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Author Topic: An Introduction Into My Mind. (Seeking male and female characters.)  (Read 724 times)

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It came to my attention that I have never actually sat down and formulated a list of games that I was interested in starting.  I have the habit of finding a partner who's writing I enjoy, and throwing every idea at them.  However, not every partner has the same interest as me.  Thus, I find that quite a few of my ideas end up going no where and dying a sad lonely death.  It seems like each time that happens, a part of my muse goes with it, and after enough of it I end up with writers block.  So this time instead of throwing my ideas at writers I already know, I'll toss them to the wolves and see which one is brave enough to take the first bite.  I might even let them feast.

Before I get into the stories themselves, I suppose that the proper thing to do is give a little bit about my own personal preferences when it comes to writing. 

I'm a sucker for detail.  I always go into a story with expectations of great plot, and better character development.  I put a tremendous amount of thought into every character that I make, so when I enter a story I go into it hoping to be able to delve into the ins and outs of both my character and the character that I am writing with.  That means that more often than not, I enjoy what one may call gaudy posting.  My post tend to be very long, and I do focus on minor details(usually always character related) that many may consider pointless.  But I enjoy it.  I enjoy knowing why my character does everything it does, and it is not something I am willing to give up.  Where as I do not demand that my partner post at the same length as me, I do implore that they put as much effort into creating and building a character and a plot as I.

Another side effect of this is that there is always a surplus of story, and often a lack of sex in my games.  I have absolutely no problems with writing smut.  I enjoy it as much as the next role player.  But when a game becomes more focussed upon the sex than the story, I lose interest almost immediately.  However, one of my biggest turn ons with writing is when a sex scene is wrought with emotional and moral implications.  That gives me an affinity for writing female characters.  I have never fully understood why, but it has always been easier for me to write female characters.  The emotion flows easier for me, and it allows me to put the characters into positions that I am just not capable of putting my male characters into.  That does not mean I do not enjoy writing male characters.  There are particular stories that I will only write with male characters, and within those stories I enjoy the character just as much as I enjoy my females.  But some stories demand male characters, and some stories demand female characters.

Now for the pairings part.  My male characters are all Dominant, or otherwise do not participate in the D/s lifestyle.  For the most part, I write heterosexual male characters.  I have written m/m stories before, but I find it difficult to get myself interested in them except for on rare occasions.  My female characters are an open book.  I can write them both Dom and sub, Straight and lesbian.  I have a far greater history of writing lesbians, because well...I've never actually written a female character with a male character.  And that has been getting to me more than anything.  I have been craving a M/f pairing, with my playing the female, for years now and haven't been able to set it up.  Thus, some of my stories will require that pairing.

And if anyone made it this far, now to the stories.

This will likely be an ever expanding list, as I tend to come up with new ideas on a frequent basis.  But for now I will start with the basics.

Vampire(Taken by Flickaha)
First of all, my vampires are not modeled after any established set.  They are more or less a mix of all the traits I like in everything I have read and watched.  I guess if I had to describe them in short form using established, they'd be something like a mix of Anita Blakes vampire and Anne Rice.  In this story, I would prefer to play a male character.  I have never tried to write a female vampire, and would not be opposed to it.  But I already have an idea of the character I'd like to create, and it is a male.  This story would likely be a Vampire/human pairing, but I would be willing to entertain the idea of Vampire/other if the story was right.  No matter the gender, the character I would be playing would be a strong willed and Dominate role.  The character would be manipulative, controlling, seductive, and violent.  Otherwise saying, everything a good vampire should be. 
First Vampire Concept
They say that this is the golden age of our kind.  They say that it is easier than ever to exist as one of us, and that if things continue to go this way there will be a time in the near future when we are able to come out of hiding.  When we are finally able to step out of the closet and reveal ourselves.  When we no longer have to hide under beds, or in the shadows, or in the recesses of peoples nightmares.

They use all of those cliches to describe the way that we live now without ever realizing what they mean.

They forget that all of those cliches describe us as what we are.


In the good old days, we were recognized for what we were.  When they knew of our existence in the past, they treated us exactly as they should.  We were hunted like wolves preying on cattle.  Only the cattle was doing the hunting, and more often than not the wolf won.  But it was the principle of the thing.  If they were out hunting us, then they were being proactive.  They created legends.  Great vampire hunters who would slay us by the hundred.  Men who walked around with rosaries around their necks, garlic in their pockets, silver stakes ever at the ready.

Well men like Van Helsing did exist. Would you like to know how many vampire kills he had before he got cocky and tried to kill one of us that wasn't fresh?  He had six.  Six kills, and three of them came in a massacre when a boat crashed on shore with three vampires who hadn't fed in over a year.  They were hiding in coffins, because the sun was blistering their eyes.  The merchant vessel(An asian boat) had been carrying a hoard of spices.  The vampires on board had done everything that they could to keep as far away from the spices as possible for two reasons.  One, a vampires senses grow painfully acute when starvation begins and the sharp smell of rotting garlic was driving them mad.  Two, once severe starvation sets in a vampires humanity begins to return.  So the scent of those rotting spices made the hunger even greater, only the cravings for human food would get them absolutely nothing.

He found that boat, and he killed them all as they lay nearly comatose in the coffins that had become their home for the past few months.  Vampires who had suffered for so long that they didn't fight back, because their minds had deteriorated until they forgot that that very man who was taking them out of their agony could very quickly return them to full strength with just the spilling of blood.  And he became a legend, as did many "Vampire wards" shortly there after.  They assumed we were afraid of garlic.  That we hid from the sun.  The lack of any christian artifacts made them believe we'd tossed them overboard.  All laughable.

Yet a legend was born on that day, because he told the people that when he entered that boat the three vampires were massacring those on board.  In actuality, all of the sailors had been killed within a month of the boats departure.  But the bodies had been left where they fell to rot in the warmth of the sun.  He got three more kills in, all vampires who had been turned weeks before, before the real hunters came out to play.

I'll never forget the taste of his blood.

But alas, I once again find myself living in the times of old.  You would like to know about how we exist today?  Well sweetheart, as a last dying wish I suppose I can tell you our secrets.

The humans had a few things right.  We do feast on blood.  Our numbers used to be few, population control to ensure that we did not over take our human friends.  A good vampire will feed once to twice a week, and rarely leave his victims to tell their story.  Of course by a good vampire, I mean one who has fully embraced his monster and doesn't attempt to make friends with their food.  Now adays so many of us have fallen into the trap that the human media portrays.  In the past half century we have went from something to be feared, to something lusted after and romanticized about.  It's come to a point where we are portrayed as humans with a dark little secret.  Twilight was really the turning point, when this generation of humans went from foolish to absolutely idiotic.  So many of my brethren have actually found groups of young women to enter their "covens".  They revealed themselves for what they were, and were loved for it.

More of our laws have been broken in the past decade than in the entire time we have existed.  And the council allows it, for the simple reason that they have greed on their mind.  Being the most powerful creatures on the planet is no longer enough for them for the simple reason that they wish to be known by all.  Being known by our kind is no longer enough, and they long for a day when they will be advisors to the president and law makers making us equals with the Humans.  Equals, as though we were ever less than.  Just because there are nearly seven billion cockroaches in a home doesn't mean it belongs to them. 

But the humans weapons have grown frightening, even to myself.  When I was born, the biggest worry that you had was a well trained swordsman.  And they had to get within arms length to kill you, and by then you could have killed them a hundred times over.  Guns made things troublesome, so we simply learned how to live in the shadows.  But in the past century I have seen humans annihilate entire cities with the press of a button.  I have witnessed them drop bombs and burn cities to the ground.  We can escape a burning district, we can hide from a gun, we can take out an entire mob of raving lunatics trying to hunt us down.  But none of us, even the council, can escape a blast radius the size of a city.

Shut up, girl.  Yes, I understand that it may not be only greed on their minds.  But I do not care.  Just because the humans would be willing to kill thousands of their own just to get rid of ten of us doesn't mean I am willing to be subservient to them.  I would rather watch them render us extinct, killing the bulk of their own population in the process, then watch us slowly turned into slaves or pets for their amusement.  They will never allow us to be equals.  If we reveal ourselves to them, it won't take long before they are trying to control us.  Before they're using us as weapons, or as trading tools, or who the hell knows.  So no, I do not want the council to reveal us.  I would rather continue to lurk in the shadows, hunting my prey, and enjoy the feeling of their blood dripping down my chest as I tare into their throats.

Imagine a world where we have to drink blood out of plastic bags given by donation?  Where they would turn a profit for our hunger.  A world where our laws are secondary to their laws.  No, I refuse to live in a world like that.  And if I have to invoke the wrath of the council slaughtering hundreds of you just to show the humans we are in fact monsters, than so be it.

I'd gladly be a martyr to my people to keep us the way we always have been.  I accept my monster.  I embrace it, and I enjoy perpetuating the stereotypes of vampires as blood thirsty killers.  So no, I am not going to spare your life.  Do you truly think that just because I shared all of this with you, I feel some bond to you?  No, little girl.  I just see it as the decent thing to do to grant last request.  Some ask for sex, some ask to be able to talk to their family one last time, some ask for information.  And I am sure that you wanted a much longer, more in depth accounting of my life.  Of our species.  But I must apologize.

This is the way that Interview With A Vampire should have ended.

Boyd Crowder x Young black female
This pretty much explains itself.  I've recently started watching Justified again and forgot how much I fucking LOVED Boyd Crowder.  Admittedly, I couldn't pull him off.  So I'd very, very much like to play a young black female whom catches his eye.  Possibly back in the White Power days of Mister Crowder.

(P.S. I am still only half way through season 4, so no spoilers!)

Bioshock: Rapture
This is one I am going to have to revisit on the future, because I have a detailed story in my head that I would love to play.  But for now I will give the shortened version, because I'd feel like I was wasting people time if I just left it at that.  This would be prior to the first Bioshock games.  It would be at a time in Raptures history before things went to hell.  I am not a Bioshock genius, meaning I do not know every single detail about the story and the history within the game.  But I feel I have a good enough grasp to pull this off.  Anyhow, back to the important part.  This would be right around when Rapture was starting to take a turn for the worst.  For the most part, everything is still the under water paradise it was designed to be.  However, the splicers are beginning to show themselves.  The addictions are starting to take there tole, and for those willing to see what Rapture is trying to hide, they can see it in the hidden parts of the city.  The story would revolve around a small family.  A Mother, a Father, and a Daughter.  It would be the story of how they transitioned from the golden age of Rapture, into the beginnings of the Splicer epidemic.  It would be a horror survival story with heavy romantic tragedy elements.  I would want to play the male in this role.  In time, I will give a detailed account of exactly what I have in mind, but for now thats that.

The Serial Killer And The Muse(Taken by Kaienah)
After a new found obsession with Dexter, my minds been on the serial killer plotting.  The other day I came up with the brief outline of a story, and the more I thought about it the more I realized it'd be better written with another person.  I am looking for a tradition forum style game, myself playing the killer and the other writer playing the "Muse".  Here is a brief description of what I've came up with.

My character will be an active killer, who's killings have yet to catch the medias eye.  Despite that there are different websites that have caught hold of what is going on, and even a select few that have managed to get both crime scene photos and descriptions.  The kills are incredibly well thought out.  Many believe that the killer is nothing more than a sexual sadist getting his offs on young women, while others see another purpose.  Each victim has been cut up in different ways, though limbs were never taken.

The early kills were all experimental.  It took police until the fourth body to put together that it was the same person, because despite the same complete and utter lack of evidence, the cutting is different on each victim.  The killer experimented with styles of cutting, from the knives to the depth to the placement.  The police have now began to figure out that he was attempting to find which way to best preserve the victims life, while inflicting as much damage as possible.

The last two kills were something new entirely.  It was as if all of the others were simply leading up to a grand scheme.  Each of the last victims were not only cut, they were drawn upon with a blade.  Each body had patterns which resembled tattooing, only the ink was replaced with blood.  Both were displayed in such a way that it was finally obvious what the killer was attempting to do.

He was making art.

This is where the second writer would come in.  I imagine that she would be following the killings through the underbelly of the internet.  Since all of the police information that was leaked is sensitive, the only sites that are displaying it would only be accessible to a "hacker", or at least someone who knows enough people to get into them.  Sort of like a fan club for the morbidly obsessed.  I want the second character to be an artist.  An artist in the tradition sense however, and I would prefer it if she was a painter.

Your character would have became fixated upon the killings.  She saw what he was doing in the early killings, and predicted the last two.  When she saw the bodies online, she found herself more inspired than she ever had been in her entire life.  She painted both victims.  Both paintings were just abstract enough to not draw police attention, but she did catch the attention of the killer.  The latest two victims artistic renderings were displayed in a local art show, and both were purchased for a higher amount than ticketed.  Both were purchased by the killer.

When he saw them, he finally found the exact inspiration he had been looking for.

That's around where I'd want to start.  Either at the art show, or shortly there after.  The bases of the story would be that both would find a muse in the other.  My character would eventually bring yours to one of the killings, and your character would be so obsessed with her art that she would keep it their little secret.  Not to mention, after she witnessed the first killing and failed to do anything about it she would be considered an accomplice.  That is the one part that must be built into your character; a devotion to her artistic integrity that would ensure she never go to the police or tell a soul, as well as the fact she found a muse in seeing the killings.

For the most part I am entirely open from there on out.  I do have an idea of how I want the story to go, but I prefer to let the story play itself out for the other writers enjoyment.  Thus, I do not intend upon laying it out scene by scene.  Instead, I wish to build the basis of the story and characters and go from there.  This will be a highly character and story driven game.  With that being said, I am looking for a writer who is capable of delving deep into the psyche of their own creation.  Typically I prefer long winded post, with lots of words and character details.  A lot of people call it useless filler, but my favorite part of the story is reading the in betweens of whats going on in a characters head.

As far as sex goes within the story, that is one thing I am opened to but not decided upon.  At the moment it is not built into my concept of the story, but it also isn't something I am completely against.  As long as the story itself is being written well, then I see no reason why sex cannot be included.  However, AT NO POINT will this story revolve around sex.  Sex will be an added cherry on top of the story, not the ice cream itself.

And now I feel as though I am babbling.  If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.  I am sure I will add/substract from this posting as I figure more things out, but for the time being feel free to shoot me a PM.  I prefer PMs over responses in here, but to each their own.

Something about this video
All of this bands videos could act as the muse for a story, particularly Keep The Streets Empty For Me.  But I think this one has the most possibility...So I'll go with it :D
Fever Ray 'If I Had A Heart'
I'm being open with this idea, just because...well there are SOOOOO many ways you could go with it!  But something about the scenery in the video, the darkness...the allure...the unspoken sexuality...I just absolutely love it.  So I'd love to find the right person to plot with about it :). 

Feel free to PM me with any questions or interest, and as always, happy writing to you :).

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Re: An Introduction Into My Mind. (Seeking male and female characters.)
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Removed a few ideas.  Added Fever Ray idea.

Availability update -

My muse is being fickle right now.  I would have to find the right person and the right story to pick up something additional.  And my posting may not be daily like it usually is, I'm trying to work myself out of a slump.  However, I doubt I'll ever take more than 3 days.  But don't let that scare you away, at worst I will get back to you when I'm out of this slump and start something up later :).