Notions, Ideas, and Stories (Male seeking Female)

Started by ITBrewer, May 15, 2013, 03:56:19 PM

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Hello! and thank you for taking the time to take a look at my ideas.

I tend to enjoy stories in the fantasy realm more than most, I think they allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to the framing of a story along with the directions it can go. give me magic and fantastic creatures and I think we can come up with something quite fun together.

I am going to park some ideas here which I will add too as I write out more, for the time being it may appear rather sparse. if you have an idea of your own that you think my writing will work well with please let me know. it would probably be best to send me an IM if you want to get my attention quickly.

I prefer Descriptive role play, though I dislike the notion of setting length limits on posts ( in either direction). if you can get everything that needs to be done finished in a few lines more power too you. however if it takes you a novel to get a simple task done it might be wise to let some of the air out of your posts. I generally find a good post is between 300 and 700 words, but again that is just my experience.

Desperate Times: For generations the five Kingdoms have lived in peace and prosperity, guided by a series of high kings and queens.  The last king much loved has passed away, the next ruler, his only daughter is both young and inexperienced.  Though it would not harm the nation to wait for the princess to gain the experience in peacetime she needs there are those in the kingdom who seek power for their own. Civil war was inevitable with these elements in place, as the five kingdoms fracture. Fighting one or even two individual wars the loyalist forces would have had no issue keeping the nation united but five? To the west of the kingdom are the free cities, a collection of small to large city states, here a mercenary leader has knit together a small nation of small cities under his protection, giving rise to the largest mercenary army the world has known, they are well trained, armed, and skilled professional soldiers, and they are for hire. The company is loyal to their commander, and it is to him to decide where they fight. What will the Princess do to secure the future of her nation?

Story ideas: I would like to play the Mercenary; I would leave it to the partner to fill in the details of their character. How they would like the first meeting to start, what they would be willing to offer and so on. Or the Royal in question could have fled the capital in fear for her life and come across the Mercenaries territory that way and they could strike a deal to retake the kingdom.

Reluctant Hero: in the woods against the mountain is a small village, the village is prosperous and hardly troubled by the evils of the world at large. This is due in large part to the village's proximity to an ivory tower reaching up above the surrounding forest. It is said that a mage lives there, perfecting some dark power for unknown ends. Those who live in the shadow of the tower are less concerned with who ever lives there the myth protects them and that is enough. Darkness has been spreading across the land, powerful nations have fallen before the power of a powerful army. It is said they use a dark magic to gain their victory over their enemies. Can the mage be made to help save the village and the world as a whole?

Story ideas: the village is attacked, fleeing the destruction a villager finds their way to the tower in the woods, though the tower has no door they are admitted entry. Could this mage be convinced to save the village....or the world?

The outcast:  A knight swears to protect a nation and follow the commands of his liege. What happens when those two oaths are in conflict? Given an order to harm the nation a knight forsakes his oath and leaves the kingdom. The tyrant he leaves behind begins to tear the nation apart, the people are suffering and the nation is falling into chaos. Years later on the outside of the kingdom in a small boarder town the Knight has opened a small inn, abandoning his ideals as a knight he has settled into a simple life but the ambitions of the Tyrant have spread beyond the boarders of his old home, and war is coming to his small life. Will the knight take up arms against his former king? will he rise once more to be a leader?

The Castaway: Across the sea is an island nation, an empire spanning the whole of an archipelago built on trading and magic. These are a people of born explorers and sailors, powerful magi, and subtle but deadly politics. Among the trading houses rose an enterprising young merchant prince, daring, with more than a bit of magic at his disposal he set of in a direction that myth said would take him to land unending, and peoples unknown.

The months long journey would take him and his crew further away from their island home than any crew in memory, however an enemy of his house chose this opportunity to attack, magical storms assailed the ship for the whole of the journey, it was near the end when the lost and stricken ship was at last in sight of land that the worst of the storms struck, the ship  sand pulling with it her crew save the enterprising young man. Now he is a stranger in a strange land, if he is to make his way home he must find a ship and a crew to sail it, for that to happen he will need to make powerful friends.

Story Ideas:  A representative from a resistance comes looking for the knight, to request...or demand that he return and lead the fight against the Tyrant.

His peaceful life threatened the knight takes up a sword once more and defends first his new home, and then the land as a whole.

After an attack from scouts working for the tyrant the knight begins to pack up, planning to move along further away from the chaos of his own life, who can convince him to stay and fight?

I have at last finished my on's/off's