deeper. Soon, they begin a movement for Beast Rights by showing their private encounters on the web.

The Phantom Thief
Possible non human - Being a demon other race with wings/powers
Modern or Medieval setting

During the day, you are a usual man, working or studying as any normal person. By night, you are a thief, stealing the worlds magical treasures from safes, museums and other safe houses. You have made an enemy of the worlds crime prevention but you have many fans among civilians, including women. Getting back from one of your heists, you hide on the balcony of a random house. You are quickly discovered by the houses owner. None other than of one of your friends during your day job. Something sparks between you and you spend a passionate night in her bed. You must keep your two identities secret.
 In the day, you discover that she doesn't find your day identity attractive, but she announces that she has met someone and each day you listen on how her mystery lover makes her feel. All the while, it is you. How hard will it become to act normal around a woman you have amazing sex with but doesn't know its even you.

Rich Woman's Bribes
Non Human - Furry
(Can be Role Reversed into Rich Man's Bribe for myself to be furry)

She has just inherited her fathers home grown business and its worth millions alone. She has plans to expand, and its working better than she imagined. Everyone has their own deep dark fetishes and she plays on her fellow business women. Her new non-human pet loves her deeply and wants nothing more than to make her happy. She uses him and 'pimps' him out to potental business partners. He sits by her as she barters and everyone takes the bait. She has two sides of her mask. Alone, she appears to care deeply for him, further than a normal pet relationship. Bartering, this emotion tie is forcefully cut...leaving them both to ignore their true feelings.

(Would rather play tamer)

1) Traditional Digidestined
Im a real big fan of the series. However, I like Seasons 1 and 2. After that, it got abit weird.
Anyway, Ive come up with a little plot. Im looking for someone to play my digimon for a solo tamer game (Preferred). Alternatively, we can have two tamers - Myself and you - and play eachothers digimon.
Instead of having a rookie whom digivolves into its natural forms - I want to play along more with Season 2 way of using Eggs. It will be our choice of what the eggs will help them digiolve into, to give it flexibility.
My list of preferred digimon for you to play, are as follows - (Negotiable if you have better ones in mind and I like)

Plot -
Virus type digimon are eatting their way into the real world. Groups of weaker virus digimon are lead by more stronger virus types and are burrowing into the real world. Gaining entry into the Digital World via computers, the new digidestined are able to travel through both worlds, eradicating the troupe leaders and keep the barrier between the digital world and the real world. It will be set a few months after gaining the digimon, to void that alkward meeting that takes ages to get away from. The digidestined are already hyped and ready for the job. Real world life does begin to suffer as they try to keep their two lives separate. Beside the continuous saving of the two worlds, having a otherworldly creature as a partner...does have some very interesting and fun private perks. 

2) Digital World Open Worldwide
The Digital World is open to the whole world through Digital World Turminals that have opened around the world. Each tamer has their own Digimon to explore the world. Most compete in the tornaments to show off their trained Digimon, others explore the Digital World and can spend days doing so as terminals to return home are only within main cities. To most it is a social tool, to others, it is their job having opened shops within the world. The world isn't without evil Digimon and a group are looking to rid the Digital World of humans completely.

Im looking for a partner Digimon. I can also play digimon to a tamer if you wanted to be one as well as my Digimon.
Digimon to be disgussed.   
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Re: F for m. Many plots inside - RL, Fantasy and furry
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Added more plots